EFFECTIVE LOVE SPELL TO BE CAST ON A HUSBAND Love spells to be cast on a husband differ from other love spells. Spouses have a very strong connection and it’s very difficult to arouse particular feelings in them. That’s why you should be very careful while casting a love spell on a husband.  Below is an effective love spell you can try to cast on your husband.

To cast an effective love spell on your husband, you will need your wedding rings. Wedding rings were used when your family was created and they have a very strange and peculiar energy which makes them ideal for casting a powerful love spell. Also, you will need a lock of your hair, some holy water, a candle and a large mirror. This love spell should be cast on your husband’s name day. If your husband’s name is not in the calendar, use the name given to him during christening. If he hasn’t been christened, find a name similar to his name in the calendar and cast the love spell on this day (at night).

Put everything you’ve prepared in front of the mirror. Wet your hands and wash your eyes with some holy water. Dip the lock of hair in this water and shape it to look like a short shoelace. Pass the lock of hair through both rings and tie the ends together. Run the rings over the candle fire and say,

“The ring-sun and the ring-moon. My hair is like the Milky Way. Let God’s servant (name) be my husband until the sky falls down. Let him follow me everywhere like the moon follows the sun, and never fall in love with another woman. I will keep the ring-sun and give the ring-moon to my husband. Let him long for me as long as the ring’s on my finger. Amen.”

This effective love spell to be cast on a husband is easy to cast and remember. However, sometimes it fails to work. If you want to be sure that the effective love spell you cast on your husband has effect, you will need professional magical help. Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you!

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