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Work on Karma

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The word “Karma” originated from Sanskrit and means action. The notion of karma is closely connected with our life. It can be found in philosophy, esotericism and popular magic. Nowadays, many people are ashamed of speaking about it as they deny influence of Higher Powers.

Many publications and people think that Karma is some action that can’t be changed. Karma can punish a person for his sins and inflict a cruel fate on him. In fact, Karma is a cause-and-effect law influencing people, so to change the effect, it’s necessary to eliminate or change the cause.

Work on karmaWhat cause can it be? The cause is in you. People making mistakes should fix them themselves or at least try to understand them. People who don’t make mistakes don’t do anything at all.

Karma is what a person does. It’s very individual. It’s not fate, evil fate. Karma is what a person does at the moment in his soul and beyond. Karma that hasn’t been worked off in a previous life goes to the future. Karma can be considered to have been worked off if a person has changed, changed his outlooks and values, thoughts and emotions, and is on the right track. Working on Karma is not a pointless suffering; it’s a fight to end your suffering by making the right choice. The reasons for what’s happening to a person right now should be looked for not in the past but at present. A person carries his present and past lives together. Of course, one can always remember and think over his past. It belongs to him.

Some claim that Karma is catching and can be passed on from one generation to another. I have to disagree. As I’ve said, Karma is individual which means it can’t be passed on or repeat itself on other people. There is family Karma. What is it? It’s repetition of something on members of the same family. This Karma can be broken off by a person who improves the situation and gets on the right track.

Karmic science teaches people to improve the situation or get on the right track on their own. When an unpleasant situation happens over and over again and at some point you want to escape from the past, it’s important not to be afraid and try. Maybe, it is the right track you should get on. Karma is a search for the right decision or track. People coming to magicians make a mistake. A magician can only turn the person’s energy in the right direction or thinking, but he can’t change his Karma. Only the person himself can do it. It’s the way he himself has to go.

To work on one’s Karma, a person should clear himself. He should get rid of all negative energy in his soul and body, and stop doing things which can have a negative effect on his life or that of other people. He should be pure and forgiving, think reasonably, be logical, and develop his intuition. That way, he’ll be able to understand which way to take. When harmony with Karma is achieved, he can be sure of the decisions he makes and himself.

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