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Relationship break up with magic

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Relationship break up with the use of magic can be achieved by influencing the couple’s dreams. Even people suffering from insomnia sleep at least one fourth of their time. The rest of us sleep at least one third of their time. We see dreams that are barely distinguishable from reality. There are very few people who can tell a dream from reality and who do not allow their dreams to influence their lives. Therefore, black magic to break up a relationship can be highly effective if it influences the couple through their dreams. 

This is how black magic break up relationship works: 

  • Black magic to break up relationshipIt gives those secretly wanting to break up dreams about freedom in which the unwanted partner is left behind; 
  • Relationship break up magic gives people who do not like their sex life dreams about sex; 
  • Jealous people have dreams about their partners cheating on them; 
  • People who do not have strong feelings for their partners fall in love with someone else in their dreams. 

Such dreams are very realistic and can hardly be distinguished from reality. As a result, they convince people that the only thing preventing them from getting what they want is their relationship which needs to be ended. 

Besides, black magic to break up a relationship can be targeted. It is used when black magic break up relationship needs to not only break up a couple but also ensure that one of the ex-partners ends up with the client. 

This kind of magic is rather complex influencing the energies of the upper chakras feeding our mind and dreams. At the same time, the lower chakras can be influenced too, in order to make the spouses or partners sexually incompatible. Besides, doing so it much easier. 

The easiest way, however, is to weaken the sexual energies of one of the partners. Some spellcasters, while performing their relationship break up rituals, block the chakras of both partners, but I believe this is wrong. The partners stop having sex which does not mean they cannot be good friends and be happy with each other. To ensure the effectiveness of black magic to break up a relationship, there should be some disharmony in the relationship. Thus, the sexual energies of one partner need to be blocked, while those of the other should be raised to the highest possible level. 

Being unhappy in their sex life, the partners get distant and the unsatisfied partner has no choice but to start cheating. Sooner or later the other partner finds out about it and they break up. For best results, you need to have the sex drive of the one you want to be with reduced, while boosting that of the other. 

Show your beloved, who is feeling betrayed and humiliated, that you care. Besides, black magic break up relationship will boost your beloved’s sex drive only when you are around. Making the object of your spell love you even more. 

Relationship break up can be achieved through any chakra. Magic brings different results depending of the chakra influenced. With magic, you can make people hate each other, be afraid of each other, despise each other, etc. You can make one of the partners fat and ugly or stupid to ensure that it drives the other crazy. The number of reasons to break up is equal to the number of spells that can be cast. But the key is to ensure that black magic to break up a relationship is performed by an experienced and professional spellcaster. 

I know this article about black magic break up relationship is read not only by people looking for relationship break up ways, but also by people who are afraid that their relationship can be in danger because of black magic break up relationship. They feel they are not protected against this kind of magic and worry about it. Let me reassure you. There are plenty of effective means to protect oneself. 

There are three ways to protect yourself against black magic to break up a relationship: 

  • Rituals enhancing your energies and bonds;
  • Protection charms acting as military shields;
  • Powerful magic protecting your family, marriage and relationships.

Black magic ritual to break up relationshipThe problem is someone may have already tried some relationship breakup methods against you. If that is the case, you are anxious for a reason. Your heart is telling you that you are in trouble and need to do something about it. 

On my website you can find articles providing a detailed description of how to understand if black magic to break up a relationship has or has not been used against you. Read them and try to diagnose yourself. If you are not sure you can do it right or if you do not have time for it, please contact me. If any traces of black magic break up relationship are revealed, I will do my best to ensure that it does not harm you or your relationship. 

Another kind of relationship breakup magic is magic performed for revenge

Surprisingly, this kind of magic is considered to be the most difficult one. It is complex, but possible. While casting such spells, the spellcaster needs to ensure they break up the couple without harming anyone. Inexperienced spellcasters using black magic to break up a relationship are like woodcutters or butchers waving their axes without thinking about the consequences of their actions.


If you want to use a spell for revenge, remember that it is going to leave a mark on your karma and fate. The more harm you do to other people, the bigger the mark. The goal of a professional spellcaster is not to just cast a spell properly (it is not that difficult, by the way). Their goal is to minimize its consequences. To this end, the spellcaster chooses the kind of black magic break up relationship doing the least harm. 

For example:

  • One of the partners breaks up with the other because the latter has gone crazy;
  • One of the partners breaks up with the other because the latter has lost his or her job and cannot find a new one;
  • One of the partners breaks up with the other because the other has become aggressive;;
  • One of the partners dies in an accident or of some terminal disease;;
  • The spellcaster makes the partners distant naturally. As a result, hey break up without even fighting, as they both think it is what is best for them and it is time to move on.;

  I believe the best option is obvious. 

At the same time, I understand that people intending to use a spell for revenge want to make it as painful as possible. However, revenge is a dish best served cold. So calm down and take your time. Think everything through. A great way for revenge is to become a lover of your enemy’s spouse. Another great way is not to use relationship break up magic at all. Let your enemy see how fascinating your love life is (for example, how beautiful and sexy your wife is) and be jealous of you. 

I am telling you about it only to let you understand that magic offers limitless opportunities and the same results can be achieved by different ways. 

A lot of people do not know about it and come to me already having a plan. Some clients specify the rituals they want me to perform right away. I, spellcaster Maxim, never refuse to help my clients. However, I offer alternative options if needed, but always lett the client make the final decision. 

If you want to use black magic to break up a relationship, I would suggest you do the same. Tell me about the couple you want to break up and let me examine them. That way, I could give you at least some alternatives for you to choose from to achieve your goal.

In conclusion, I would like to tell you about something other spellcasters prefer to withhold. In my experience, every fifth person feels guilty after using black magic and eventually asks to make things as they were. Luckily, I can cancel the results of any spell cast by me or any other spellcaster. Besides, you can always change your mind and use white magic rituals instead of black magic ones. 

I will fulfill your order even if you still decide to use black magic break up relationship. Therefore, contact me now so I could help you sooner. Email me and I promise to reply to your letter, unless it is spam or trolling.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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