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A spell to separate a couple versus various magic protection methods

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Spells to separate a couple are very popular, being one of the best ways to break up lovers or spouses. Normally, it is cast with just one ritual, yet sometimes the ritual to cast a spell to separate a couple needs to be repeated several times.

Why? Firstly, it depends on the spellcaster’s skills. As you know, it is rather difficult for a poorly skilled spellcaster to cast a spell to separate a couple successfully. If your spellcaster is a powerful and experienced one, no magic protection spells will prevent him from influencing the targets.

There is a wide array of magic protection spells, each spell protecting against specific spells to separate a couple. However, the effectiveness of protection spells depends on the spellcaster’s powers, too. To avoid having to draw tables and diagrams, let us agree that all protection spells described below are cast by one and the same spellcaster. This will help us review and compare their effectiveness, reliability and validity.

This spell to separate a couple is one of the most commonly used break up spells.

Magic skull to separate a coupleIt is cast on a waxing moon with the use of some foods both the partners are to share and eat, or with the use of an item which function is similar to that of an amulet (I will tell you about the amulets designed to protect people against spells to separate a couple later).

Such spells expire pretty soon, so they need to be repeated once in a while. For best results, cast this spell twice a year, in spring and in fall. If you want, you can re-cast it more often.

This spell becomes highly effective shortly after it is cast. This is when it is very reliable too and can fight off any spell to separate a couple which may be put on the couple. However, this spell has a major drawback. It expires the moment the lovers have a fight. Unfortunately, by ending the fight, you do not restore your spell. It needs to be cast over again. Therefore, before casting spells to separate a couple, experienced spellcasters cause the couple to have a fight first or cause one of the partners to cheat on the other. This is how they make the couple vulnerable and highly susceptible to all sorts of break up spells.

A properly performed wedding ceremony can also be a great protection ritual. For your information, this is why couples who have a church wedding or use other religious rituals at their weddings have stronger marriages than regular couples. Yet, this kind of protection is available not to everyone. To turn your wedding ceremony into a protection ritual, you need to:

- Love each other;

- Want to live together (at least at the day of your wedding);

- Want to spend your life together;

- Be sincere while saying you vows and believe in what you say.

If any of the newlyweds does not believe in what they say, nothing will be able to protect their relationship, no matter what the other partner feels.

Magic amulets manufactured by true magic practitioners have always been a great way to protect oneself against spells to separate a couple. The spellcaster has to put a lot of effort to make such an amulet. However, if it is made properly, it will protect you against any spell to separate a couple. However, to maximize its effectiveness, the spellcaster needs to adjust the amulet to fit your energies and those of your partner.

Let us assume you and your beloved are used to raising your voice at each other. It is not fighting. It is just a habit. If your amulet is not adjusted accordingly, it will break. The magic of love it is charged with, just like any other white magic, fades upon encountering negativity. Therefore, your amulet needs to be customized to have the right response to the specifics of your relations not to lose its magic properties.

For instance, your girlfriend likes to flirt with other men. She does not cheat on you. She just likes to flirt. If your amulet is not customized, it will consider her actions cheating and stop working. As for a customized amulet, it will disregard such behavior and keep protecting you.

And so on...

Magic skull to separate a coupleThe main advantage of an amulet over the other means of magic protection is the fact that it stays effective for as long as you treat it right (for more information please read my articles about it). It will not break even if it gets attacked by some spells to separate a couple. Its energies may get dense, weaken or get dirty for a while, yet the amulet will get better soon. Ultimately, it can become even stronger than before. In addition, a true magic amulet will protect your relationship for as long as one of the partners loves the other. Thus, if your partner has fallen out of love with you and wants to leave, but you still love him, the amulet can keep him from leaving. It will make your partner fall in love with you again and never think of breaking up with you again, as well as protect you against everyone trying to break you up in the future.

The so called family protection methods are quite effective, too. One of such methods is the mother’s protection. The mother of one of the partners protects the child’s relationship (often without even knowing it) by wishing all the best to her child. This kind of protection is very strong because it is coming for the mother’s heart. However, it is still not a professional kind of protection, so it has some weak spots. Firstly, the spell stops working as soon as your mother has a fight with you or with your partner. Secondly, if your mother thinks that your partner is not right for you for some reason, the spell will transform into a break up one and influence you like a spell to separate a couple.

You can be protected against spells to separate a couple by your children who want their parents to be together. As a rule, children have little or no magical abilities. However, if they have good karma and are protected by Higher Powers, it is enough for them to just wish their parents to always be together, and pretty much all spellcasters will prove powerless over them.

Surprisingly, the time you have spent together and even the feelings you have for each other do not have any magic protection properties. Almost any spellcaster will tell you there is no couple in the world that cannot be broken up. The key is to be professional and perform the right ritual at the right time. Eventually, the partners who once loved each other deeply and passionately, will fall out of love with each other, stop caring for each other, or even start hating each other.

Since you are not a professional magic practitioner and you are going to put a spell to separate a couple, I cannot help mentioning another kind of protection, that is your arrogance and incompetence.

Break up spells tend to backfire when cast by poorly skilled magic practitioners. The spells return to their casters in the form of curses, while the couple’s relationship stays intact.

Why am I talking about a “curse” but not “magic retribution”? Because the spell turns into a curse. When a spell to separate a couple returns to you, it turns into a vortex through which the couple’s problems flow to you. As a result, the couple gets a problem-free life, while you have to pay off their karmic debts. The couple’s love grows, while you have to pay for it with your loneliness, personal and money problems. The more you suffer, the better the targets are doing who you tried to break up with your spells to separate a couple.

Unfortunately, this can also happen to you if your spell to separate a couple is cast by a low-qualified spellcaster. So please try to be careful selecting your spellcaster, because if anything goes wrong, you will be the one to pay.

Like all professional spellcasters advocating the balance between good and evil, occasionally I, spellcaster Maxim, agree to cast spells to separate a couple. At the same time, I reserve the right to refuse service to those who ask me for break up spells. Usually I do not explain to my clients the reason of my refusal. Yet today I can tell you that I refuse to those going against their karma, destiny and Higher Powers, as well as those trying to break up a couple having no moral or karmic rights, meaning they do it out of envy or to prove they are better.

Misuse of magic is fraught with serious consequences. I do not want anyone to get hurt because of it. Magic is controlled by Higher Powers which care why each spell is cast. Before activating a spell, they weigh all pros and cons and review the estimated results. If your spell will do nothing but evil, Higher Powers will deny your right to use a break up spell and punish you every time you even think about it.

A spell to separate a couple is not considered destructive if you use it to free someone from a destructive relationship or if you use it to fight for your love. Thus, you are allowed to use this spell if you are a woman who wants to have children from the man whose marriage you want to end, or if you are a man who has realized that the woman you are fighting for (by means of magic, of course) is destined to you. I, spellcaster Maxim, always help such people, doing my best to ensure my spells to separate a couple are as effective as possible.


It is not difficult to break up a relationship that is currently in a fragile stage. Try to perform one simple ritual. Detailed instruction can be found in the video below.

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