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Fasting prior to casting love binding spells

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There are a lot of factors determining the efficiency of love binding spells

One of them is that you should have your love binding spell cast by a professional spellcaster. If you need surgery, you would prefer it performed by a surgeon but not a healer, wouldn’t you? You should be as scrupulous while choosing a spellcaster to work with as this is a matter of your fate.

Casting love binding spellsAnother factor ensuring that your binding spells for love will bring the desired results is your ritual choice. Many of my colleagues (and, as a professional spellcaster, I am not proud to admit it) are very careless when it comes to choosing which ritual to perform. They master a few love binding spells and cast them for all their clients without thinking about the results. If the spell proves to be efficient, the client may consider himself or herself lucky. If not, it does not bother the spellcaster. He takes his clients’ money and does not care about the rest.

I never cast binding spells for love at random

In the first place, I examine the personality, consciousness, soul and energies of my clients as well as those of the objects of love spells. This allows me to choose the best spell of all the love binding spells that I know. As a result, I offer a better chance of a successful love binding spell than any other spellcaster.

A third factor ensuring successful binding spells for love is that you should fast prior to casting your love spell. Fasting will not be a problem for you if you have good health. I will provide detailed instructions on what you are allowed to do prior to casting love binding spells and what you are not allowed to do and why.

1. ABSTAIN FROM ALCOHOL! Alcoholic beverages trigger an intense energy splash. This is not the worst thing about drinking alcohol though. You will not be able to successfully cast binding spells for love after consuming any amount of alcohol because your chakras will close like flowers do at night making it impossible to connect you to the energies of another person.

2. ABSTAIN FROM DRUGS! There can be no exceptions to this rule. Drugs have been proven to not lead to energy exhaustion. On the contrary, some of them can cleanse and strengthen your energies while balancing your consciousness. However, drugs have a major drawback. They can take you to a parallel world and the love spell may bind not the one you love to you but one of the entities living in this parallel world. Being connected to such an entity may be very dangerous for it may turn out to be an energy predator or vampire.

Love binding spells candles

3. ABSTAIN FROM UNHEALTHY FOODS! Abstain from fried, fatty and baked foods. Do not eat out (do not go to fast food restaurants, either). When you eat this kind of foods, your energies concentrate in the area of your stomach. As a result, the love created through your love spell will be similar to what pets feel for their owners – they love their owners only if they feed them. 

4. KEEP FASTING FOR AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS! There is no point in fasting for less than seven days. To balance your energies, you need to fast for seven or more days. This will allow your spellcaster (particularly, me) to cast any of my love binding spells on top of my performance binding you and the object of the love spell together once and for all.

5. HOW TO EAT MEAT. You are allowed to eat meat while fasting only if you want to be a leader in your future relationship. If you do not want to be the leader but want to be taken care of, abstain from meat. You can eat dairy products, nuts and eggs instead of meat.

6. REST IS ESSENTIAL! Make sure you get enough sleep while you are fasting. The better rest you have, the more energy you accumulate. The more energy you accumulate, the stronger my love spell will be. 

The stronger the binding spells for love is, the more the object of the love spell will love you

7. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT VEGETABLES, FRUITS AND GRAIN FOODS! To perform a quality ritual, eat more cereals (cooked in traditional ways) as well as plenty of vegetables and fruits. Men should eat buckwheat and vegetables, preferably root vegetables, while women should eat oatmeal and fruits.

8. ABSTAIN FROM ALL FOOD IF YOU CAN! Do not eat anything for three days before casting your love spell. You are allowed to drink strong tea, juices and boiled water with honey. If you have excess stomach acid or gastric ulcer, while abstaining from food drink 1.5 to 2 liters of warm high-fat cream with sugar. Firstly, this will ensure that you will not take your hunger for problems with your stomach. Secondly, this will improve your stomach health greatly and you will feel much better afterwards.

9. ABSTAIN FROM SEX! Abstain from sex, unless your partner is the one who you are going to cast your binding spells for love on. The more you cheat on the object of your love spell, the more difficult it will be to cast the spell successfully. On rare occasions, it turns out to be impossible. 

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