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Dark magic spells for amateurs

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Do you remember the story of the mermaid who came to a black witch and the witch, by casting one of her dark magic spells, made her able to walk in exchange for her voice? The mermaid got her legs and the prince fell in love with her despite her dumbness. However, this story was made up by Disney animators, while in real life it has a completely different ending (if you do not believe me, check the original story and you will understand that I, spellcaster Maxim, am not joking). The prince never married the poor girl after she became a human with the help of dark magic. He married another girl breaking the mermaid’s heart. She died shortly and turned, according to the author, into sea foam.

Dark magic can be safe

Dark magic spells candles

Sad as it is, this story was created not to make you cry. It tells about the negative consequences of dark magic spells if they are cast by an inexperienced witch or sorcerer wishing you ill. 

Many people do not understand that black magic has its laws and it is called black for a reason. It engages black energies – the energies of suffering and pain, disappointment and loss of confidence. If you want to use dark magic spells and your witch or sorcerer does not ensure that these energies are sent to the forces helping the witch or sorcerer in the ritual, you will be the one to pay for it.

Luckily, I, spellcaster Maxim, never cause my clients to suffer to make them pay for the dark magic services provided by me. Being a professional spellcaster, I, while casting dark magic spells, give part of my energy which I exchange for the money I charge for my services. This “ENERGY-MONEY” exchange seems more than fair, given that I guarantee my client’s safety, while those claiming that my services are too expensive are deeply wrong.

How much do you think your health costs? How much love costs? Do you know how much your happiness costs? How much is the opportunity to start a business? What is the price of your success?

I am confident that all of these aspects of life are priceless. Besides, no matter how much you pay for an opportunity to improve your life and protect yourself from the possible consequences of dark magic, the price will be much less that what can be paid for your health, happiness and success. 

Dark magic spell owl
However, many black spellcasters disagree with me. They can be divided into three groups:

1. Inexperienced spellcasters who do not understand that black magic can be dangerous to them and their clients, along with anyone who happens to be around them, such as their coworkers, relatives, children and friends.

2. Experienced spellcasters who are perfectly aware of the negative consequences of black magic rituals but are unable to protect their clients. Some of them warn their clients about it but their warnings are so vague and unclear that the majority of their clients do not understand how dangerous it can be and agree to use black magic.

3. Black witches and sorcerers who are aware of the consequences and are able to protect their clients but still make them suffer like that witch from the story about the mermaid. Why do they do that? Because they are servants of evil. They rearrange their energies in a way that the energy of suffering generated by other people makes them stronger enhancing the dark spirits serving them.

Dark magical spells from three different groups of spell caster

Les us assume you are going to order dark magic spells from a spellcaster from one of the above three groups. The spellcaster from the first group will be surprised that after his spells are cast, you get fired, fall sick, go broke, or your spouse files for divorce. Upon learning about it, the spellcaster will try to help you but this is, unfortunately, beyond his expertise.

Instead of helping you, the spellcaster from the second group will remind you that he has warned you about the consequences. Most likely, he will suggest consulting another spellcaster. This spellcaster will try to cleanse your energies and fix your fate for an extra fee.

The spellcaster from the third group will not even offer any advice. Moreover, this black sorcerer will do everything he cast to keep you entrapped for as long as possible and prevent anyone from helping you out.

If you have been reading this article carefully without skipping anything, you must know that there is one more option.

I, spellcaster Maxim, provide dark magic services bringing the desired results safely and, more importantly, ensuring your safety for years to come. My clients’ safety has always been a priority for me, just like the safety of my clients’ family and friends.

No content of this article should be considered an advertisement. While I was writing it, my only goal was to help you protect yourself from the trouble the use of black magic may get you into. I am not going to advertise my services or list the rituals that I can perform for you to attract the powerful energies of restoration, creation and augmenting to improve various aspects of your life. If you want, you can contact me any time and I will be happy to tell you how your life can be improvd with magic. 

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