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How to cast making someone love you spells fast

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Making someone love you spells

To cast making someone love you spells successfully, five conditions should be observed: you need to accumulate enough energy, select a suitable ritual, prepare for it, believe in success, and really love the one you are trying put your spell on. If you fail to observe any of these conditions, all your efforts will likely be in vain.

I have told you many times how to prepare for love rituals and how to accumulate energy. For this reason my website called “Spellcaster Maxim” is considered to be one of the most helpful and detailed guides for people wanting to study magic. It helps people, uninitiated and with zero experience in magic, become magic practitioners in the shortest possible time, provided, of course, they really want to learn and are very diligent.

Making someone love you spellsToday I would like to continue teaching everyone who want to bend fate and circumstances in their favor. Also I want to tell you how to cast one of the making someone love you spells. To perform the ritual, you need three flowers. If possible, pick them by yourself. If you live in a big city, go to a flower shop.

When you bring the flowers home, put them on the table and get your photo albums. Find a photograph that was taken when you were feeling very lonely and unhappy. Put the photograph on the floor in the corner of the room and put one of the flowers on the photograph. Put the second flower under your pillow. You are going to need it the next morning. Go to the house of your loved one and if possible bury the third flower in front of the window of the bedroom of your loved one. If it is not possible, put it on the threshold and say, “I am giving you this gift for which you will fall in love with me.”

That is it. You are not required to do anything else this day.

The next morning brew some tea enough for three cups using the flower that was under your pillow. Drink the first cup right away saying, “I am improving my luck”. At lunch drink the second one saying, “I am improving my attractiveness”. In the evening drink the last cup and say, “I am improving my sex appeal”.

Now wait for the flower that is lying on the photograph to wither. As soon as it happens, throw it out of the window and burn the photograph. Throw the ashes out of the window too, saying, “Loneliness is going away to never come back. Love is coming to never go away.”

Congratulations! You have performed a very powerful ritual and the person you love will fall in love with you shortly.

How to cast make him love me spells


“I performed three of the rituals described on your website but none of them worked. Don’t you think you may be wrong about the power of your rituals? Or the information presented in the article about spells to make him love you is not accurate?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

My rituals work only if all of the conditions specified for each ritual are observed. As for the article you refer to, as you can see it is about black magic. I always say beginning spellcasters should avoid black magic because they are sure to fail at it. This is why you failed, too. Fortunately, you can fix it. Contact me and let me help you or try to use white magic. However, to use white magic, you need to study it and make some vital preparations which will take you a few months. Anyways, your only chance to make your wishes come true is to use the art of white magic and its love spells.


“Why don’t you have special rituals for same-sex love?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

All my rituals can be performed by homosexual people as well, unless it is clearly specified otherwise. So if you need a ritual called “how to make him love me spells”, go to my website and you will find it there.

Make someone fall in love with you spells

Make him love me spell booksA great way to prepare for a ritual is a three-day fast. It will boost your energies allowing you to perform any ritual successfully, including a spell to make someone love you or one of the spells to make him love you. Perform the ritual right after fasting for three days and as soon as you are done, eat something and go to bad. This is how you will seal your energy fields protecting yourself against the kickback in case you have made any mistake, as well as recover faster.

Try to cast one of the make someone fall in love with you spells using coins.

Go to the bank and ask for the smallest coins available. Do not count the coins. You need just enough coins to fill both of your pockets. At home take the coins out and put them on the table. Put a candle in the middle of the pile and light it. Kneel down and pray to the Gods of Love asking them to support you. Pray as long as the candle is burning.

When the candle melts and the wax hardens, separate it from the coins. Put the wax into a paper bag and put it away. Put the coins back into the pockets and go to the house of your loved one. Put one coin by his front door and say, “Here is a guide mark allowing your love to find the way to me.” Head back to your place throwing the coins as you walk repeating the above spell over and over again.

It is okay if some of the coins fall into a puddle or a drain or if someone picks them up. As soon as the coin touches the ground, it leaves an energy guide mark. As a result, the marks you leave will create an energy channel allowing your energies to merge with the energies of your loved one, ultimately making him love you.

