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How to do black magic for love without harmful consequences?

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It is widely known that people are afraid of the unknown. Nevertheless, they continue to do black magic, as mysteries and a possibility to get what you want fast are hard to resist. Before you begin to learn the practical side of magic, you need to learn its basic theoretical knowledge. Sometimes, having performed a few rituals, people get disappointed and think that the rituals do not work. They stop trusting and doing black magic because of it. Other people start with come complex rituals and spells having no knowledge of the basics of black magic. Unfortunately, many of them will die within a short period of time, as black magic does not forgive mistakes. It will take its payment that you owe it if you fail to thank black magic in advance. Only the most talented of spellcasters succeed in this field. Dark forces are very dangerous. When you work with them, mistakes are often prove to be fatal or cause a lot of pain. If you are afraid of black magic, stay away from it and let a professional magic practitioner deal with it.

When black magic backfires

How to do black magic for love

Black magic can backfire releasing large amounts of negative energy that hits the ritual performer or their loved ones. In love magic, such kickbacks are very strong and dangerous. First and foremost, you need to learn how to avoid them. The most common way of handling the negative consequences of black magic is to pay in advance. However, many beginners mistakenly think that the payment works according to the principle of “the more, the better” but it is not true. It is critical to know the exact “price”. The magic practitioner should be very careful and calculate the exact amount of the payment, especially if he is working with some demons or spirits of the cemetery. If you pay too much, you can attract the attention of some other forces. Never respond to them if they reach out to you. In many rituals of black magic the amount of the payment is specified. If you trust the source, you should pay exactly what is required.

To make a ritual safe, you need to:

·        Ensure your personal protection

·        Block the channels to prevent negative energy from coming back to you

·        Strictly follow all the instructions when performing the ritual, because each mistake of the magic practitioner leads to multiple negative effects

·        Hide the traces of the ritual

How to do black magic for love. Powerful love rituals

A spell of lovesickness

This ritual will revive your loved one’s feelings for you and keep him interest in you. To cast this love spell, you need a small piece of white fabric, red threads, a needle, your picture, a saucer, and a red wax candle. You can get all the required ingredients without spending a lot of money. The love spell should be cast during the waxing moon, just after midnight. You should be alone in the room where you will cast the spell. You have to be sure that no one will stop you or interfere with your ritual. Light the candle and put it on the floor in the center of the room. Put your photo on the plate and burn it down using the candle fire. Put the ashes on the cloth, wrap them and sew it with the red thread on all four sides to get something like a small pad.

While sewing, say, “I call you (his name), I will bewitch you! Miss me! I know that you want to see me. I will come in your dreams, I will bewitch your soul and heart!” Keep in mind that the thread should last for the entire period of sewing. It is important that it is whole. If it breaks, discontinue the ritual and cast the love spell another time. If it happens again, it is a bad sign. Repeated failures in love magic may indicate the impact of an opponent or the need to improve one’s protection. After you finish sewing, put the candle out. Put the pad under your mattress. Get rid of all the remaining ritual supplies in any convenient manner. Do not use them in your everyday life. If you do everything correctly, you will notice the result in 5-7 days.

How to do black magic on a person for love. Some effective methods

Casting a love spell on a man’s belongings

Casting black magic for love

You should always prepare for such rituals in advance. The first thing you need to determine is what cemetery you will use. Choose a remote and solitary one. Before the ritual, buy a gift for your beloved person. Bring it home and clean its energy. To this end, keep it with running water for 10 minutes. If the gift will be damaged by water, sprinkle it with some spring water and wipe it with a new towel or a new cloth, and then burn the towel or the cloth down. You also need a candle for this ritual. Its color is not important. Take all the ingredients and go to the cemetery. Find a grave with the same name as your man has. It should be located near the intersection. Place the candle on the grave and light it with a match. Put your payment on the grave (such as a bottle of whiskey, chocolates). Put the picture of the man you love on the grave next to the candle. Look at it and imagine your beloved man.

Then appeal to the deceased with the following words, “(Your loved one’s name), I ask you for help, I need your help! I beg you, (name), help me! Connect me with the keeper of the burial places. Let the disembodied spirit come! Let him take my desire, turn it into an object, and this object will become a love spell!” Then go to the intersection, bury the gift in the ground so that nobody could find it. Say these words near the grave, “Tomorrow I will take back the object that is buried in the ground, taking the power of the love spell with me. In exchange for my happiness, I will give you a part of my life.” It is not necessary to put out the candle.

Take the photo and leave. The next day come to the same grave. Light a new candle on the grave, put the new payment, and appeal to the deceased with the following words, “(name), I came to take my object, and I brought you a gift for your service. Take one year of my life through this drop of blood. May this sacrifice bring me happiness!” Prick the ring finger on your left hand and drip a drop of your blood onto the grave. Go to the intersection, take the object, and put it in the bag. Go to the grave and say, “I am taking my object having made a sacrifice to pay you for it.” Leave the candle burning and walk away. Three days after the ritual present the gift to your beloved man or leave it in his home, car, or in a desk drawer at his office without him knowing about it. Do not forget that you have given a year of your life in exchange for your happiness.

The dangers of black magic

If you are an experienced magic practitioner, you always know what to do. But if you are a beginner, remember that something can go wrong any time. Without proper training and good knowledge of magic, you can get in trouble. Love spells can have many unpleasant consequences. Sometimes they end up with some people dying! Listen to your feelings and if your mind does not want to do black magic, let a professional magic practitioner do it for you. You can take advantage of any esoteric services offered by me. I can bewitch any person by doing complicated love spells while avoiding their kickbacks. If you buy my love spells, you will be satisfied with the result. Discover the world of magic and let me fulfill your dreams and change your life for the better.

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