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20 reasons why the instant love spell is ineffective

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As an experienced spellcaster, I could give you a hundred of reasons why an instant love spell you cast by yourself will hardly be of any help. Unfortunately, my articles are limited in length, so I will list only 20 of them. Yet I am still sure it will be enough to convince you not to practice this kind of magic by yourself.

Top seven reasons why the instant love spell is ineffective

1. When magic spells are cast, large amounts of energy are released. Real spellcasters are exercising for years in order to prepare themselves for it: they learn how to accumulate, save and concentrate energy. For ordinary people, such energy splashes are always a catastrophe, because this is what they lead to:

The instant love spell candleLow energy levels weaken your protection field;

Your chakras are fully restored in up to several months;

Along with your energy, you release your inner strength and stamina;

Low energy levels lower your self-esteem;

You become boring which affects your love life and career;

You lose creativity;

You need to sleep twice as much;

It affects the defense mechanisms of your nervous system.

2. Due to your malfunctioning defense mechanisms (see above), mind parasites get access to your subtle bodies. Thus, subtle body disorders, physical illnesses and nervous system disorders are often caused by instant love spells cast by low qualified magic practitioners. What you have always pushed away with ease turns into a strong enemy which takes full control of you due to your low energy levels and malfunctioning defense mechanisms.

3. As a rule, it aggravates your existing mental illnesses. They can be caused by the mind parasites attracted by an improperly cast spell or by your own problems. You cannot notice them before the energy splash and you do not pay much attention to them. After the slash, they progress rapidly and get so severe that sometimes the patients need professional psychotherapeutic treatment or even institutionalization in a mental hospital.

4. Hexes hibernating on the borders of your energies are getting into your chakras. You are no longer protected against them, remember? Hexes are attracted to you like insects are attracted to light.  People with healthy energies are almost immune to such disorders. But your attempt to cast an instant love spell got you sick and you need professional help as soon as possible.

5. Physical illnesses aggravate as well. You develop the diseases you have never even heard of. Your stuffy nose turns to be a symptom of pneumonia, a minor injury causes a bone fracture, and a disease you have always treated with some pills transforms into cancer. And those are all the consequences of your attempt to cast instant love spells on your own!

6. Magic disrupts the settings and your latent vices come to dominate your mind. Did you like to have a drink on a Friday evening? Now you get addicted to alcohol. Did you like sex? Now you are obsessed with it. Were you hot-tempered? Now you are aggressive and violent. The disruption is so bad that you become a different person. You are terrified by the person you have become but you cannot do anything about it.

7. All negative effects of an instant love spell require immediate treatment. However, it does not always give you the results you expect. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you cannot become the person you had been before you cast that love spell. In addition, such treatment is quite pricey and takes a lot of time.

Seven more reasons not to cast instant love spells

8. They make your karma bad. By the way, this is why magic is prohibited by many religions. Negative karma effects include:

Loss of good luck;

Loss of the right to recover naturally;

Enhanced hostility towards you;

Losses (as your karmic lessons to learn);

Karmic punishment;

Loss of what helped you achieve success.

9. Multiple attempts to cast an instant love spell may break your connection with your guardian angel. You can attract a lot of negative energies and they can make you lose touch with your guardian angel so you can never hear its voice again.

The instant love spell ritual

10. Higher Powers which have always been taking care of you refuse to help you anymore. They do not punish you. However, when you start practicing magic, you take full responsibility for yourself, your future, your health and your destiny. When you perform your first ritual, you let Higher Powers know you want to be on your own. The same happens when you cast one of the instant love spells. You refuse to be supported by Higher Powers which do not care what made you do it – your foolishness, despair or curiosity.  

11. You open yourself up to the dark side of the universe. You are no longer protected by Higher Powers. Professional magic practitioners prepare themselves for the meeting with dark matter for years, mastering various protection techniques, the techniques of energy invisibility, etc. You do not have such skills or knowledge, so your instant love spell makes you available for sale and the customers are the evil forces. They can come and take you any time they want. Goods do not fight you when you are buying them. So cannot you when some evil forces decide that you belong to them.

12. Another negative effect of instant love spells is the fact that it gets easy for people to shift their diseases, karmic problems and curses onto you. When you have low energy levels, your subtle bodies work like a vacuum cleaner. They suck in all energies around you. As a rule, these are human energies. People are usually not willing to share their good luck or happiness with strangers. As for ill luck and diseases, they part with them easily. That is what you end up attracting, interweaving other people’s problems into your life story.

13. The changes in your life and you push away the people who like you. You fall out with your friends, colleagues and family members, ultimately losing touch with them. You, the one who wants to love and be loved and live an exciting life, eventually find yourself trapped in a vacuum.

14. instant love spells should be avoided because they usually fail to work when cast by amateurish spellcasters.  

Six more reasons are:

15. When you cast an instant love spell without preliminary fortune-telling, you can attract someone who will ultimately ruin your life.

16. If you ask Higher Powers for the love of a specific person, you may lose your chance to be with the one destined to you, whose love you can have only if your heart is free.

17. With instant love spells, you can change your future for the worse and walk past the presents and rewards prepared for you by life.

18. Even if the instant love spell you cast by yourself has brought you no bad consequences, the fact that you decided to practice magic by yourself means that next time you are going to need professional magic services. If you try to put a love spell on someone once, you cannot do it again but have to ask a professional and experienced spellcaster to do it for you.

19. All of the above negative effects may apply not only to you but to your relatives, close or distant.

20. Often, instant love spells make your children pay for your mistakes. Your carelessness and negligence dooms them to being punished with a family curse.

If you have ever tried casting love spells, please watch the following video and then check yourself for the signs of upcoming energy or karmic problems. If you show any of the described symptoms, contact me immediately. Besides, to avoid problems, do not practice magic by yourself in the first place and let me take care of it instead.

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