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Marriage proposal love spells for people with a curse on them

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I’ve been to a witch. 

I wanted her to cast one of her marriage proposal love spells on my boyfriend

Marriage love spell ritualWe’ve been dating for a long time but he wouldn’t propose. The witch decided to tell my fortune with tarot cards. She said marriage love spells couldn’t help me because I had a loneliness curse on me which I got from my mother. She said no man would ever marry me and I’d stay single for the rest of my life. I asked her to do something about it but she said the curse couldn’t be removed and I had to accept the fact that I’d never be a wife.

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

In fact, the woman you talked to is not a witch. She is just a fortune-teller. She has the skills to identify problems but she cannot solve them. To get rid of your curse and get married, you need to find a professional spellcaster (like I am).

I suggest you do not try to influence your boyfriend with magic yet. When you have your curse broken, he will propose to you without marriage proposal love spells or marriage love spells. If he does not, a simple spell will be enough to get him to propose.


Three witches tried to cast their marriage proposal spells on me but unsuccessfully

The first two gave me my money back but the third one kept it and said it was my fault. She said I had a curse on me preventing marriage love spells from working. She said I should’ve told her about it before asking her for a marriage love spell.

I’m writing you not to complain of your colleagues. I just want to know if what she said is true. Do I really have a curse on me? Is it what prevents marriage proposal love spells from working on me?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

Marriage love candles spellsPlease, from now on do not compare me with people who are not even qualified enough to scan your subtle bodies before casting their marriage love spells on you. Professional spellcasters always begin with scanning their clients’ subtle bodies. They know that a loneliness curse may prevent even the most powerful spell from working. This is why they never cast their spells without breaking the curse first.

Yet, they never refuse to help people. They just expand the services they have to provide. First of all, they study the curse in detail and remove it. Then they restore the energy flow and heal the subtle bodies if needed. This is when they can do what you asked them for in the first place, namely cast their marriage proposal love spells enabling you to marry the man you love.


I began to suspect something was wrong when I turned 43 but still was single. I went to a sorcerer and learned that I had a curse on me. I got it from my father. But how can it be possible? My father and mother have been married for over 50 years now and they’re not going to divorce. My grandfather spent his whole life married to my grandmother. My two brothers have families, too. How can this be a family curse if I seem to be the only one suffering from it?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

First and foremost, do not forget that there is always someone the curse attacks first. In your case it is not your father but you. Your father was the one who draw the curse on his family in the first place. Based on the spreads (I used tarot cards to find out what was going on with you), he was cursed when he stole a girl from his friend back when they were going to college together. It happened many years ago.

The curse has been sleeping for many years choosing its victim. Eventually, it chose you. It happened not because you are weaker than your brothers. On the contrary, you have the highest energy levels in your family. If you are not familiar with magic, you may find it difficult to understand what I am about to say. However, I could not make it simpler even if I wanted to. You are in karmic debt to your family because of what you were doing in your past lives, and you were born to repay it. You repay some of it through this curse which you took over from your father and which you are now protecting your brothers from.

This curse is very strong. It will prevent you not only from getting married but also from having children. But do not worry! When you contact me, I will tell you what needs to be done to fix this. This information is too personal to be posted in this article for everyone to read. I will tell you everything privately and this information should be kept confidential.

In the meantime, I can assure you that I can remove your curse or, at least, minimize its effect which will allow you to find a woman who would agree to live with you and even have children with you, yet you will not be able to marry her officially.


I’m going to use marriage love spells

Could you scan me for a curse? How much is it?

Spellcaster Maxim replies:

I practice safe magic and this service is included in the price of all rituals. Being a professional spellcaster, I am obliged to scan my clients’ subtle bodies before casting any spell. If I do not, my spells may fail to bring the desired results or harm my clients.

Moreover, I also scan the subtle bodies of the objects of my spells. Thus, I never put spells on cursed people as this may lead to extremely unfortunate or fatal consequences. Luckily, you will not have to worry about it if you contact me and let me help you solve your problem.  

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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