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Money magic is a relatively new branch of magic. Money magic appeared along with the commodity-money relations. Money magic increases profit and attracts clients. It helps people achieve success in business. What is money magic? There are many rituals, spells, talismans and amulets designed to improve your financial state. Money magic is found in traditional country magic, western magic of Papus and Crowley, oriental Chinese and Japanese magic, Indian branch of the science of magic.

Practical money magic

Money magic candleRituals which can attract prosperity and well-being can be found in any magic. Today, money magic is represented in esoteric stores by various amulets to be kept in the house or carried in a wallet. A good money amulet doesn’t have to be expensive and beautiful. Like all kinds of magic, money magic is very individual.

Magical help in money magic

To choose a good ritual, spell or amulet, many factors should be considered. To begin with, money magic of a Chinese man and money magic of a Hindu use completely different tools. Hindu gods which are supposed to make people rich will contradict the energy of a Chinese or Russian man, Hindu magic won’t work for Chinese people or even block their money flows. So the energy of the person should be considered in the first place (as well as the planets, stars and moon phases affecting this person).

Money magic is most effective during the waxing moon, on Monday or Thursday. Monday is closely connected with the moon, so this day is good for performing money rituals. Thursday is the day of Jupiter. Money magic will help you achieve business success, earn large amounts of money, make promising deals. A money ritual mistakenly performed on Tuesday will bring you money but won’t help you solve conflict situations and problems related to hyperactivity and nervousness, as Tuesday is the day of Mars and Mars is in charge of people’s physical activity and fighting spirit.

Rituals of money magic are designed to increase your money flows, remove money blocks and improve your business. Money magic helps those who already have a source of income. It can help increase profit by attracting more clients to your products or services. Money-cleaning rituals should be performed when the moon is waning. You can perform any ritual to clean your money flows, remove negative energy from your business, clean up your office. After that, you should buy a money amulet or a money talisman that fits your business or perform a money ritual to attract money.

Many large American and European companies employ magicians who help them make deals, protect their business from rivals, increase money flows, while in Russia people usually apply to money magic when their business starts collapsing, hoping that a magician will help them solve all their problems. Remember, the earlier you go to a magician, the better. Many business problems can be prevented.

Many types of magic can help people attract money. Thus, the magic of the runes uses certain combinations of runes to attract money and prosperity. However, the runes were created when money wasn’t as important as it is today. But they still can help your business flourish.

Ceremonial magic has its own money rituals, too. They are rather complex and use the power of planets. Money magic from demonology can subdue certain spirits and make them serve you. They will take care of your money flows, increasing them when necessary and protecting them from your rivals. Country magic has certain spells which are put with the help of herbs and are intended to attract money to your home. There’s also church magic (people pray to certain Saints). If you’re interested in money magic, choose tools and methods which suit you better. Don’t pay attention to popular trends. There’s no such thing in magic. If someone says that feng shui can help you activate your money zone, it doesn’t mean feng shui will help you. I want to repeat it: Chinese magic may not fit your energy.

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