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To use or not to use break up spells that work fast

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No magic practitioner is allowed to reveal the secrets of magic. This article is not going to be an exception, even though I will be talking about magic here, specifically about break up spells that work fast and how they ruin their targets’ lives and can ruin yours if you order one. As for those undermining magic, exposing them is the right thing to do. Thus, I will tell you the whole truth about it without breaking any laws of magic.

Imagine you come to a sorcerer or reach out to one via the Internet and ask him to cast one of his fast break up spell for you. I would like to point out that we are talking about fast break up spells which cannot be cast properly a priori. Properly means without putting you and the target in danger. To cast break up spells that work fast, the spellcaster needs to be trained properly and the customer needs to be patient. But you do not want to wait. You want the results fast. Eventually, you start looking for someone meeting your needs.

Break up spell ritual that workThe sorcerer agrees to help you. Amazingly, he is not lying to you. He is indeed capable of casting break up spells that work fast but the problem is their effects are not what you expect. Below are some examples showing what influence such spells may have on a couple.

Example А:

  • The man and the woman have a temporary aberration;
  • Suddenly, the people who have always loved each other, start seeing only the bad things in each other;
  • There is a growing tension in their relationship;
  • At one point it becomes unbearable and they decide to split up;
  • The sorcerer claims your order has been executed and disappears;
  • You are left to pay for the spell cast by the sorcerer to Higher Powers.

The people are suffering from a cognitive distortion which prevents them from seeing the good things in each other and trust each other. Their fates are broken. As a result, magic turns into a karmic crime committed against two people and you are the one who has to pay for it. Believe me, the price is going to be high.

Example B:

  • The fast break up spells make the partners sexually incompatible;
  • They no longer feel happy together;
  • Or they can no longer have orgasms or even have sex with each other;
  • At the same time, the partners can have amazing sex outside of marriage;
  • As a result, at least one of them starts cheating and they break up.

Other effects of fast break up spells include incurable impotence (in men) and frigidity (in women)

When powerful break up spells that work fast are cast, the man can develop prostate cancer and the woman can become infertile which is also incurable, increasing your karmic debt.

In the worst-case scenario, you will have to pay for ruining not only the lives of these two people, but also those of their unborn children.

Example C:

  • The man and the woman become super irritable;
  • Their irritability and aggression grow;
  • Eventually, it leads to domestic violence, and the partners break up;
  • If that is the case, both of them will have to suffer the consequences of the fast break up spells. The victim will suffer a deep emotional and psychological trauma; the other will ruin one’s life with uncontrolled aggression and violence.

As a result, you will have to pay not only for the two broken lives but also for the lives of everyone entering into contact with them. Paying off such debts is extremely difficult.

Example D:

Break up spell book that work fast - You ask a black magic sorcerer to cast one of his break up spells that work fast. The sorcerer does not care about the consequences of his work because he knows you are the one to deal with them;

 - The sorcerer makes it so the relationship ends in a tragic way (due to a miscarriage, a car accident leaving the victim crippled or dead, etc.)

It is so horrible that I do not want to even talk about it. I hope now you know why fast break up spells are unacceptable if you care about your own safety and that of your loved ones. If you want to break up a couple keeping your karma clean, find a professional and responsible magic practitioner like me. My work is delicate and I do my best to ensure no one is hurt because of my spells. The people break up not because they hate each other. They remain friends and can stay in touch even after the breakup. Their love is just gone and they both understand and accept it. Besides, they have new feelings growing inside. For example, feelings for you (if you want it). I offer not only break up spells that work fast but also the rituals to unite you with one of the ex-lovers which I broke up.

This is when I should start talking about some secrets of magic which I, as you remember, cannot reveal. All I can say is that your karma will stay clean if you work with me. My spells will not hurt you or anyone involved.
Speaking of which, I have something to say to everyone feeling angry upon finding out that I refuse to cast fast break up spells. Do you understand now why I refuse? Or do you still think I just do not feel like helping you or want to move you “to the end of the line”, as one lady wrote me once? In fact, everything I do, I do for you. By refusing to work with fast rituals, I help you avoid their terrible effects.

If that is not what you want and you are ready to pay with your karma for such spells, you need to find another spellcaster. Luckily, there are a lot of them out there offering their fast break up spells on the Internet and not caring about their consequences at all. Please write or call them and they will give you what you want. Then, if you wish, you may get in touch with me and tell me how it was.

However, do not reach out to me the next day after the ritual. Karmic retribution does not come instantly. Be patient and wait. You may have to wait for up to a year. However, I can assure you that at one point you will understand what has been going on and that there is no salvation.

For the moment, this is all you should know about break up spells that work fast.

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