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Buy gay love spells

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Why gay love spells are so difficult to buy

As a rule, spellcasters are not religious people until you try to buy some gay love spells. They claim they do not offer gay spells, no matter how gay-friendly the country they live in is. They do not change their mind no matter how much you ask them or how much money you offer.

Do you want to know why it happens like this? I know it as a powerful magic practitioner and as someone who knows magic from the inside. Spellcasters allege puritanism and gay-intolerance when they do not know how to cast such spells. The truth is the gay love spell is the most difficult spell to cast in magic.

Gay love spell ritualPerhaps you know that people consist not of bone, flesh and blood. We are energy beings resulting from the work of seven chakras. Our chakras are what makes us healthy, talented, energetic, etc. Our chakras program our mind and dreams, desires to achieve success, love and be loved.

Chakras work differently in men and women. They are characterized by their ability to give and accept energy. They are like magnets which attract to each other. Opposite poles attract each other, while like poles repel each other. When a magic practitioner casts a love spell, he just enhances the attraction. When gay love spells are cast, the spellcaster has to make two repelling magnets attract each other.

In homosexual men, chakras work similarly, even if one of the partners considers himself a woman. As a result, it is very difficult to make them attract each other.  They can be sexually attracted or have similar tastes and views, but they cannot be bound to each other with magic.

The most difficult thing about the gay love spell is to adjust the men’s chakras to make them attract each other. To this end, the spellcaster needs to strengthen the male energies in one partner, and the female energies in the other partner.

Let us stop here. I believe it is clear for now. There is nothing to worry about. I can put quality love spells on gay people, too. Let me help you and the man you are in love with will become yours. 

A powerful gay love spell can be used to influence heterosexual people, too

Gay love spells can be used to influence not only homosexual but also heterosexual people. However, if you want to use this spell, remember that it takes spellcasters up to several weeks to prepare for it, so please be patient. Remember to keep all spell-related information confidential or you will waste both your and my time. If you tell anyone about your love spell even by accident, the spell will fail.

The following types of men can be influenced with a gay love spell:

  • Men whose hearts were broken by women; men disappointed in women;
  • Shy men who find it hard to maintain a healthy relationship;
  • Homosexual men who do not know about their homosexuality yet;
  • Bisexual men;
  • Men who consider themselves 100% heterosexual;
  • Men showing signs of homophobia.

However, gay love spells can work only if the following conditions are met. First of all, you need to know the target personally. The target needs to be healthy, both physically and mentally. The target should not be addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc. You should know the target’s full name and date of birth.

Gay love spells candlesBesides, the target should not be in love with anyone. However, it does not mean the target should not be married or in a relationship. It is important that he is currently not in love with anyone. If he loves someone, I will have to perform two rituals: the first one to make him fall out of love, and the second one to make him fall in love with you. As you understand, this will lead to a higher price and extended lead time.

This applies not only to heterosexual people or people wanting to appear to be heterosexual. Such conditions should also be met if you want to put a gay love spell on a gay person. Making someone who does not know you fall in love with you is as difficult as making some movie star fall in love with you.

By the way, I can do that, too. Once in a while I get clients who want to date some movie actors or famous musicians. They believe the actor or singer is gay so (in their opinion) it is going to be easy to put a love spell on him. However, it is not about the sexual preferences of a famous person. Famous people are protected by Higher Powers which prevent love spells from being put on them as they can harm the celebrities who are famous for a reason. The majority of famous people change the world and their fans, so their work should not be interfered with.

Can a love spell make a homosexual man fall in love with a woman?

Now and then I get letters from people saying “Can gay love spells make gay men fall in love with a woman?” It is always very difficult to answer such questions.  To begin with, I need to find out not if he is gay or not, but how good he is for you. Your compatibility is the key to success, and even the most powerful magic will not help you if the person is not right for you.

You cannot get to know each other when you are apart. As a result, you are in love with your dream, illusion, phantom. You are in love with someone who exists only in your head. As a rule, when you get a chance to get to know each other better, the man turns out to be not the kind of man you thought he was.

I can put a love spell on a gay man and make him fall in love with a woman. However, without preliminary preparation and finding out if you are right for each other, my spell may fail to make you happy. Love spells, including gay love spells, are fueled with the power of your love. When you get disappointed, love fades, your energy levels drop, and the love spell stops working.

So I always give the following advice: before you reach out to me to buy a gay love spell, try to make friends with the person you love and get to know him better. 

You may try to cast this love spell by yourself. To find out how, please watch my video that I made for the bravest of you.

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