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Voodoo dolls are widely used in magic. The magiс of Voodoo dolls is very powerful, so people should be very careful using them.

While some think Voodoo spells are only used for the purpose of doing harm and cursing people, the spells can help people find love, improve their health and financial situation.

How to make a Voodoo doll?

How to cast a voodoo spellA doll is made to represent one particular person. Besides, it should symbolize a solved problem, but not an existing one. For instance, if you want to help your friend recover, make a doll symbolizing him in good health.

A Voodoo doll can be made before or during the ritual. Depending on the ritual, time to make one Voodoo doll ranges from several minutes to several months. The more you want to achieve with the help of a Voodoo doll, the more rituals you will need to perform and the more spells you will need to cast. If your problem is not very serious, the doll will need to be used once. If you expect to heal a person suffering from a severe disease using a Voodoo doll, the ritual will need to be performed repeatedly, until the disease is cured.

A Voodoo doll can be made of different materials, such as wood, wax, fabric, clay, twigs, paper, root crops (such as apples, potatoes), herbs, yarn, etc. While making a Voodoo doll to symbolize a particular person, remember to focus on this person.

How to enhance the energy of a Voodoo doll?

To make a spell more effective, enhance the energy of your Voodoo doll. To do that, dress the doll up using crystals, pins, ribbons, beads, or semiprecious stones. Herbs and essential oils can be used as well. While making a doll, you can draw on it, embroider it or cut out astrological symbols or runes.

Also, to make a Voodoo spell more effective, you can bind your doll to the person it symbolizes. To do that, the person’s nail clippings, blood, photo or a piece of paper with his name are put inside the doll or in its pocket. You will enhance the energy of a Voodoo doll if you use the clothes of the person the doll is supposed to symbolize while making it.

When the doll is made, cast the following spell (repeat 9 times),

“I have created you, now you are (name).”

Holding the doll in your hands, visualize the person it symbolizes and say,

“Little doll, I have created you and now I am giving you a life. I name you (name). His body is your body now. His breath is your breath now. His passion is your passion now. His blood is your blood now. Once separated, now you’ve been united.”

The bond should be broken once the ritual is completed and the goal is achieved. To break the bond, light a white candle, take the doll in your hands and say,

Effective voodoo spell with skull

“God bless the creature I’ve made. Created with sorcery, it was changed with sorcery. You are no longer (name), from now on you are (the material the doll is made of) in all the worlds, both above and under. So be it.” 

Burn the doll down and bury the ashes.

Casting a money Voodoo spell

Voodoo spells are very effective. Now let me tell you how to cast a money Voodoo spell.

So, the ritual should be performed in the evening. Prepare a coin, piggy bank, toy money or a sheet of paper, gold or green thread, clove oil. Draw a protection circle.

Sprinkle some clove oil over the coin and the toy money. Wrap the coin in the toy money (or the sheet of paper) thrice and tie the bundle making three knots (counterclockwise). Put the bundle in the piggy bank. From now on, the bundle is believed to attract money.

Casting a good luck Voodoo spell

A Voodoo doll to bring good luck can be made during the full moon. Make a doll using some green fabric. The doll shouldn’t be too big. Stuff it with verbena and dry chamomile flowers. Use a few drops of honeysuckle essential oil and mint oil. Write down your name on it. Sew the hole up and light a cinnamon or cedar incense stick. Holding the doll over in the smoke coming from the burning incense stick, say,

“Goddess of luck! Let my life be good. I will accept everything you will give me with gratitude. Goddess, be my good friend!”

Repeat the spell 3, 5, 7, or 9 times. Keep the doll in your bedroom, car or pocket.

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