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Authentic love spells reviews which came to us from the past

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The truth about authentic love spells reviews

Many people ordering my services believe it is important to point it out that they are looking specifically for authentic spell casters and authentic spells. They believe ancient and authentic magic is the best in the world and it is the only type of magic worth their money. Usually I do not try to change their mind, provided I know I can solve their problem with this kind of magic. However, sometimes I have to disappoint them saying that authentic love spells cannot help them, which many people disagree with, express their discontent, and try to find a magic practitioner who will agree to give them want they want.

Authentic love candle spellI, spellcaster Maxim, am writing this article not for them but for people who still prefer authentic spells but are more open minded and willing to try alternatives. In this article I will tell you what authentic love magic is and why it is rarely useful for solving our modern life problems.

Of course, I could explain it to you in brief, with just a few sentences. For example, I could say that counting on authentic love spells while disregarding what has been created and discovered and invented in the recent years is like believing in Zeus and Thor striking down people with their lightning bolts disregarding everything the world has learned about physics in the past few centuries; or disregarding GPS and believing the world is flat and most likely resting on three huge whales which are standing on a turtle which is even bigger than the whales. I have deep respect for you, my dear readers, so I want you to understand why authentic spells may not work for certain people.

There are several reasons why authentic spells may not work. I have already outlined the first one – over the past few centuries magic has merged with quantum physics, bioenergy science, psychology, and other sciences which resulted in many new spells which are way more powerful and targeted than the old ones. Besides, today you can order not just a love spell but specific results. Thus, a relationship can be built in the following ways:

- One can ask a spellcaster to put a love spell on a couple which are completely incompatible;

- One can ask a spellcaster to make sure one of the partners takes care of the other;

- One can stop infidelity and jealousy;

- One can inspire the partners to change their life dramatically;

- One can have a love spell put on an artist making sure they stay creative and passionate about what they do, meaning they do not lose all their energy through the sex chakra;

- Other options.

Unfortunately, you cannot achieve such results with authentic love spells. They simply ensure that people are attracted to each other and want to be together. But since they do not take into account the partners’ personalities, their intelligence, interests, hobbies and goals, these people split up pretty fast.

There is another problem which makes authentic loves spells unsuitable in many cases. People have changed too. When the so called authentic spells were created, people lived completely different lifestyles. They were more like animals. They were more primitive, too. According to a recent study, a middle school kid today is smarter than a nobleman living in the Middle Ages, and many college graduates are smarter than most scientists and geniuses from the XIX century.

But we are talking not only about the mental aspect. By the way, it is the easiest to change with magic. We are talking about human energies which have changed too. Now they are more complex and sophisticated. Today we have chakras which are so strong that 7-8 centuries ago they would have turned people into sorcerers. For this reason today people can make their dreams come true through visualization, we can heal others, improve our future and do many other things with the power of our mind. Yes, modern magic practitioners stand out with their immense energy powers, but regular people are also more advanced and sophisticated from the energy perspective.

For this reason modern love spells have replaced the authentic love spell. This applies to authentic white and authentic black magic spell casters. Even such traditional branches of magic as voodoo magic and gypsy magic have changed. However, those changes were initiated from the outside. As for voodoo shamans, they still cast authentic voodoo spells which is why their results are usually not as good as those delivered by magic practitioners who try to stay up to date.

Signs of authentic spells

Authentic love spellcasterAre authentic love spells legit? This question can be found in many articles published by various magic-related websites. In fact, these articles make no sense. The fact that many ancient rituals are primitive does not mean they are primitive. To prove my point, I spellcaster Maxim, will not give you any examples of authentic spells and compare them to some modern spells and then do like the authors of those articles claiming, “Look! This authentic spell is legit!” Instead of that, I will teach you how to spot such spells and be able to tell an authentic spell from a cheap replica.

Sign № 1: All ancient love spells are very short. If you are offered a spell that is longer than 2 or 3 paragraphs, it is a fake.

Sign № 2: Authentic love magic does not engage angels and does not use religious texts, including prayers, popular or not. Ancient sorcerers used to work with natural spirits and asked the elements, the sky, the stars, or the rivers and the sun for help.

Sign № 3: Ancient magic practitioners knew that they were supposed to pay for help. So if an authentic spell does not specify the payment to be given in exchange for some help, it is not an authentic spell.

I would like to make this point more clear. The thing is fatalism was very typical of and common among ancient people. They believed people were puppets controlled by their puppeteer god. They believed one’s destiny could not be changed and only a single version of the future existed. Eventually magic practitioners realized that the future may have multiple versions and every person was able to control their own life and get the future they wanted.

