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Do love spells really work when put on men and women?

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Do love spells really work when cast on a red string?

A red string is considered to have protection properties warding off misfortune and black magic. It has been incredibly popular lately allowing many people build successful businesses selling those red strings. Interestingly, you can make an amulet as powerful as those you can buy online by yourself. To this end, just put a red string around your wrist and say a prayer or a mantra.

But red strings are used not only for protection. Do love spells really work if a red string is used in the ritual? They do. The first spell I want to tell you about today starts working shortly after the ritual is completed, so do not be surprised if the one you love calls you or texts you almost right away.

Do love spells really workDo love spells really work? If you want them to work, buy a skein of red string. The string should be natural and not too thick. Preferably, it should be the size of a pen ink reservoir. Also, you will need two photographs: one photograph of yourself and one photograph of your loved one.

Wait until the evening and light a white magic candle in the room. Put the photograph of your loved one to your left and put your photograph to your right. Put the skein of red string in the middle and say,

“Guardian Angel, I want to cast a love spell. You are the only one I can count on. You are the only one I am asking for help. Please help me. Do not let me end up alone. Help me put a love spell on (name) to make him love me forever and never leave me or be attracted to other women.”

Put the photographs together face to face. Then wind a red string around them and crisscross it. Drop some wax where the strings cross on each side as if for sealing. Press the seal with a finger. Put out the candles and hide them together with the photographs into a locking box and lock it (it is important!). Wear the key on a chain or on a lace around your neck. The love spell will keep working as long as you wear it. To break the spell, take the candle out of the box and light it. Unseal the photographs.

Does love spells really work? They do, however red string love spells should not be cast by people who:

  • Do not believe in magic;
  • Have cast black magic curses before;
  • Have bought rituals to make other people suffer;
  • Have frequent nightmares;
  • Are currently ill;
  • Are having their periods or are pregnant (for women);
  • Are younger than 21;
  • Want to put a love spell on a person under 21;
  • Are drunk.

To find out why black magiс curses mentioned above are dangerous, read my article about black magic love spells that work.

Does love spells really work if cast using a lock?

Locks and keys are popular love magic accessories. Magic is full of symbolism and there is no better symbol than a lock. It locks up a person’s love keeping it safe. It does not let infidelity in. It also opens the path to the soul and the energy of the target. For this reason locks are commonly used in ancient spells.

There is one very good spell to prevent your husband from being stolen by another woman. To perform the ritual, you need to buy a very old lock with just one key. Hang it near the woman’s door, such as on her fence. Put the key into the lock and break it. Walk away without looking back. As you walk away, say the following spell, “Did you want to steal my husband? Did you want to make him yours? Did you want to lock him up? I won’t let you do it. I’m returning the lock. You won’t be able to open it. You’ll only break it. As soon as you break the lock, you’ll lose control of my husband. My husband will leave you, come back home, and never think about you again.”

Do love spell actually work if cast using a lock? They do and it does not matter who will remove the lock. The spell will take effect even if the lock is removed by a gardener. As soon as it is cut or broken, the connection between your husband and his lover will be broken as well, setting your husband free.

Can love spells really work if cast with a lock? They can. Set up a small secret room in the attic. A couple of plywood sheets or wooden boards will be enough. Do not forget to indicate the door. Bring everything you have that is associated with the one you love into the room, such as your loved one’s clothes, photographs, home videos. If possible, ask your loved one for some flowers. Dry them and put them in the secret room, too.

Does love spells really work

Lock the room saying the below spell eleven times:

“I’ve locked up everything I care about and everything I want to keep. While the lock is okay, the man I love (his name) will love me. When I decide to let this man go, I will open the lock and give everything back to him.”

You should hide the door from other people and forget about it. While the lock is in place, the man you love will not leave you.

For your information, all love spells described in this article are magic love spells that really work, provided you really love the person you are putting your spell on. If you are not sure about your feelings, do not perform the ritual. Contact me, spellcaster Maxim, and let me offer you one of my real love spells that work.

Can love spells really work if cast using menstrual blood?

Do love spells really work if cast on menstrual blood? They do, but despite your multiple requests, I will not teach you how to cast such spells. I do not cast them myself and I suggest that you do not do it either. I cannot prohibit you from trying to find information about it on other websites, but I can explain to you that even though such rituals attract love, they can also prove fatal for the one casting them. When a man casts a menstrual blood love spell, he can end up:

  • - Developing sexual dysfunction;
  • - Losing his mind;
  • - Being addicted to alcohol;
  • - Losing his personality;
  • - Dying several decades earlier than he was supposed to;
  • - Being sick all the time;
  • - Broke.

So do love spell really work? The answer is still yes, however when a woman casts a love spell using her menstrual blood, she can:

  • - Become infertile;
  • - Lose her children;
  • - Lose her mind;
  • - Lose her beauty;
  • - Lose her self-control;
  • - Become hateful;
  • - Become apathetic;
  • - Develop a burning desire to kill or harm herself.

