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Chinese talismans for professionals and amateurs

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What Chinese talisman would you prefer?

HOTEI – the god of wealth and happiness. It makes wishes come true, drives away poverty, improves performance, and helps people believe in themselves. It likes being decorated with flowers. To enhance it, put some coins or bills under it. Remember that the moment you do so, the coins and bills belong to the talisman and you are not allowed to take them.

THREE-LEGGED TOAD – brings success and prosperity into its owner’s life. While asking the talisman for something, put a coin into its mouth. The newer the coin is, the better. You can use gold or rare antique coins to enhance the efficiency of this talisman Chinese.

Chinese coins talismansFOO DOG – this Chinese talisman works better if coupled with another Foo Dog statue. Place the statues next to each other making sure they do not touch each other. To ask these Chinese amulets and talismans for help, take them into your hands gently and press to your chest to let them “hear the true voice of your heart.” To improve their efficiency, use honey or sweetened water.

CHRYSTAL SPHERES – small spheres help restore health, medium spheres give money, large ones (20+ cm) help people become sorcerers and wizards.

MIRRORS – only a handmade mirror manufactured according to ancient techniques can be considered one of the Chinese amulets and talismans. Hang one in front of the door or window to protect your home from dark spirits. Hang it across the kitchen door to get rich and prosper. Chinese mirror amulets can also be used in fortune-telling and to remove negative energies. The best mirrors are considered octagonal ones.

BAMBOO FLUTES – drive away evil spirits, unpleasant and mean people. They belong to Chinese zodiac talismans but fail to bring the desired results if you are a mean person full of hatred. Make sure you keep them in a place enabling all your family members to see them.

  • Red flutes – help recover from illnesses.
  • Blue flutes – calm the mind.
  • Green flutes – bring peace back into the family.
  • Golden flutes – help get rich.

CHINESE COINS – these Chinese zodiac talismans are not very powerful and help solve insignificant financial issues. To solve serious problems, one of my professional magic rituals is needed.

PLANTS – it is rather difficult to make a talisman Chinese out of a plant. I am going to post an article on flower and plant magic shortly providing all the information you need to make not just a regular Chinese talisman out of a flower but some powerful Chinese amulets and talismans.

Chinese zodiac talismans from plants

  • Bamboo – Virgo, Capricorn, Leo.
  • Magnolia-vine – Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio.
  • Peony – Pisces, Taurus, Cancer.
  • Keriya – Gemini, Aquarius, Aries.

Do not use sick or artificial flowers to make your Chinese amulets and talismans.

Chinese talismansAQUARIUM FISH – they can be your Chinese amulets and talismans as well, provided you have an odd number of fish in your fish bowl, your fish are longer than 5 cm and are of white or red color.

Your fish bowl can turn into one of your Chinese zodiac talismans only if it is clean, has plenty of algae, and is beautifully decorated with stones and sea shells. Do not keep snails or toads in your fish bowl. Do not keep your fish bowl in your bedroom or your children’s rooms because in that case your Chinese talisman will cause nightmares.

Aquarium fish are used to get rich. Throw a coin into your fish bowl and specify the amount you want to get.

FOUNTAINS AND WATERFALLS – they can be used as Chinese zodiac talismans only by the water signs. As for the rest, they should not have fountains or waterfalls at home because their good luck, health and money may “flow away” through them.

Why your talisman Chinese may fail to bring the desired results

Your Chinese talisman may fail to bring the desired results due to one of the following reasons:

Reason one – you keep it in the wrong place. To activate your Chinese zodiac talisman, you should know not only astrology but also Feng Shui. Without you having the knowledge of Feng Shui, your Chinese talisman will always remain just a useless Chinese souvenir.

Reason two – your Chinese amulets and talismans are not real. The majority of Chinese amulets and talismans found on the market today are fake. Luckily for you, I, spellcaster Maxim, bear full responsibility for each talisman Chinese I offer on my online store. Being a professional spellcaster, this is the way I work. Other sellers offer fake products because they are selling objects not magic, and they do not really care whether they will change your life or not.

Reason three – you do not like your talisman and the talisman dislikes you in response. This is why it does not make your wishes come true and does not protect you. To ensure that your Chinese talisman brings the desired results, you need to share your energies with it. Otherwise, it will stay asleep without attracting the energies you need.

Some frequently asked questions about Chinese amulets and talismans

“Can you charge a talisman Chinese which our family has had for over 70 years? It seems to me that the talisman hasn’t been working lately.”

I can charge any talisman or amulet, provided it has not been created for black magic in the first place. Before I work with black magic amulets or talismans, I discharge them to make them safe. As for your talisman, I need to study it first to find out what caused the failure and what needs to be done for its reactivation.

“Can you buy some souvenirs and then turn them into Chinese amulets and talismans?”

You can if your souvenirs are made from natural materials in compliance with the main laws of Feng Shui. However, I am confident that it is easier and cheaper to buy a real amulet or talisman directly from me, spellcaster Maxim.

“I bought a talisman Chinese but realized it was influencing not me but my sister. This talisman is very powerful and I don’t want to throw it away. Could you make it help me instead of my sister?”

Sure, I could reprogram your Chinese talisman to ensure that helps no one but you. However, I suggest you give your talisman to your sister (this will improve your karma greatly) and buy a new talisman for yourself from me. I will charge it the way you need to ensure it will improve any aspect of your life you want, such as business, money, health, creativity, happiness, beauty, or love.

Can Chinese talismans be used in black magic?

The talismans described in this article can be used to do both good and evil. Remember that the entities you will be tied to by black Chinese magic are very dangerous. The Chinese believe they eat human flesh and drink human blood. If you really want to use black magic despite all the warnings, choose a different esoteric branch. However, there is no such thing as safe black magic.

“Do Chinese amulets and talismans benefit only the Chinese? Or do they help people regardless of their nationality and religion?”

To ensure that your Chinese amulets and talismans help you, it is important that you believe they can help you. Also, you should follow the rules of Feng Shui. I believe you do and you know that without following the Feng Shui rules, Chinese amulets and talismans prove useless.

“Recently I checked my talisman Chinese with a bioenergy frame and found out it was emitting some negative energy. What should I do? Should I throw it away or try to neutralize it?”

If I were you, I would take my time and try to figure out what is going on. Your talisman may be generating negative energies to pay to some entity which would torture you otherwise. You may be a carrier of negative energies (even though you will deny it) yourself, meaning your amulet is just emitting the energy you can “digest” better. I suggest you find out what is really going on and make a decision afterwards. 

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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