As for the exchange of energy between the one asking nature for help (let is call it so to avoid confusion), only with modern magic they have a chance to not pay the full price. Now it is the job of the spellcaster who exchanges his personal energy instead of you taking your money for it. Moreover, according to the unofficial code of magic, it is not professional for a sorcerer or sorceress to perform a ritual and allow the client to pay to the supernatural forces, which is still not the case with real authentic love spells.

Let us get back to the signs of an authentic love spell.

Sign № 4: Such spells are very poetic. They describe very common things in a very special and beautiful way. They are like beautiful poems. Even though these poems are far from perfect, they are still quite good.

Sign № 5: In real authentic love spells there are many old words or phrases which are no longer in use. If someone is telling you the spell has been translated into the modern language, do not buy this spell. Even if this is true, it means the spell no longer has its magical powers.

It might still have some but it is basically nothing. For this reason many professional spellcasters suggest amateurish ones using authentic rituals, as long as they are not authentic magic spells. Authentic black magic spells are dangerous because you, with your improved magical abilities, can call up some evil spirits and also open a portal attracting dark entities. Under certain conditions, you may create a portal connecting you to some underworld, with hundreds of hungry predators breaking out of it to torture you and make you suffer.

Authentic spell casters have knowledge based on ancient discoveries made by their ancestors, and the majority of modern spells and rituals are based on ancient spells and rituals. So it would not be true if I told you that authentic magic has sunken into oblivion. It has just been transformed acquiring some new, more sophisticated and powerful forms. This transformation is very similar to what happens to old and rust-eaten metal when it is melted and used to manufacture state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and tools which no one could assume were possible.

Authentic love spells – spell caster Maxim is answering his readers’ questions

Authentic candle magic ritualQuestion:

“What authentic love spell would you recommend to me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

You can choose one by yourself using the criteria for verifying magic spell authenticity. If you need my advice, choose one of the love rituals described on my website or YouTube channel. What I would like to warn you against is casting authentic voodoo love spells and any black magic spells in general. To find out what exactly may happen if you disregard my warning, read my articles about black and voodoo magic which are available on my website.


“Why are there fewer positive authentic love spell reviews about modern rituals than ancient ones?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Are you talking about the rituals performed by amateurish magic practitioners? If you are, than it should be pretty clear. It is very difficult to cast a modern love spell at home, while authentic love spells can be cast successfully pretty much by everyone. Of course, a number of rules need to be observed, such as you should love the person you are putting your love spell on, you take your time, you believe in success, etc. If it were any different, would I publish so many of such rituals on my website? Why give advice that does not work?


“Which love spell is better – the one cast with the use of blood, an apple or a photograph? I’m talking about authentic love spells…”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Since today we are talking mostly about white magic spells, let us not discuss the blood ritual at all. It is black magic which must never be performed by beginning spellcasters. Also, we are talking about the authentic love spell, which means we understand that a few centuries ago people did not have photographs, so photograph love spells belong to modern magic. This leaves us with only one spell – the apple spell.


“What do I do if the ritual has failed five times?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Nothing. Moreover, it is not advised to repeat failing rituals. Remember that you have just one chance and so does any spellcaster. If you fail, do not try to perform the ritual again. Multiple failing rituals still damage the energies of the target and may eventually create a curse. This will be bad for both, this person and you, because for such crimes people pay with their karma.


“Can I cast an authentic spell to make my son happy?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

You can, provided you love your son and the person you are going to put that spell on. Another condition is that both, your son and the girl, are adults, which I am pretty sure they are.


“My family turned away from me after a huge fight. I need a spell to make them forgive me and love me again. Is this possible?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

You can use any of the peace-making rituals which you can find on my website. However, I think you can fix it without magic. As far as I can see (through my psychic abilities), you should just meet your family, talk it through and be the first to say I am sorry. Your family will forgive you and everything will be fine.


“What does it take to become one of the authentic love spell casters?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Study magic for about twenty years, cast thousands of various spells and rituals, read hundreds of books about magic, make candles, create amulets and talismans, develop your psychic abilities to see the past and the future, as well as boost your intuition. To better understand what you begin with and take the first step towards mastering magic, download and read my book about magic which is available on my website.


“What will you do if your authentic love spells which I am going to order don’t live up to my expectations?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

First of all, you cannot be sure I will perform the ritual you choose, because most likely they are not right for you. Secondly, I have no idea what I will do because this has never happened to me before – all my clients’ expectations have always been exceeded by my spells, so I am pretty sure you will be quite satisfied, too.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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