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Today photography is more than just a hobby. For many people, it’s the meaning of life. In chase of new photography technology, people forget what an important sacral meaning the photo of a person has. The point is the photo of a person reflects not only his appearance, but also his energy. It can be used for magical purposes, for example for casting a powerful love spell using a photograph which can’t be removed. Love magiс rituals are often performed with the help of a photograph, because the man’s appearance can give the spell caster more information than any file.

While preparing for the love spell, you will have to take a picture of your “victim” and yourself (old pictures must not be used). You will also need a three-leaved mirror. If you can’t find one, make it yourself (make sure the objects are reflected in it an infinite number of times). You will need some training. Take the two photographs and put them in front of the mirror so they merge into one and are reflected in the mirror as an infinite number of group photos.

For the ritual, you will need:

  • candles;
  • needle;
  • stick tape;
  • box.

Powerful candle love spells on photographyThe love spell should be cast late at night. The candle is lit and gets an infinite number of reflections. A photo of the object is put in front of the candle. The spell is said, “Let the soul of God’s servant (name) break into as many parts as it’s reflected in the mirror.” Put your photo near the victim’s photo as you did while training. Continue saying the spell, “Let each splinter of his soul unite with my soul and never part with it.” Attach your photo to the back of the victim’s photo without moving them away from the mirror. Say the last words of the love spell,

 “I pay with my blood for the union with God’s servant (name). Let us be a whole forever. Amen.”

Prick your index finger with the needle and write your name on the back of the photos. Put the photo in the box and hide the box in a secure place. The love spell will have its effect as long as no one sees the photo.

Guidelines for casting powerful love spells on photography

1. Always pay attention to the photograph quality. As I said earlier, pictures carry the energies of the people they show, which allows them to influence their chakras. Therefore, always make sure to use only good-quality pictures in your love rituals.

2. If you want to influence a specific chakra, it needs to be shown in the picture. Let me remind you that the first chakra and the second chakra are located in the middle of the stomach. The fourth chakra is located in your chest and the fifth one in your throat. The mind chakra, that is the sixth chakra, is located in the center of your brain, while the seventh one is on top of your head. So always choose the picture according to the chakra you are going to influence.

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3. The newer the picture, the better it is for the ritual.

4. If you want to cast love spells on photography, do not use photos showing anyone other than the target of the love spell. Do not try to cut photos with scissors. The original photo should show just your beloved and no one else.

5. Do not use pictures showing, apart from the target, some animals, other photographs, portraits or paintings showing people and animals. For example, I had to reject the photos provided by my clients showing the target wearing glasses because one could see the reflection of the person taking the picture in them. So check the photo thoroughly before using it in love magic.

Candle love spells on photography6. Do not use torn or glued photos as they contain torn energies. If you use such a photo in your love spell, you will damage the target’s energies and your beloved may get sick. Eventually, you will develop a similar disease as your karmic punishment.

7. Mirror pictures have been very popular lately. Such pictures are called mirror selfies. Despite the fact that such pictures can easily be found on Facebook and printed out, they cannot be used in magic. When you take a mirror selfie, the picture shows not you but your doppelganger from the parallel world. If you put a love spell on such photograph, the energies will reach not your beloved but the doppelganger. I personally have never met people who could use their energies to break through the borders of different worlds. At the same time I know that energies, after bouncing off of the borders of the world, always return to their sender as a kickback. Please read my articles about such kickbacks and their dangers and try not to make this mistake. Its consequences can be really bad.

8. Remember that the future state of the person shown in the picture directly depends on the state the person was in when the picture was taken. Thus, if the target is happy in the picture, your love will make him happy. If the target is sad, your love will make him said.

9. Always read the description of all powerful love spells on photography, because incorrect performance may spoil the love spell, harm the spell caster and the target.

10. If there is something you do not understand in the ritual description, ask about it in comments. Do not start your ritual unless you have no questions left regarding its performance method.

11. It does not matter how the picture got to you – it is a gift, you stole it, or you took it by yourself without the target knowing about it. Unlike love spells, breakup spells require that the photo is stolen from the target’s partner. Thus, if you want to cast a powerful breakup spell on a man, you need to steal a photo from his girlfriend.

12. The pictures you used in any black magic powerful love spells on photography should not be kept at home. Diseases and karmic punishment may reach you through them. Do not bury them either, as this is how you turn your love spell into a cemetery one. For more information please read my articles about love spells cast on photographs.

How to order my powerful love spells on photography

1. While preparing yourself and your energies for a ritual, always follow the instructions provided by me. Those of my spells which did not work (which happens extremely rarely) or which I had to recast, failed because of my clients who failed to follow my instructions.

2. If you do not understand anything, ask me about it. You need to understand everything that will be done and know what to expect from my powerful love spells on photography.

3. Do not try to lie to me. I keep my clients’ personal information confidential so do not worry about it. Think of me as a doctor treating not your body but your karma, energies and destiny. If you try to withhold any information from me, your secrets will work against you. So be honest because otherwise the spell will fail.

4. Keep information about me and my services confidential, too.

5. If you want to use one of my powerful love spells on photography, make sure the photos you provide meet the requirements.

6. Let me know of all negative emotions, fears, panic attacks you have after taking to me. They are hardly a coincidence. Most likely, they indicate some damaged energies.

7. Do not try to monitor my work by going to some fortune-tellers or magic practitioners. Do not try to work with two magic practitioners at the same time to get better results. For your information, spellcasters working with the same client at the same time just beak each other’s spells and achieve no progress.

As you can see, these rules are not difficult to follow. If you are ready to follow them, contact me and let me help you find love.

I understand that sometimes clients are just unable to get the required photographs but still want to use a love spell. Well, there is a solution. To find out what it is, please watch the video I, spellcaster Maxim, attached to this article.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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