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An simple and fast money spell for you to cast on your own

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You can hardly find a magical, philosophical or esoteric teaching which ignores the financial aspect of our life and doesn’t offer at least one spell for money. In this article I want to tell you about simple money rituals which you can cast on your own. You may have no fear that you will disturb some dangerous energies or infuriate Higher Powers. I carefully selected each spell to get money for you to be safe while influencing the surrounding energies to achieve prosperity.  

There is just one thing I want to ask you for. Casting a powerful money spell, make sure you carefully follow all my recommendations. Also, never perform several rituals during one day. Always wait until the spell for money cast yields its results before casting another one. 

Fast money spell cardsI know that most of you will choose one fast money spell and will use it all their life. It’s the right thing to do, by the way. When you cast the same spell to get money many times, you become a musician who plays the same instrument to achieve virtuous playing. Casting the same powerful money spell, eventually you will be able to cast it with the power of your mind. You will only have to imagine yourself casting your spell, and the money-bringing program will be activated. 

Powerful money spell “Living in Luxury” 

This fast money spell has to be cast in the evening. Preferably, after a hard day at work which you are pleased with. Go home, have dinner and then have some rest. Make
sure nobody bothers you. Clean up your bathroom. Fill your bathtub with warm water and throw a few coins into it. Throwing the coins, make sure they scatter around the bathtub.  

Take your clothes off and get into the tub. Think about the upcoming pleasure, emotional and physical. Achieving harmony and peace while casting this spell for money, you unite your energies with the energies of the money flows, meaning that from now on the money flows will be attracted to you. 

Having completed your powerful money spell, wipe the coins dry with a towel, or use a hair dryer. Do it every time you finish your spell to get money. Put the coins into a box. When the box is full, exchange the coins for paper money and use the money to buy presents for yourself or other people. 

Don’t be afraid to improvise! Light candles, have a glass of wine, or turn on some good music while casting the money spell if it helps you relax. Whatever you do, your powerful money spell won’t lose its powers. Moreover, the more pleasure the ritual brings you, the more money you will get.  

Fast money spell “Picture-guide” 

This spell for money is perfect for those who are saving money for something specific.  To cast this spell, buy a glass or ceramic vase. Your vase can be of any shape and size. Just make sure it can fit the money you need and is made from natural material. 

Bring the vase home and put it in a place where you can see it. Don’t touch the vase for three days. Every time you pass the vase by, think about the money you are going to fill it with to buy what you want. This fast money spell can attract any sum and it doesn’t matter what you are saving for – a pair of sports shoes, guitar, car, or a mansion. 

To cast the “Picture-guide” spell to get money, four days after you buy your vase find a picture of the object you are dreaming of (you can print it out). Make
sure the picture depicts nothing but this thing. Irrelevant pictures or inscriptions may frustrate the energies of this very powerful money spell. Having found the picture, admire it for a while and put it into the vase. Put several bills of different denomination on top.

Each morning do as follows:

- Stand up in front of the vase;

- Relax and calm down;

- Prepare for the excitement of buying that thing;

- Take the picture out of the vase, admire it and think about how great it will feel to buy what’s shown on that picture;

- Count the money you have saved, rejoice and thank Higher Powers (if you express your gratitude aloud, be very polite);

- Put the picture and the money back, adding at least one note (it can be a small denomination as well).

I promise you, if you cast this fast money spell every morning, you will save enough money to buy what you want really fast! Moreover, if you control your feelings according to my recommendation, the Universe will help you make easy money!

Money ritual with candleHowever, this spell for money has one secret. You must not spend the money saved. Even if you have no choice, even if you need the money badly and that’s the only cash you have, don’t touch it. Borrow the money you need from someone, sell something, take a loan! A couple of days later, you will realize that you have the money to repay your debt! If you spend even one note, the spell to get money will stop working and you will never be able to re-start it. 

But if you do everything exactly as I tell you, you will be able to cast this powerful money spell over and over again. As I have already said, each time it will bring results faster. Eventually, it will take you less than a week to save any sum!

Spell for money “For Ladies.” 

This spell to get money is perfect for women who want to not just learn how to attract money but to learn how to make money. This spell can be used by all women, regardless of what they do for a living – whether they are artists, businesswomen or office employees. This spell can help any woman achieve success. Don’t hesitate to use it if you need a wage raise or are looking for a new job which will allow you to earn more than you do now.  

First of all, to cast a fast money spell, you have to make a magic decoction. For that, you will need one liter of water and dried flower leaves (from the flowers presented to you by the man who you know likes you). If you don’t have such a bouquet, ask a man to give you one. Moreover, you can pay for your bouquet yourself. What matters is the fact that you receive flowers from a man who likes you. 

Dry the flowers by hanging the bouquet upside down in a dry place. When you have your dried flower leaves, put them in a bowl and fill the bowl with boiling water. Let
your decoction draw for one day. After that, strip to the skin, take a shower and apply some decoction to your body. Take the picture of the man who has a crash on you and who gave you the flowers and say, looking him in the eye,

“Do you enjoy watching me naked? Do you want more? Then make sure I have…” name the sum you want.  After that, say, “You won’t get anything until you help me. But if you do, you’ll be with me!”

Having said that, hide the picture and don’t take it out until the spell for money brings results. I assure you it won’t take long, because you asked not that man but that man’s Guardian Angel for help. Since the man likes you, so does his Guardian Angel. That’s why the Guardian Angel will fill the spell to get money with so much power that you will get your money shortly after casting the spell. Don’t forget to specify the desired sum. 

When you get your money, you will have to fulfill your promise. Take the picture with you to bed and put it near you on the pillow. Let the picture lay there all night. In the morning, say, “You have kept your word. I have kept my word. Now we are even.”

Tear the picture into pieces. Throw the pieces into the bowl with the decoction and throw the bowl out (into a trash can).

This spell for money can be cast as many times as you want. However, the man has to be new every time. Also, make sure you always keep your promise. There’s one thing though that you should know of. Your request can only be fulfilled by the Guardian Angels of rich, successful men. Guardian Angels of those who are poor are just unable to fill the fast money spell with powers and fulfill your request.

Each of the above spells (each spell to get money) is very effective. Needless to say, money magic has a range of other money spells. Many of them are as effective and easy to cast. Read more of my articles and find out what they are and how they are cast.  

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