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TEST: How Well Are You Prepared for Witchcraft Spells for Love?

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Sometimes my new customers do not understand why I offer them to order some rituals (normally, these are some energy and chakra purifying rituals) before casting witchcraft spells for love.

To find out why I do so, please read my articles in the love spell section
. I want to let you decide whether or not to have your subtle bodies cleansed before ordering white witchcraft love spells. However, I know you are probably not that good at magic to make such a decision on your own. Therefore I am offering you to take a test to find out whether or not you need energy or chakra cleansing before using any of the love witchcraft spells.

Casting witchcraft spells for loveAs with most of my tests, sum up your positive answers, such as “yes”, “very often”, “sometimes”, “at least twice a week”. Negative answers are such answers as “no”, “only once or twice a year”.

1. I know for such that one of my family members has ordered or performed a witchcraft spell for love.

2. I have ordered or performed a white witchcraft love spell myself.

3. Even though I have no proof, I believe I may have been put a love witchcraft spell on.

4. I have always been unlucky in love. I have never dated a decent man/woman and never experienced true love.

5. I only had short-term relationships. My relationships usually end because of me.

6. I want to order witchcraft spells for love because I am afraid I will fail again.

7. I believe white witchcraft spells can be cast by almost any spellcaster or witch with a website.

8. I have nightmares very often.

9. I have weight problems.

10. Almost all members of my family have some family or personal problems.

11. My parents are currently divorced.

12. My father (for men) or my mother (for women) is not dating anyone right now. He or she has always been unlucky in love.

13. All my siblings (if you have any) older than 22 years are currently single.

14. The opposite sex treats me not the way I want.

15. Sometimes I feel like I am sexless. People see me as a friend and never as a date.

16. I rarely or never receive compliments.

17. If people say good things about me, it usually applies to my professionalism. I do not remember the last time someone said I was sexy.

18. People just love shifting their problems onto me.

19. None of my friends has ever used love witchcraft spells. At least that is what they say.

20. I am raising my child by myself.

21. I have had suicidal thoughts. I often find myself thinking I should move to a new city, cut all ties and start over.

22. I have never tried to find out what a witchcraft spell for love is.

Witchcraft spell candle for love23. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about a white witchcraft love spell is that the spellcaster will take care of everything and make whoever I point to fall in love with me. It is as simple as that.

24. In my opinion, the more expensive a love witchcraft spell is, the more effective it will be.

25. I do not really care what kind of magic will be used for casting a love spell. The only thing I care about is the result.

26. I get sick often. Sometimes I even have blackouts.

27. I day-dream sometimes.

28. I am afraid of being home alone. I do not like when it is quiet and I hate big spaces.

29. Sometimes it seems to me that something or someone is watching me.

30. When I talk to someone on the phone, I sometimes feel like someone else is listening to me, too.

31. I believe a lot of what is shown in horror movies is true.

32. I get tired really fast.

33. I have mood swings all the time.

34. I am often depressed.

35. I have a family history of suicidal behavior.

36. I have a family history of alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity, or just unhealthy lifestyles.

37. It is easy to change my mind. When I read about some witchcraft spell for love at a random website, I believe pretty much everything it says.

38. It has never crossed my mind that a spellcaster who can cast a white witchcraft love spell should also be able to remove his spells.

39. My dreams rarely come true.

40. I believe I deserve a better life.

Now let us sum it up and find out if you need to have your subtle bodies cleansed before one of the love witchcraft spells is cast for you.

1 to 9 points – You are among those people who do not need to have their subtle bodies cleansed before ordering a love spell. However, in my experience, such people are rare. Secondly, they are normally so pure that they need no magic to find love. They know how to make people like them and attract love without using any rituals. Their inner light attracts the opposite sex like light attracts bugs.

Are you like this? Are you really that popular among the opposite sex? Is it actually that easy for you to start a new relationship? I believe you are wrong. You must have been not completely honest while answering the questions. So please take this test again and then proceed accordingly.

10 to 19 points – Witchcraft spells for love will be useful to you only if you have your inner energies enhanced. You do not need to have them cleansed. However, you still need to improve the function of your chakras. Otherwise, you will not give the rituals enough fuel to attract the one you like. Even if you do, your energies will not allow you to keep this person.

Please follow my advice. With your energies enhanced, you will achieve great success not only in love. You will look and feel younger, too. This will allow you to succeed in areas you have never even dreamed of succeeding in.

20 to 29 points – You need to have your energies cleansed before using any of the white witchcraft love spells. Over the years, you have stained your subtle bodies with negativity so much that right now they cannot be connected to the subtle bodies of another person. As I said earlier, love is based on energy exchange. If something prevents you from participating in it, you will never be loved.

Those multiple love life problems are the proof that I am right.

30 to 40 points – You need to seek magical help before using love witchcraft spells. There is a 97% chance of you getting hurt due to not having enough energy or having too much negative energy. Perhaps, there is a curse on you, a celibacy wreath, or a black magic hex preventing you from finding your happiness. Moreover, I am pretty sure it is a generational thing. Unfortunately, you will never be happy until you have it removed.

Do you not believe me? Talk to your spellcaster! If he is a professional like myself, but not a fraud or a scammer, he will tell you the same. Will he be able to help you? That I am not sure of!

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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