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Find out how much you know about charms for luck

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1. Give only yes or no answers.

2. Sum up all your yes answers.

3. See the results.


Key for luck and magic items1. In your opinion, goodluck charms are intended only for gamblers.

2. Gamblers can use any talisman to win.

3. To attract good luck, you can buy any charm in any online store. If one charm is not enough, you can buy several charms.

4. Charms of luck can be sold or given to other people for free. They will help their new owners as much as they did the old ones.

5. If you break your charm, you can put the pieces into some place (such as a bag or a box) and it will still be helping you.

6. Charms cannot help you build a great career and achieve business success.

7. They are useful for people who do not like to work but count only on good luck.

8. No charm can bring harmony into your family life or improve your personal life.

9. You are confident that no powerful goodluck charms supplied by a professional magiс practitioner can help you win the lottery.

10. You do not believe in the power of charms because spellcasters sell too many of them and all the buyers cannot be lucky.

11. Even though you have never even tried to find out the price of authentic charms, you believe they are too expensive for you.

12. You do not mind trying a charm for free and buying it if it proves effective.

13. Christians should use charms with Christian symbols, Buddhists – with Buddhist symbols, and so on.

14. All charms are dangerous because their production involves the manufacturer’s interaction with some dark forces.

15. Everyone using charms for luck have to pay for it sooner or later.

16. Charms have never been used in your family and you are not going to break this tradition.

17. Your friends and coworkers have never used charms, either.

18. Charms belong in fairy tales and fantasy movies for kids. They are not real.

19. You need good luck but do not know how to attract it.

20. You have dreams, but you are old and mature enough to put up with the fact that they will never come true.

21. Sometimes you feel sad thinking that your life has been nothing like you imagined it when you were young.

Charms for luck22. There are goodluck charms for men and for women.

23. If such thing as a goodluck charm was real, they would be produced by large corporations and advertised like potato chips on TV and on the Internet.

24. To make a charm work, one needs to wear it 24/7. Otherwise, it is useless.

25. One charm is enough to attract good luck into the lives of all your family members and coworkers.

26. Talismans and charms featuring the symbols of and charged by new religions and mystical teachings are more effective because ancient egregors are too busy fulfilling the wishes of the people asking them for help.

27. You need to select a charm by yourself because your spellcaster cannot know what is better for you in terms of bringing good luck.

28. If you break your charm, it is not your fault. It means the spellcaster failed to make it strong enough.

29. You are confident that all positive reviews about goodluck charms are fake. They are no more than just paid advertising.

30. You do not want to buy such charms because you are afraid you will not be able to get your money back in case they fail to help you.

31. Spellcasters cannot be sued for selling defective charms.

32. Clients can sue spellcasters even if they have solved their problems. 

33. Magic can attract only financial good luck. It cannot attract love or health good luck.

34. Your friends and family will make fun of you if they learn about you using some charms for luck.

35. Your parents are religious people and you were raised to believe magic is sinful.

36. You know what a sin is and that you will be punished if you sin.

37. In general, you do not mind buying a charm for luck to improve your life, but you want to do it later.

38. You have never been interested in magic and mysticism, always considering yourself a wise and pragmatic person.

39. Goodluck charms, especially those with a fancy design, would make a great present.

40. Spellcasters insist on adjusting their charms for each buyer only to make them pay more.

41. You think it is better to buy a cheap charm first and, if it works, buy a more expensive one.

42. You have been fantasizing about your new life with charms for luck but that is all you have done.

43. You believe positive thinking and visualization are more effective than charms.

44. The more expensive a charm and the rarer its materials, the more effective it is.

45. Right now you can think of at least five reasons why charms cannot work for you and attract good luck to you.

46. You have never believed in magic and magic charms and nothing can change your mind.

1 to 10 – You know a lot about talismans and may even have one. People consider you a lucky person because you always get what you want.

11 to 20 – You know quite a bit about charms for luck but you do not have any. You are satisfied with the good luck you have. Firstly, you are not an ambitious person and are happy with what you have. Well, it is sad because with the right goodluck charm you could have a much better and more successful life.

21 to 30 – You still have hope that one day you will overcome your ill luck. You believe you just need to wait to achieve success. Be careful. One day you may get tired of fighting but never get what you want.

31 to 40 – You must have heard about charms from some people and may have even read about them, but you cannot put your knowledge into practice. As a result, you are going to have the most boring life you can possibly have.

40+ – You know nothing about goodluck charms and need a professional consultation by a magic practitioner. Otherwise, you will miss all your chances at happiness. 

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