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Black magic love spells that work and your negative energy

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Black magic love spells that work – Introduction

It is believed, and there are reasons to believe, that people who are full of negativity should use not white but black magic love spells that work. It is easier to work with the energy you have, rather than the one you have no access to.

Black magic candle love spells that workBut before we move forward with this topic, I, spellcaster Maxim, urge you to stop lying to yourself and give an honest answer to the following question, “Who are you?” Evaluate your life, dreams, goals and your secret wishes, and tell me if you radiate positive or negative energies. It is quite difficult to admit you radiate negative energies and history proves it with its most horrible representatives of mankind. Even the most evil persons try to justify their actions and rarely admit they are bad people. The majority of people believe they are good persons and blame the circumstances, poor upbringing, or society for the evil they do. They blame anyone but themselves.

A magic journey always starts with unbiased assessment of one’s inner energies. Otherwise, any powerful black magic love spells you cast will harm you.

There is nothing wrong with radiating negative energies. It is not terrible. In our world people radiating only positive energies cannot survive. Besides, no person radiates 100% negative energy. Some people just radiate more of it than others. Some people build their life based on negative energy. Let me tell you one secret. What we call willpower or inner strength is just negative energies under the control of the one radiating them and these energies are used for a good cause and to achieve various goals.

Even though negative energy helps up build our life, be leaders and stand up for ourselves, one should not use black magic if this energy is present in them. If you have noticed any negative energy in you, even an easy black magic love spell will cause a serious energy disease in you which will grow into a serious physical or mental disorder, ultimately affecting your fate and karma.

Without taking control of your negative energies and learning to feel the state of your energies, you will always harm yourself by practicing black magic. I will not tell you about the external influence – aura entities, mind parasites and demons which are attracted by all black magic rituals. I will tell you how black magic impacts the dark energy you have in you.  Hopefully, you will take it very seriously.

Powerful black magic love spells and types of internal negative energies

When you tell someone, “You radiate negative energy”, the person feels fear which makes him do whatever it takes not to admit it is true. Many people believe negative energy equals being a bad person. We are raised to believe people radiating negative energy are outcasts in all societies. They are potential murderers, sadists and serial killers. For this reason people are very unwilling to admit they radiate negative energies. 

In reality, it is not that bad. Negative energy is any energy but positive (you cannot put “+” next to it), so it is expected that it can be found in all people living on our planet.

Let us see what we, magic practitioners, call negative energy. These are (Attention! The list is not complete!):

  • Uncontrollable fears;
  • All forms of greed;
  • Jealousy and suspiciousness;
  • Inability to trust people;
  • Inability to accept people the way they are;
  • Laziness;
  • Finding excuses for oneself;
  • Unwillingness to admit one’s mistakes;
  • Desire to dominate and give commands;
  • Inability to be happy with what you have;
  • Overeating, smoking, alcohol abuse;
  • Lack of exercise, physical and spiritual.

Does any of the above make you different from others? Does it make you a sadist or a serial killer? Of course, not! You are like everyone else. This is why you must never cast powerful black magic love spells that work fast for yourself, especially the most powerful black magic love spell.

You may seek professional magic help. A good spellcaster will work not with your energies but with his. Spellcasters exercise for years to reach energy balance. On the one hand, it allows them to keep negative energy levels high enough to cast black magic spells successfully. On the other hand, it allows them to keep their negative energy under control and prevent it from growing. Uncontrollable growth of negative energy caused by your attempt to cast one of the black magic love binding spells for yourself will become a big problem, possibly leading to a serious disease requiring immediate professional help.

Even an easy black magic love spell can be harmful to you

Easy black magic love spell

Speaking of black magic love spells that work from the perspective of the exchange of energies between you and the Universe, things are not looking good. When you perform a black magic ritual, you activate your negative energies. But unless you are a professional spellcaster, it will not be enough. Therefore the Universe decides to help you giving you want you need – negative energy.  

At the same time, the Universe is not going to punish you or teach you any hurtful lessons. It is completely neutral in this respect. It gives you exactly what you ask for. The Universe is not concerned about your future. It assumes that since you are a rational being, you are quite capable of calculating the consequences of your actions, so you will not ask for something that could harm you.

It is hard to blame the Universe for it. However, it forgets about one thing. The majority of the people trying to cast powerful black magic love spells for themselves are completely ignorant about magic. Therefore, they usually do things which ruin their life.

If you use black magic, you will harm yourself, too. So you will think that your problems are the punishment for your sins or karma, but they are not. In fact, it is much simpler. You will not be able to disgorge the negative energy you absorbed which was given to you to perform the ritual. On top of that, this will have a negative impact on your current diseases.

Do you remember the things I, spellcaster Maxim, listed above? All of them are considered to be an “energy disease” in the world of magic because they make life difficult. They hamper personal development progress, take away our energy, cause serious diseases, do not let us live our life in normal mode, not to mention genius or success mode.  

