White love spell

White love spell People often ask me how to put a white love spell.

White love spells use love energy. White love spells can be casted only by a person who has warm feelings towards another person, such as liking, affection, passion. Mutual understanding and a long-lasting relationship is what this person wants. Later on, this person wants to start a family and have children. White magic is perfect for it and no negative consequences will follow.

Let me show you how to put a white love spell. I am going to give you two easy love spells as an example.

1 “Love spell with a present.” First of all, you have to find a present to give to your beloved. Then, go to the church and light a candle by your favorite icon. When the candle burns down, take the candle-end and bring it home. Pour some water into a bowl and pronounce the following magic words, “Holy candle-end, make my present. The one taking this candle-end shall give me his love. Key, lock, tongue. Amen.” After whispering these words, wash your face with the water. Focus on your love for this person, and try to fill the present with it using your mind.

The final stage: give your present to the person you love.

Note: giving the present, behave naturally, be casual, avoid giving an air of importance to what you are doing.

2 “Love spell with a broom.” Take a used broom, not a new one. Take out two twigs and, holding them in your hand tightly, start talking to your beloved in your thoughts, “As no one will be able to open the lock, no one will be able to separate us.” Be sincere pronouncing these words, put your soul into it. Whispering the magic words, hold the twigs together in your hand. Say the name of your beloved while pronouncing the spell. The twigs are ready. All you have to do is to put them crosswise near the front door of the house your beloved lives in at midnight sharp.

For better results, repeat the ritual three times. Also remember, that the more sincere your feelings are, the better chance you have that the person you love will love you back. It is even possible that in this case you will not have to put a spell at all, because your beloved will feel your love and your feelings on his own.

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