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When money spells that really work stop working

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Each branch of magic has its own money spells that work designed to help people get rich, repay their debts or protect their savings. However, statistically every second money spell that really works fails to bring the desired results. There are many reasons for that and I am going to tell you what they are. 

Being a powerful spellcaster, I see a lot of people who want to buy one of my money spells that work expecting it to solve all their financial problems. Upon hearing that a money ritual alone will not help them get rich and they need to use other methods as well to improve their financial situation, they get disappointed and accuse me of lacking competence.

Money spells mirror

Sometimes, when I examine my clients (I do so before casting all of my money spells that really work), I see that a spell that works, if cast alone, cannot change their financial situation dramatically. Reasons of a failed money spell vary because each case is individual. However, I would like to single out some of the most common reasons of a failed money spell:

1.Money spells that really work fail to bring the desired results...

...because you or your family bear the curse of poverty. If so, no matter how many money spells that work you cast, they will produce the effect of a plate thrown at the wall. It will break into pieces, while there will be not a scratch on the wall.

If your poverty is caused by a curse and you want to get rich, you need to have your subtle bodies cured. , However, this kind of treatment will help you only if you are the only one cursed. If your family is cursed, cleansing your subtle bodies will allow you to get rid of your energy disease only for a short while. The point is energy diseases are transmitted like any infection or flue.

This means that if you want to attract money using a money spell that really works... need to have the poverty curse removed from all members of your family.

2. A second reason of a failed money spell is the fact that one of the people close to you is a bad person who wishes you ill – perhaps, out of envy. Whenever this person has negative thoughts about you, you face another problem, lose money, find yourself unable to implement your plans or find your plans coming apart.

A spellcaster as experienced as I am performs a fortune-telling session to identify the ill-wisher. Then a ritual is performed to separate the ill-wisher from the client and his family, and another one to ensure that the client and his family are protected from this person’s negative energies. After that, a money ritual is performed to improve the client’s financial situation. 

Casting money spells that really work

3. Occasionally, analysis of your horoscope can help you find out why money spells that work fail to help you. If you can barely make both ends meet, check your horoscope. Thus, some people are able to earn money only through physical labor, while others need to dedicate their lives to art or military service. There are people who can become rich only by helping others… and the list goes on.

True horoscopes are far more complex than those posted online. Therefore, you can be poor due to a variety of reasons, and when you find out what it is, most likely it will be shocking to you.

For example, I once helped a woman whose horoscope said she could become rich only if she married a man and helped him run his business allowing him to earn money, while she herself had to play the role of a power broker. Four years went by and this woman called me. She said she had married a co-owner of a small restaurant. She helped him with advice and encouraged him. As a result, they own over a dozen of restaurants in three countries and their income exceeds $2.3 million annually!

4. A fourth reason is your bad karma, wrong attitude towards your inner development. I have met a lot of people who could not get rich no matter what they did. They asked me to cast one of my money spells that really work expecting it to dramatically change the financial aspect of their life. In reply, I pointed out they needed no magiс to get rich. They needed to stop thinking poorly of other people expecting that money would give them strength and power. I knew that unless some of them improved their karma, they would lose what they had.

Note that I can always tell you for sure what exactly prevents you from getting rich. Contact me and I will answer all your questions and show you which way to go to reach financial prosperity.

5. Curiously enough, money spells that work often fail to work simply because you dream and make plans instead of taking actions. Unfortunately, magic lamps with jinn inside ready to bring you sacks of gold and gemstones can be found only fairy tales. Money magic works in a different way. As a rule, it offers help, delicate but critical, to the people who are ready to work hard in order to achieve their goal and increase their income.

Also, money magic that really work can:

  • Help you meet an investor or a person who will give you a good business idea;
  • Eliminate all obstacles in your way and help you attract good luck;
  • Improve your performance and creativity;
  • Protect you from competitors or ensure that you always know what consequences the decisions you make will have.

However, magic will prove useless if you are a dreamer and are not ready to work hard to achieve your goal. No money spell that really works can help you win a lottery or beat casinos. Money magic is known for helping individuals who are feeding it with the energy of their hard work. 

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