I, spellcaster Maxim, do not think anyone should pay such a high price, especially knowing that there are more effective but safe love spells in magic, for example like those real love spells that work described in this article.

Do love spells actually work if cast using coins?

Does love spells really work? Love spells can be very effective. If you want to put a love spell on someone for sex, you may want to learn about this love spell. To begin with, make a small bag and put it on a lace. Then choose a coin,

  • - Silver, if you want to dominate in bed;
  • - Gold, if you want your partner to dominate in bed;
  • - Copper, if you are interested in an equal sexual relationship.

Put the coin into the bag and put the lace around your waist so the bag touched your genitals. Men should wear the bag for ten days and women should wear it for two weeks after the end of their period. After that, pay a visit to your loved one. Whilst there, take the coin out without anyone seeing you and hide it in the house.

Hide it properly to make sure no one ever finds it. A good place to put your coin in is a crack in the floor underneath some heavy piece of furniture. The coin should be put tails up.

The love spell takes effect the next night. This is when your loved one starts having sexual dreams about you. Gradually it impacts his consciousness and the target develops a strong desire to have sex with you. The only problem is this spell can be broken if you have sex and it is not good.

So can love spells really work? As you see, they can. There is another good love spell that can make your voice hypnotic enabling you to make your loved one do anything you want. Put a new coin in your mouth and do not take it out for 12 hours. You may not eat, drink or talk while you have the coin in your mouth. A single word can ruin everything.

In 12 hours take the coin out and wipe it. Make a hole in it and put it on a lace. This amulet should be worn around your neck. Of course, it is not nearly as effective as amulets produced by me, but it can still give you some control over your loved one, provided you have been together for a long time.

Magic love spells that really work – Clarifications

Can love spells really work

1. Do love spells actually work? They do, if you follow the following guidelines. First and foremost, love rituals should be performed when the moon is new. Seeds grow better if planted on days like this and pregnancy is easier if the conception happened when the moon was young. This is a universal rule and magic is no exception. Moreover, it is prohibited to person light and neutral love rituals if the moon is waning.  

2. Always be honest about your feelings. Magic does not work without your love. This is very important when you cast spells for yourself. Powerful magic practitioners are far more advanced spiritually than you are, so they just need their knowledge and energy to perform rituals successfully. Unlike them, you can rely only on your love.

3. Do not cast spells for other people even if you mean well. Magic can give your happiness to this person. It means that you will make another person happy at the expense of your own happiness.

4. Buying magic candles online is not a bad decision but it is not the best either. It would be much better if you make your own candles. There is more to the process of making candles for magic rituals than you think. While making a candle, you seal your energy in wax. When you light the candle, the wax starts to melt, releasing the energy and contributing to the success of your love spell.

5. Do not use white spells for revenge and black spells to create pure and strong love. Remember that black spells bring suffering and white spells bring joy. However, this rule does not apply to spells cast by professional spellcasters who can use black magic to actually benefit others.

6. Do not try to fix chronic loneliness with magic. Many personal life problems are caused by curses hiding in your subtle bodies. To fix them, professional help is needed. Amateurish intervention can make it worse or kill your chances of curing your energy disease.

The best real love spells that work

Thousands of my readers, as well as my YouTube channel viewers, know that I am very honest about magic. I have been posting articles on my website telling about how to cast magic love spells that really work and perform other rituals for a few years now. However, despite my openness and honestly, I still ought to warn you that many people are just unable to handle home magic.

We are not characters of some novel and our fate cannot be changed with a single stroke of a pen. We are more complex beings and our fates develop on different levels. Generally, home magic allows one to influence only one level, usually the most primitive one. To create love, different levels need to be influenced and this is something only professional and experienced spellcasters can do.

Therefore, if you need real love spells that work, contact me any time and I will accept your order for the provision of love magic services. I am very careful and attentive to detail in my work. Besides, all I can teach you is just some simple spells. If you want to use more complex spells, prepare to study magic for several years. On top of that, I cannot guarantee you success even if you are a very diligent student.

Please read my article about real powerful love spells, and you will understand why it is better to reach out to me instead of wasting your life trying to attract love which can be attracted by me within a reasonable period of time for a reasonable price.

Since I should not stop people who have decided to embark on the path to professional magic and it is not in my power to change the opinion of the stubborn, I decided to write a book about magic and how to become a professional magic practitioner. Some of its sections are about love magic and contain rituals that can help you change your life. My advice to you though is as follows: if you want to become a magic practitioner, start not tomorrow and not in a week, but right now. Unfortunately, many of our dreams are not destined to come true. Perhaps, tomorrow you will no longer feel that desire to study magic for it will have dissipated at the lower frequencies of your everyday problems.

Similarly, do not postpone buying a love spell. Or wait for the right day and perform the ritual by yourself. To be better prepared for it, please watch the following video about one of the love spells you can cast for yourself.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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