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Casting easy love spells on your own

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Easy love spells cast on hair

Hair has always been believed to be an effective magic ingredient, provided it is used in compliance with the laws of magic. According to the modern tradition, which is wrong about many things by the way, hair can be used in easy love spells only by women. However, I can assure you as a powerful spellcaster with thousands of successful love spells cast, men can use hair in the easy love spell and succeed as well.

Easy love spell bookBefore I teach you how to cast an easy love spell, let me specify what hair can and cannot be used in love magic. To cast a love spell, you can use hair meeting the following requirements:

  • Hair should be 5-7 cm long;
  • Hair should be healthy and have no split ends;
  • Dead hear from your pillow or hat may not be used in easy love spells;
  • Hair is alive only if it has its hair bulb;
  • Dyed hair (even if a temporary hair dye was used) may not be used in love magic;
  • Hair can be pulled out from the object’s head, provided it is not touched again;
  • Hair can be removed from the hair comb right after its use;
  • Gray hair should not be used in love magic;
  • You may not use hair taken from a sick, depressed or drunk person.

To cast this easy love spell, you need a hair and a needle. Pass the hair through the eye of the needle and sew it into whatever the target is going to wear the next day, such as the jacket he usually wears to work. Make sure the target cannot see the hair. For instance, you may sew it into the lining or one of the sleeves. In the evening, check if the hair is still there. If it is, the love spell has taken effect. If the hair is missing, repeat the ritual.

Effective easy love spells are those casting which you hide your hair inside the pillow or under the bedsheet of the target. The number of hairs to use is calculated as follows: 3 hairs for every ten years of your life. For example, if you are 20, take 6 hairs; if you are 30, take nine hairs; if you are 40, take twelve hairs, and so on. Add one hair if the second digit of your age is more than five. Thus, if you are 37, you should use not nine but ten hairs.

Put the hairs into a paper envelope and hide it under the bedsheet or inside the pillowcase in the target’s bedroom. Make sure no one sees you and your beloved does not notice someone has touched his bed. Remember that this easy love spell, just like any other love spell, works only if no one but you (or you and your spellcaster) knows about it.

If you have gray hair but you may not dye your hair as this will make it completely unsuitable for magic, you may use the following spell. Take seven gray hairs and chop them into very small pieces. Divide the mass into two parts and put each part into an individual bag. When the target comes to your place, go to the room where he left his shoes. Pour the content of one bag into one shoe and the content of the other bag into the other shoe. Say the following spell,

“From now on, wherever you go, you will come back to me. Whoever calls you, the way to me will be the most desired. Like seeds grow from roots, your love for me will come from the ground: through the legs, through the stomach, directly to the heart.”

The ritual is completed. Now you can wait and see what happens.

Casting an easy love spell on a red ribbon

To cast this easy love spell, use a red ribbon made of natural threads. Do not be afraid to ask the seller to tell you about the ribbon as much as possible before you buy it. Unfortunately, modern polymer and other materials made of unnatural raw materials cannot be used in this love spell. Besides, only natural colorants should be used in the manufacture of your ribbon. If none of the ribbons available meets all of these requirements, do not worry and take any ribbon you like better. The content of the dye in the ribbon is negligible, so its presence may be disregarded.

Even though these easy love spells are called ribbon rituals, they are put not on the ribbon but on the gift wrapped with the ribbon. The size and the price of your gift do not matter. What matters is that your beloved likes it, because this is how such spells work:

  • The target gets a gift;
  • The target opens it up and removes the ribbon and the packaging;
  • The target feels joy and opens his heart up;
  • The ribbon radiates magical energy;
  • The energy enters the heart of the target and makes him fall in love with you.

Since these easy love spells require giving a gift to the target, first you need to buy your gift and then a corresponding ribbon to wrap it. Bring the ribbon home, unfold it on a flat surface, and stroke it with your hand several times to fill it with your energy. Take the picture of your beloved and your picture, put them together face to face, and wrap them with the red ribbon. Leave the pictures wrapped for seven days.

Wrap the gift with wrapping paper and then with the ribbon, previously removing the pictures without separating them. Hide the pictures in a safe place so no one could find them.

While wrapping your gift, remember that it should be easy for the target to unwrap it. The ribbon must not be cut! If the target feels really excited to get the gift, the spell will take effect and you should help it. When no one sees, take the ribbon and put it behind the wardrobe or the bed of the target, provided the gift is unpacked at the target’s place.

Your easy love spell cast on the ribbon has been completed. Hopefully, you have performed the ritual correctly, and the target is already falling in love with you.

What to do if your easy love spells fail

Easy candles love spellsAs easy as they seem, the above described easy love spells can be cast successfully not by all people. There are many reasons for it. If you ask some inexperienced spellcasters about it, they will tell you that you failed to buy some magic accessories from them or pay them for revealing some special spell, but it is not true. It is not why your easy love spell may fail.

The most common reason why your love spell may fail is that you do not love the one you are putting it on. Magic is designed to enhance energy, so love is the key ingredient in all love spells. Spellcasters like I am can cast love spells even if the client has no feelings for the target. In this case I use special spells which are far from being easy or simple.

The second most common reason is your karma or the target’s karma. Karma, as a set of rules for people to live their life by, may prohibit some of them from having serious relationships, love or feelings created thanks to magic. If that is the case, all your attempts to cast easy love spells will prove unsuccessful. To achieve success, you need the support of true magic, which can be obtained only if you work with a professional magic practitioner.

The third most common reason is energy diseases, including hexes, celibacy wreaths, loneliness curses, etc. If does not matter which one of you is sick, you or your beloved. Either way, the ritual will fail.

The last most common reason is the fact that the person your easy love spell is put on is in love with someone else. In this case professional magic is required and this is where I step in offering my magic services and talents.

More recipes of easy love spells are available in the following video:

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