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Using The Sims 4 to explain how good luck spells work

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Good luck spells and The Sims 4?!! I, spellcaster Maxim, can imagine all the mockery that will come from all those cynics, haters and just silly men when they see the title of this article. However, I am not going to change it. Cynics and people who do not believe in Higher Powers and magic can keep living in the darkness of their ignorance if they want to. I am here to talk to the people who want to change their lives and attract good luck. 

It would be quite difficult to explain how good luck spells work without the Sims 4 (Sims 3 and 2 can be used as well). Why use the last version of this extremely popular video game? Because, since it is the last, it must also be the best.

Good luck spell ritual workNote: If I wanted to explain to you why good luck spells help some people but fail to help others, I would have to ask you to read dozens of books first, convert to Buddhism, connect to the information field, and overcome stereotypes and prejudices. As for me, I would have to write a treatise about it. Nevertheless, there would still be a lot of people failing to understand what it is about. So let us not make things more complicated than they have to be.

In addition, let us agree that the purpose of this article is not to advertise the game. The Sims 4 has been my random choice.

When playing The Sims 4, you remain the center of the universe. You are a puppeteer controlling the little humans created with special software. As you play, you make them smarter, prettier, funnier, etc. That is the point of the game – make your avatars better, give them a family, a successful career, etc.

Even those who think The Sims is just a game gain valuable experience due to it, which they can take advantage of in their real live. Those playing The Sims 4 to simulate life get an opportunity to answer their own questions.

What do good luck spells have to do with it?

Let me explain. To begin with, imagine what your avatars are thinking about themselves. Let us assume they are humans, meaning they are confident that:

  • The world is spinning around them;
  • They make their own choices;
  • They cannot control their lives and things do not happen for a reason;
  • After ones die, there is no coming back to life.
  • Naturally, they also think in their Sim world there is no such thing as good luck spells.

In fact, you are the one controlling this world. It is a part of you – your avatar or your reincarnation in the world called Sims. The little humans found multiple religions to explain how the world works but they are wrong, despite the fact that some of their conclusions are actually correct:

 - In fact, they are sleeping;

 - Their fates and actions are almost always controlled by Higher Powers;

 - They have karma – some actions they cannot control;

 - After their death (when the game is over), they go to God to reunite with him and become a part of him.

I know I am slowly getting carried away, so let us stop here and talk about such thing as a good luck spell in general, without going into detail.

Well, while controlling your character, you suddenly realize you lack one thing to carry out certain actions, such as good luck enabling one to attract money, friends, etc. According to the rules of this game, your avatar can become a millionaire only if they have, for example, level 6 luck, while currently it is only level 4.

If that is the case, we start, as gamers say, pumping good luck. To that end, we need to enhance social skills, intuition, ability to make the right choices, overall energy, etc. Eventually, the avatars become lucky enough to fulfill their dreams, such as:

 - Getting rich;

 - Starting a successful business;

 - Becoming famous;

 - Finding love;

 - Fulfilling other dreams.

Good luck spells work

Of course, we are not the Sims characters. We are just very much like them. The difference is that we can reach out to Higher Powers, tell them about our dreams, or ask them to not just help us cast a good luck spell properly, but also to ensure that they bring the desired results. 

We voice our wishes to Higher Powers and they decide whether to fulfill them or not (they may disagree with you about your happiness). Also, they decide what needs to be done for the improvement of your luck level.

For instance:

 - Pumping your luck;

 - Improving it by enhancing other aspects of your personality or character;

 - Getting a bonus – increasing your chakra energy levels which will improve your overall performance;

 - Agreeing with the other players that they will help you, which will convince your avatar it is just good luck.

Is it clear to you now? I, spellcaster Maxim, am not saying I am the ultimate competent authority in all matters and that the information presented in this article applies to anything other than philosophy. If you want to understand how the good luck spell works in general, you will if you read this article till the end. The description of its principle of operation is the most accurate and easy-to-understand you can find on the Internet.

While telling you about it, I cannot help mentioning my role in the player-character relationship. Imagine the Sims 4 character has become so advanced that he understands he lacks good luck and goes to a spellcaster to ask him for help.

The spellcaster listens to him and agrees to help. He changes the settings applying to the player and the character. The player’s screen shows,

“I can’t do that without good luck!”


 “To move to the next level, increase yo ur good luck levels!”

The character’s wish is communicated to Higher Powers who take the required steps to fulfill his wish and improve his good luck. They can do that by themselves or through a third party that is the spellcaster. I will be able to tell you what will happen after you order one of my good luck spells only in person.

In the meantime, I believe my mission of explaining to you how good luck is attracted with magic has been accomplished and why an inexperienced spellcaster cannot handle it. 

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