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How to cast a spell for money for the first time

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How to cast a money spell if you have no experience in spell-casting? There is a great way how to cast a spell for money for the first time for those who have never cast a spell for money before. Before you use magic, I suggest you have your karma and energies scanned. Scanning your karma will allow you to find out if you have a chance to get rich in the future. If it turns out your karma will not allow you to achieve financial success, you will probably have to accept that. With the right attitude, you will be able to be happy with what you have, what your fate is ready to offer you and hope that you will be more lucky in your next life. 

Also, you can consult me. I, spellcaster Maxim, can help you rearrange your karma or, if possible, find a way for you to get rich that will not contradict your karmic settings.

Spells for moneyIf you are thinking how to cast a spell for money or how to cast a money spell, scanning your energies will allow you to find out if you are hexed or cursed. If it turns out you do have a hex or curse on you preventing you from getting rich, contact me. I will remove whatever curse or hex you have and then cast a spell for money on you.

Remember that no methods how to cast a spell for money or how to cast a money spell are allowed for cursed people. Instead of helping you to get rich, magic will aggravate your energy diseases. They will be so severe that you will find yourself thinking about giving up or committing suicide. Only a professional spellcaster is able to treat such diseases. If you try to do so on your own, you will only make it worse. This is why you will not find articles on my website describing the rituals to remove a curse for those thinking how to cast a spell for money.

If you are going to cast a spell for money:

1. Here is some information for everyone who wants to know how to cast a money spell: Wait for a new moon and fast for seven days. This means you should abstain not only from certain foods (for more information about fasting see the corresponding articles posted on my website) but also from alcohol, stimulants, energy drinks, and sex. If you are taking some medications, you do not have to stop taking them.

Also, make sure you have enough sleep, do not quarrel with people and do not experience negative energies. Physical exercise is essential. Try not to overtrain and make sure you enjoy working out and it makes you feel better.

2. If you are going to cast a spell for money, you need to understand how much money you want. This has to be a specific amount. If you are thinking how to cast a spell for money for the first time without knowing how much you want, you are just wasting your time.

If you are only thinking how to cast a money spell, I suggest you make a list of what you want to buy.

For example:

  • I want to pay for my children’s college education;
  • I want to repay my mortgage;
  • I want to repay my debts;
  • I want to travel;
  • want to buy a new car.

Casting spell for moneySuch a list made before you decide how to cast a spell for money should indicate the amount you need for each point.  Do not calculate the total amount because it may affect the results after you cast a spell for money. Also, you can write down each point on a separate sheet and place them in plain sight. After you cast a spell for money and start getting your profit, you will remove sheet by sheet until all of the points have been implemented.

3. Make sure you use cash instead of credit cards. If you are used to credit cards, this might be difficult for you at first. However, I can assure you that in a week or two you will adapt and feel no discomfort.

Study the change carefully. Focus on one-dollar bills only. When you get any, put them aside and do not use them. When you get home, put them into your wallet and then put the wallet on a shelf or table near your entrance door. Now you need to develop another habit that is patting your wallet before leaving your house and after coming back and saying (if you want, you can say it to yourself), “You will help me fulfill all my dreams soon!”

In the evening, put all one-dollar bills you have collected over the day on the table. Put your wallet next to them. Take out everything you have in the wallet and put them together. Calculate the money thinking about what you want to buy, how you are going to repay your debts or travel. Visualize your dreams keeping the money in your hands. This will enable you to connect to money energy flows and thus attract money into your life.

In a while, you will realize that all of your wishes that you wrote down have been fulfilled and your financial problems are gone. Now give all of your one-dollar bills to someone you love. Perhaps, this person will find it strange but you can ask him or her to do you a favor and accept your present, and I am sure this person will agree.

If your financial problems are not solved for some reason, you should start all over and examine your karma and subtle bodies again. The ritual described in this article is highly effective. If it is unable to help you, you must have some serious problems with your karma and energies.

If you know how to cast a money spell with the above ritual, you still may fail due to the following mistakes:

1. You do not fast before casting your spell.

2. You do not believe in success.

3. You keep changing your goals by adding or removing some wishes from your list of wishes.

4. You miss one or more one-dollar bills.

5. You use your one-dollar bills to buy things.

6. You specifically ask cashiers to give you your change in one-dollar bills. Your one-dollar bills should come to you naturally. Otherwise, magic will not work.

7. You take a one-day (or longer) break from the ritual.

If you perform this ritual properly and your karma is fine but your wishes remain unfulfilled, contact me. Perhaps, you need professional magic. I, spellcaster Maxim, provide professional magic services. I know how to take advantage of money magic’s limitless possibilities to help you earn as much as you want and become as rich as you want.

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