This is happening to you now, when they ritual has not been performed yet. When you perform it, your problems will get so much worse! As a result, you will turn from a person radiating negative energy into a victim of negative energy with no chance of escaping it.

Luckily, spellcasters like I am are always ready to clear you of negative energies or make an energy purifying or protecting amulet to make your energies strong, pure and stable.

About the consequences of powerful black magic love spells that work fast

What happens when you cast even an easy black magic love spell unprepared and not knowing how to protect yourself against negative energies? First and foremost, you let dark energy in. This is inevitable because that is how black magic works. This will happen even if your spell fails or you cut the ritual short.

What will happen then? Fed with negative energies, your character flaws which you have always kept under control or maybe did not know existed, will get more pronounced. Eventually, you will lose control of them and show self-destructive behavior.

  • Your thriftiness will grow into greed and hoarding;
  • Your desire to be pretty will grow into anorexia or obsession with plastic surgery;
  • Carefulness will grow into paranoia making you see everyone as an enemy;
  • Your normal jealousy will grow into obsessive one;
  • Anxiety will grow into panic attacks;
  • You may develop auditory or visual hallucinations;
  • You may lose touch with reality;
  • A habit to have a glass of wine on Friday after work may grow into a serious drinking problem.

Thousands of people have ruined their lives for not knowing the effects of powerful black magic love spells that work fast. I really do not want you to become one of them! So please stop before it is too late. Do not try to cast black magic spells for yourself. Just ask me and I will do everything that needs to be done.

Otherwise, we will still meet, but later. However, we will meet not as a client and a spellcaster, but as a patient and a healer.

Questions about the most powerful black magic love spell

Powerful black magic love spell casters


“I’ve been feeling weird after I cast the most powerful black magic love spell. First and foremost, I started having those nightmares. Secondly, I can’t be home alone because whenever I am, I can’t help feeling there’s someone in the hall or the bedroom. I go in and don’t find anyone, obviously. But as soon as I leave, this feeling comes back to me. What can I do to stop it?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

If the damage is not very serious, get a protective amulet to remove the bad consequences of the spell. When it starts working, it will clean your energies and the energies around you. From what I understand from your letter, provided you described your problem accurately, this is where the evil entity is which presence you are feeling. It is trying to get to know you better to find your weak spots and is preparing for an attack. The amulet will stop it and force it to leave.  If the damage is serious (I will know it for sure after examining you because I cannot make a diagnosis based solely on your words), I will need to perform some powerful rituals to treat you.


“What should I do to get my ex back if the ritual I performed has been of no help, even though it was supposed to be very powerful?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

You should find a professional magic practitioner. People break up not necessarily because they are tired of each other or their feelings faded away. Couples break up for many reasons, which include destiny, jealousy, envy, love spells, etc. Love spells described on the Internet are usually designed for people who broke up not because of some external influence but because they both wanted it. However, in most cases people break up because their relationship has been influenced by a third party. This influence can be removed only by a professional magic practitioner.


“Is it true that women are not as good at black magic as men are?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Well, to practice black magic, one needs to be a warrior. So yes, men are usually more successful in black magic than their female colleagues. However, it would be fair to say that some black witches can be very powerful and their work is no worse than that of male sorcerers.

Questions about black magic love binding spells


“What set of black magic love binding spells would you recommend to a beginning spellcaster?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Always start not with spells but with turning yourself into a magic practitioner. A magic practitioner is not someone who wears weird clothes, lots of jewelry, and whose body is covered with a bunch of symbolic tattoos. A magic practitioner is a person who has changed his energy structure. Thanks to it, the magic practitioner is not a human but more like a higher being.

However, not every person can do that. Only people who have a good ear can become famous musicians, and people with a natural talent for sports can achieve success in professional sports or become great warriors. To become a magic practitioner, you need to have a natural talent, too. By developing this talent, you will reach a level enabling you to control events, people’s lives and thoughts.

True spellcasters test their spells on themselves before offering them to clients, unless they want to be buried under a heap of punishments ensuing unauthorized use of magic knowledge. By putting spells on themselves, their energies, chakras and mind, they get to know magic better, become wiser and stronger. Only after that they start offering their services to clients.

This topic, along with many others, is covered in my book which can be downloaded from my website. Thanks to this book, you can successfully master the first few stages of the art of magic loss-free. I wrote this book specifically for novices and tried to make sure it will help you develop your primary magical powers. Read it and you will understand what black magic love binding spells are best specifically for you. It will also help you answer another important question regarding the type of magic to practice, black or white, as well as how your choice will impact your future.

You can take advantage of my magic classes by watching the videos available on my YouTube channel. Thus, today I, spellcaster Maxim, want to tell you how to select the right place to perform your ritual.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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