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What’s the difference between  white magic spells and black magic?

First and foremost, white magic spells have been designed to increase goodness in the world and in people, while black magic has been designed to do evil. Still, some experienced spell casters can use black magic to do good, by turning diseases into recovery, poverty into an opportunity to become rich, and so on. Also, there is no such thing as white magic curses, while black witchcraft is full of curses that bring people all kinds of trouble.

What effect does a white spell has on people?

White magic curses booksI practice 100% white magic. As a professional spell caster, I can’t promise you to make your wishes come true within a couple of hours. All white magic spells focus on eliminate the obstacles in your way, regardless of what your ultimate goal is – money, happiness, health, love, and so on. Secondly, a white spell completely changes you, giving you the talents and gifts you need to achieve your goal. Thirdly, it changes the attitude of other people to you, and they consider you a nice, witty, and smart person.

As a result, you get what can be described as follows: before using white magic, you have been riding a tricycle towards your goal, aware that your ride could last all your life, whereas now you’re on a brand new super comfortable airliner that will take you anywhere you want within the shortest possible time. Moreover, even if you start your travel as an economy-class passenger, after a while you’ll get an upgrade to first class, to eventually travel on your own jet.

If this magic does only good, how can you explain white magic curses?

There’s no such thing as white magic curses. You’re talking about negative consequences which some white magic spells may have. For example, you were cursed, fell ill, lost your money, job, or spouse. If you contact me and ask me to help you using a white spell, I will break your curse immediately. However, I can’t simply remove your curse or destroy it. It’s beyond my power. Neither can I keep it, for it will bring me a lot of trouble, too. So I have only one option left – I can recast the curse onto the one who’s cast it on you. This is what people sometimes call white magic curses.

Secondly, if someone stole your happiness, your ability to please people, or your girlfriend after all, white magic will give it all back to you. However, for that it will need to take away what belongs to you from the one who stole it from you. Higher Powers punish thieves and make them poor, unhappy and unlucky for years to come. Can we call it white magic curses? I don’t think so. It’s not a curse, and it’s your fault if you’re punished by white magic curses. If you want to build your happiness using black witchcraft or by ruining other people’s lives with the help of black magic rituals, you just doom yourself to later be punished for your actions and go through what you wanted those other people to go through. 

The white spell is believed to have been designed to bring people love and health, but not help solve business issues. Is that true?

White magic spells candlesNo, it’s not true. As an experienced spell caster, I can offer you a range of white magic spells to influence any aspect of your life and bring positive changes into it, except white magic curses which, as you already know, don’t even exist. If you need money, I will find some white magic spells to make you rich. If you want to love and be loved, I will offer you a white magic love spell or ritual that will turn you into the most amazing man or woman in the world people would die to be with. If you want your children to be healthy and happy, I have a white spell just for that, too.

However, that’s what not only white magic can do. Black magic can do that, too! What’s the difference then?

Yes, all of that can also be achieved with the help of black magic rituals and spells. On top of that, any spell caster will agree with me that black witchcraft yields results faster than any white spell, and it doesn’t need you to work hard for that. Performing black rituals, you agree to exchange certain energies, and get what you dream of by giving away something you have.

Thus, if you want to punish someone, you’ll lose your health and good luck. If you cast a black magic love spell on someone, you will most certainly be unhappy when you get married. If you use black magic to attract money, you’ll fail in some other sector of your life. 

Black magic is dangerous with its magic kickbacks. Is there such thing in white magic?

If you use the right ritual, no. But if you fail to perform the ritual correctly or refuse to do what you’re required to to help the ritual help you achieve your goal, you will either slow down on your way to achieve your goal or cancel the agreement between you and Higher Powers that are helping all people who use white magic spells. However, this will barely turn into white magic curses.

Although it’s possible. This will happen if you try to use white magic on your own. First of all, practicing white magic is prohibited if you haven’t been trained. Secondly, by performing white magic rituals without having the required knowledge and skills, you may turn them into black magic ones. This means that the consequences of your actions may be similar to those you’d have if you had been practicing black magic or had used black curses. To be more precise, black self-curses. 

Why does it take white magic longer to yield results than black magic?

First of all, any white spell doesn’t make your dream come true, but helps you achieve what you want. White magic spells activate your subtle bodies to help you achieve your goal as soon as possible. That’s why white magic is of little help when people use it to make some abstract dreams come true, such as “I want to be rich!” “I want to be a businessman!” “I want to love and be loved!” and so on. Speaking of “wanting to be rich,” it’s important to know how much money is enough for you to consider yourself rich. If your dream is to become a “businessman,” specify which businessman it is that you’re looking up to: a successful or a hapless one? If you “want to be loved,” white magic can make your dream come true by ensuring that your parents or your cat love you. Do you understand what I mean?

It’s important to know exactly what you want before using white magic. Your goals should be like “I want to earn $100,000 within the next two years!” or “I want to achieve business success by selling paintings!” or “I want to meet a nice and beautiful girl that will fall in love with me and after a while become my wife!” Once you know what you want, white magic rituals will start helping you achieve it.

Unfortunately, white magic doesn’t yield results fast. You’re going to have to work hard to earn money and the rituals will ensure that you will succeed. For example, you are an artist. You create and sell paintings. If you use white magic, it will ensure that your paintings are always in high demand and buyers agree to buy them at very high prices. Speaking of “being loved,” you will enter into a romantic relationship that will grow into love, and your feelings will be strengthened by mutual respect. This takes more than a week or even a month.

That’s why don’t expect white magic to make your dream come true right away. Helping you achieve your goal will take some time, and will need your collaboration and hard work. Otherwise, white magic rituals turn into white magic curses, giving you disappointment and making you angry with your spell caster.  

What should I do: chose and perform a white magic ritual on my own, or have a spell caster do that for me?

Undoubtedly, you should consult a spell caster. Only a spell caster can see into your future, meaning he knows how the white spell will change it. This means only a spell caster can choose the right spell for you.

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