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Simple everyday wealth spells

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The Wealth spells - "money tree"

Wealth spells related to money trees are known to many people but, unfortunately, they rarely use them. The money tree ritual can improve your financial situation greatly. At first, it will attract the money you need. Then, as the tree grows, it will get stronger, while you will keep getting richer.

To get your own money tree, go to a flower shop and buy any perennial plant. Try to find a plant that lives a few dozen years and which sprout can be used to grow a new money tree.

Go home and put the plant somewhere in your bedroom depending on how much light it needs. Water it as required. In other words, do what you normally do with all your house plants. Before casting the first of your wealth spells, wait until the tree gets big enough and has its first leaves (this means the tree likes you and it is ready to cooperate).

Casting wealth spellsNow it is time to use some magic. Take several notes of any denomination and carefully tie them to the branches of your tree with threads. Remember that you must not use these notes under any circumstances. If you remove even one note or coin (I will tell you about coins later), their magic will be destroyed immediately.

Speaking of “iron” money, put a couple of coins under the tree. They have to stay there for as long as you use the tree.

Talk to your tree every evening. Say the following words, “Grow, spread out! Get covered with money! Make me rich! Help me earn (name the sum you want to earn).”

Every time you get the money you have asked for – in profit or salary, repaid debt or winning – take a few notes and coins, tie the notes to the branches and put the coins under the tree. Keep doing so for at least a few months. These wealth spells bring amazing results! The bigger and stronger your tree, the more you earn improving your financial situation.

If your family members have different budgets, sources of income and financial goals, each can have their own money tree to help them get rich.

Wealth spells related to wallets or purses

Another great way to become rich is to get a wallet of wealth. Use one of your old wallets or purses. Even if you have not been using it, you still have a very strong connection with this object which makes it possible to use it as a powerful money talisman.

No words need to be said. Instead, gather all the money you have, sort the notes according to their denomination – from high to low – and put them into your wallet. Put the wallet in a place where you could see it at least a few times a day. Every evening, when you are alone in the room, take the money out and count the notes as if you do not know how much you have.

Having counted the money, squeeze the notes in your hands and imagine that you have more – as much as you need – with your eyes fixed on them. The ritual can be repeated several times a day. There are no schedules as to when to perform the ritual so perform it whenever you want.

From now on, all money you have should be kept in this wallet. You can take as much as you need from it, making sure you do not touch the notes you first put in it. This will ensure that your wealth spells produce their effect. If you do everything right, the amount of money in your wallet will keep increasing.

Wealth Spells with use a debit card

Wealth spells skullIf you do not use cash and prefer debit cards, you need to convert 10% of any income or salary into cash. Carry it with you tied together with a rubber band or clip.

Avoid using dollar-shaped (or shaped as other money or wealth symbols) clips as they lead to poverty instead of prosperity. The best shape for a money clip would be your zodiacal sign or the first letter of your name rather than some abstract symbol. This will ensure that your money clip quickly obtains the properties of a powerful money talisman.

Instead of using this money, exchange it. When you have a lot of low-denomination notes, exchange them for larger denominations. When you have too many notes, put the money in a bank account and get a debit card. Carry the debit card with you along with your new stack of notes which this time will get bigger faster.

When you have too many notes to carry with you, go to the bank and put them in the bank account. As a result, you will open a powerful money channel through which dozens or hundreds (or even more!) of US dollars will be coming to you monthly! Note that any of these wealth spells works only if you believe it.

I would like to remind you that there is a faster way to get rich. Sometimes it is enough to just contact me and let me cast all the required wealth spells to ensure that you earn and win as much as you want!

Attention: you may need to have your karmic or subtle body problems (if any) eliminated before a wealth spell can be cast to improve your financial situation. 

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