If you have a few coins left in your pocket when you come home, put them to the wax left after the ritual. After a while you can make a hole in the coin and wear it on a lace around your neck as a powerful love talisman. If you give a coin like that to your loved one, he will never want to leave you.

Also I would like to add that this method is good not only for those who want to know how to cast make him love me spells but also for those who want to get their ex-lover back, if the breakup was due to a fight. If you broke up because one of you had cheated on the other, this ritual is not good for you.

Why you cannot cast spells to make him love you

Since feeling lonely is not a normal state for people, you should always look for the reasons why you are lonely. Even the strongest and the most successful of men cannot be happy without a woman who loves them. Similarly, no woman is happy unless she has a man who loves her, takes care of her, and supports her.

What about feminists? It is believed they are fine without love and they do not need it. In my opinion, feminists are not quite honest. It does not matter whom they are lying to, other people or themselves. As a rule, feminists are women who:

  • - Have a bad dating experience;
  • - Have failed to awaken their own sexuality;
  • - Are gay;
  • - Are angry at the world;
  • - Are clearly not pretty;
  • - Have a bad temper and find it hard to get along with men.

Fortunately, each of the points listed can be fixed with my spells. However, to this end you should not lie to yourself worshiping the values which are not natural to people as biological and energy-spiritual creatures.

Make someone fall in love with candles

You should not lie to yourself either by saying that you cannot benefit from make someone fall in love with you spells because they do not work, or that all spells to make him love you that I tell you about are unhelpful. Your loneliness can be explained just like I can explain why your rituals failed. 

Do not expect your magic session to be successful if you:

  • - Are cursed;
  • - Have a celibacy wreath;
  • - Have betrayed someone;
  • - Have broken up with the person who was the love of your life;
  • - Are under the influence of a black magic love spell;
  • - Have cast or helped someone cast a black magic love spell;
  • - Deserve to be lonely and single because of the things you did in your previous lives.

Knowing it, I, spellcaster Maxim, upon seeing a person with strong energies who fails to cast spells properly, ask myself what can be wrong with this person and what this person can be doing wrong. In most cases, it is enough to examine the person to identify the reason. By the way, any of those points can be fixed too (any!) because any cause of your inability to find love or your unhappiness can be got ridden of and then making someone love you spells can be cast.

A spell to make someone love you

Oh, I just remembered something! Before we continue, I would like to show you another article that I wrote about love spells.

If you want to keep reading, let me tell you about one of the easiest ways to cast a spell to make someone love you. This ritual is performed using tea. Buy some leaf tea, open the package and put everything into a teapot. Now take your picture, cut it in small pieces, and add to the tea leaves.

It should be noted that the spell is cast only when a new moon can be seen through one of your windows and the moonlight is reflected off the windowsill (turn the light off to make sure it is). As soon as it happens, perform the ritual as described. Then, close the teapot filled with boiling water and put it in the moonlight.

Say the spell:

Magic potion! The potion of love! I am making it for you (the name of the person you love)! I will let you (the name of the person you love) drink it! I will make you (the name of the person you love) love me!”

Right after it, walk out of the room and come back ten minutes to midnight. You may turn the light on now. Sieve the content of the teapot and divide the tea into three portions. Get your loved one drink it at three-day intervals and he will fall in love with you, provided nothing is standing in the way of your love.

If you live in a house and there is a tree growing in your backyard that was planted after you were born, you can turn this tree into the tree of your love. Decorate it with bright colorful ribbons for 11 days. On the 12th day, in the morning, put your photograph and one of the person you love into the water and at sunset pour the tree with this water, saying,

“I am giving you my fate. The heart of my loved one (his name) will be drawn to me like your twigs are reaching for the sky. Our love will grow and get stronger along with you. But while your leaves can turn yellow and fall off, our love will never fade and never end.”

After that, water the tree every evening until the man you love declares his love for you.

Unfortunately, one article is not enough to cover all of the spells I have prepared for you, so one of them will be presented in the form of a video which you can watch if you are interested in this topic.

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