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What if your relationship is affected by some powerful break up spells?!

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I am not a big fan of magical examination performed remotely because in my opinion some kind of contact is essential. If you cannot see your client in person, at least talk to them on Skype or on the phone. Also, I am against self-examination performed in order to identify curses and other energy diseases. People are hypochondriac. They see things they want to see. Often, they see a problem when there is none. They think they have a curse on them, while in fact they are just dealing with the consequences of their bad choices. They think they are suffering because of some astral vampire, while the root cause of their problems is in fact their lack of physical exercise.

Powerful break up spells ritualsToday I will make an exception and teach you how to identify powerful break up spells. As magic becomes more and more popular, more and more people fall victim to such spells. In my experience, every fourth marriage falls apart because of break up spells.

To identify powerful break up spells, you need to meet the following 5 terms

1)      Do not be afraid. Fear makes you see danger everywhere which is wrong;

2)      Be honest, no matter how uncomfortable the below questions will make you;

3)      Do not blame other people. Most likely, it is your fault;

4)      Count only positive answers (each yes-answer gives you 1 point);

5)      Check out the results of your self-examination by watching the video below.

1.       You are examining yourself for powerful break up spells not because you have been suspecting something, but because you accidentally found this article.

2.       You do not know much about magic.

3.       You do not believe in magic and think there is no place for it in your life.

4.       You got married not for love but because it seemed like the right time to get married.

5.       Your spouse did the same.

6.       Your first year (or even more) after the wedding was like a honeymoon.

7.       You had your first relationship problems long after it.

8.       The changes in your relationship were sudden.

9.       You fight, are nervous and irritable. You no longer trust each other.

10.   You know your partner is not cheating on you, but thinking that he/she can causes you deep emotional pain and makes you mad.

11.   Recently, you have been thinking what it would be like to be with someone else.

12.   You no longer enjoy sex with your partner.

13.   A couple of years ago, you had sex more often than you do now.

14.   You know that your partner and you are both healthy, so there is no reason for your low sexual desire, which is why you suspect that some powerful break up spells are involved.

15.   When you think about divorcing your spouse, you know it can happen sooner than you think.

16.   If it happens, it will hurt your partner more than you.

17.   You believe your life will be more fun if you divorce.

18.   At the same time, it has never occurred to you that losing your spouse could be a huge mistake.

19.    You know your divorce will hurt your partner but right now it cannot stop you (at least it cannot keep you from thinking about it).

20.   You can make a list of things you find annoying in your spouse.

21.   However, you know a couple of years ago you were totally fine with those things.

22.   You cannot help thinking you are being taken advantage of. Your spouse contributes less in your relationship than you do.

23.   You do not have children.

24.   You do not want to have children.

25.   Your family members were diagnosed with powerful break up spells.

26.   One of your ancestors (mother, grandmother…) was a magic practitioner.

27.   You have cast love or other spells.

28.   You got married thanks to some love spells you put on your partner.

29.   You pity yourself more than usual.

30.   You find yourself thinking you are living someone else’s life.

31.   You have bad dreams and nightmares a lot.

32.   When you wake up in the morning, your bed is a mess.

33.   Unlike you, your partner has a good night’s sleep, without moaning or grinding the teeth.

34.   As a rule, your fights start for no reason.

Casting powerful break up spells35.   Sometimes you cannot stop thinking about something that makes you mad and this leads to a fight.

36.   You think you have more power in your relationship than your spouse.

37.   You feel irritated when people say good things about your spouse.

38.   You have been complaining to other people about your marriage a lot lately.

39.   You get sick a lot.

40.   You suffer from depression.

41.   You have been feeling very tired lately.

42.   You have never used rituals to cleanse your energies.

43.   You never play or ask the Universe or Higher Powers for help.

44.   Once in a while it dawns on you that there is something causing you to feel what you feel and your feelings are not natural.

45.   Sometimes you wake up feeling light and pure on the inside.

46.   When your spouse tries to do something to improve your relationship, you get mad.

47.   Sometimes you think you cannot stand it anymore and can cross the line.

48.   Your spouse makes you have panic attacks.

49.   Sometimes you think you do not know your spouse at all.

50.   You think your spouse is plotting against you.

51.   Some people consider you a desirable partner.

52.   Some people consider your spouse a desirable partner.

53.   Some people may be jealous of you.

54.   Some of your friends are losers.

55.   Some of your family members were against your wedding.

56.   You think your anxiety and fears, hatred and irritation will be gone as soon as you divorce.

57.   You have found some strange things in your house.

58.   You feel better outside. When you go out, you stop fighting. But as soon as you come back home, your fights continue.

59.   You have been married for less than 10 years.

60.   You have cheated on your spouse.

That is it. I have no more questions to you. So now sum up all your positive answers and find out if some powerful break up spells are destroying your relationship or not by watching the video below.

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