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Mirror Love Spell

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The mirror love spell seems to be beyond the power of time. It was used by our grate grandparents and now is widely used by young girls to solve problems in their love life, restore previous relationships or attract the attention of the one they desire. This spell can also be put by a man to attract the love of a woman.

To cast a mirror love spell, you will need a mirror (the one you are in love with looked in at least once).

How to cast a mirror love spell. Method No. 1

How to cast a mirror love spells

A mirror love spell is most efficient if put on Thursday or Friday, in the evening, when the sun goes down. Light a candle. Fill a china cup with clean spring water, add a teaspoonful of honey and stir thoroughly. Apply the honey water to your elbows, knees, buttocks, and solar plexus. Hold the cup over the candle flame, saying,

Magazor gade nafat!
Itaka zamod, nota rakan.
Uma teta, aza kados!

Make a pause, glance at your reflection, use the mirror to cover the cup which should still be held over the flame. Continue,

Odobas bargo, uno dan.
Eks libo imago lame fan.

Put out the candle the moment you pronounce the last word of the spell. Don’t blow it out. Put it out with your fingers. Hide the objects used in the mirror love spell for the night.

The next morning, take everything out and light the candle again. Repeat the mirror love spell, but put out the candle by dipping it into the honey water in the cup. Hide the mirror in a secure place and leave it there for a week. After that, use the mirror as intended. Every time you look in it, visualize the man you’re in love with. If you are in a close, warm relationship, he will start having feelings for you in two or three weeks and his feelings will get stronger day by day. If you’ve had an argument or have broken up, you should clear yourself and this man of the negative energy of your arguments, and only after that cast the mirror love spell.

To consolidate the effect, repeat the ritual three times within the next six months, using the same mirror.

Safety precautions for using the love spell mirror

Before you cast any spell, even if it is supposed to be the safest mirror love spell, remember that the mirror is one of the most powerful tools used in magic. One and the same mirror, depending on the inner state of the one it reflects, can bind different worlds, the width of the mirror boundary varying depending on the age of the mirror and the energies surrounding it – from impenetrable to so narrow that all kinds of evil forces can break through it.

When a mirror love spell is cast properly, the mirror allows you to reach that parallel world in which the target of your love spell loves you. In this case your reflection shows the person loved by the target. Through this reflection, you can influence your double ganger and make him or her share their energies of love with your beloved. As a result, your beloved falls in love with you.

You and your double ganger are not the same person. You just look the same. Your double ganger is already loved due to their subtle body settings. By casting a mirror love spell, you change your subtle body settings accordingly and can expect to be loved, too.

What can be so dangerous about it? It is the fact that you do not know how to reach the right worlds using the mirror. You are like a man playing roulette not with 37 cells but with much more. There are millions of them, so you never know which of the worlds you will access. Thus, your mirror love spell can let you access the world where you are not only loved but also rich, healthy and successful. In this case, along with the energies of love, you will get the energies of success, health and wealth. However, you can as well access the world where you are sick, poor, lonely, or even cursed.

For this reason I, spellcaster Maxim, keep asking you not to practice magic without having the proper skills and knowledge. You cannot know the outcome of your spells. As you know now, it is quite unpredictable and can be fatal.

The only way to do it properly is to contact me. I cast high-quality love spells and all my rituals have a long-term effect and are very strong, giving my clients pure and sincere love and feelings.

How to cast a mirror love spell. Method No. 2

To cast this mirror spell

Find a mirror that fits in your wallet. Put it in the compartment where people usually keep photographs of their loved ones or driver’s licenses. As a rule, it is covered with a transparent plastic film. Remove the film. Make sure the size of your mirror fits this compartment perfectly.

To cast this mirror love spell, ask a specialist to adjust the size of your mirror to fit the wallet. However, it is better to do it by yourself. Buy a bigger mirror and use a glass cutter to get the right size. Firstly, it is not that difficult. Secondly, spells are more effective if the magic accessories used in the ritual are made by the spell caster himself/herself.

When the mirror is ready, put it in your wallet (if you do not have a wallet, buy one). In the evening, when a young moon comes out and you can guarantee it will not be blocked by the clouds in the next 20 minutes, take off your clothes, stand in the middle of the room, and take the mirror in your hands. Rise it slowly from your groin to the head, with the reflecting side facing your body, saying,

“I am binding you (the name of the target) to me (your name) with the power of life!
I am enchanting you with the power of sex!
I am putting the thoughts about me (name) into your (name) gut, making you think about me all the time!
I am lighting up the way to me (name) for you (name) with the light of my love!
And with the power of my desire to be with you, I am forcing you (name) to yield to my magic!”

Put the mirror back into the wallet immediately and close the wallet.

The next day you have to see the one you are using your love spell mirror on. Tell this person there is something in his or her eye. Open up your wallet and let the target look into the mirror. The target will not find anything, so say that you are sorry and that you were wrong. It does not matter anyway. The key is to get the target to look at himself/herself in your mirror. As soon as it happens, your mirror love spell is activated. The magic of the spells enters the target through their eyes. As you know, if the love spell mirror is cast properly, this will be the energy of the love of the target’s double ganger who is in love with your double ganger in that other reality.

I need to remind you that this is possible only if you manage to find the right reality, the one where you and your beloved are already in love.

Do you think you can do that? Will you be able to find the world in which your double ganger is happy? Imagine what can happen if your beloved gets the energy of hatred (in one of the parallel worlds you can be enemies) or the energy of adultery. Negative relationship scenarios vary as the number of parallel worlds is countless. So let me repeat that YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIGH-QUALITY LOVE SPELLS ONLY IF YOU WORK WITH ME! MY EXPERIENCE AND UNIQUE MAGIC ABILITIES ARE WHAT MAKES FOR SUCCESS.

If you still want to try to cast a mirror love spell, then at least watch the video below. This video is about the signs indicating that something is wrong with your mirror love spell.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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