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How to make love spell to turn cohabitation into marriage

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What you need to know about living together before you make love spell

More and more people are choosing living together instead of marriage. It gives certain freedom to men, but creates a lot of problems for women. I, spellcaster Maxim, would not bring it up if I did not receive dozens of letters from women asking me to make love spell to help them move from cohabitation to marriage. Also, this is what gives me the right to say that very few women actually enjoy this way of things.

As a rule, if women agree to it, they are either in despair or hope that the man will like living together so much that eventually he will propose. Statistically, however, cohabitation leads to marriage only for one couple out of 20. As for couples who do not live together, they get married 2 or 3 times as often.

How to make candle love spellThere is something I should say right away. If I make love spell, the man will propose to you shortly. Men cannot escape my magic, so he is sure to want to make you his wife. If it is the woman who is the one to refuse to get married, let me make love spell and shortly after that you will find yourself busy planning your wedding.

Based on the letters I get from my readers, I know that this article is still of more interest to my female readers, so that is who I am writing it for in the first place.

To begin with, let me explain why men like this kind of relationship.

Even without cheating on you, the man feels certain freedom because in his mind he can;

Men do not want to get married for fear that the woman will not love them as much after the wedding;

Men are afraid of taking full responsibility for their family;

Some men can have more than one partner they live together with;

Some men cheat on their girlfriends without them knowing about it;

Your man may take advantage of your desire to get married. He knows you will try to lure him into marrying you by using various tricks, being at your best, and pleasing him in all possible ways;

At the same time, some men demand loyalty from their girlfriends but refuse to marry them.

No matter why your man wants to live together without getting married, I can make love spells to make him want to propose. But remember that different men have different tempers, inner strength and beliefs, so I cannot know for sure how much time it is going to take me to make a specific man want to marry you. It usually takes me from several weeks up to several months.

If you are interested in my offer, please email me, specifying in the subject line, “Please make love spells to help us stop just living together and get married.”

Why only experienced magic practitioners should make love spells to make people living together want to get married

Inexperienced spellcasters happily agree to make love spell to influence such couples. They believe it is pretty easy. Moreover, they are willing to share some tips as to how to make love spells and make the man want to marry you. In fact, it is easier to put a love spell on a man who does not love you than making the one you have been living with for many years want to marry you. 

It is so easy to inexperienced spellcasters to give such promises for one reason. They believe you and your man are closely connected after living together for many years and the channels connecting you are strong and reliable. As a result, they expect the man to propose to you as soon as they make love spell.

How to make love spell

Actually, despite your strong energy channels and close connection, there is something that keeps me from taking such spells as something very easy. It is the wall the man has built between himself and your dream to be his wife. Such walls are built with the energies of several chakras. The more confident and independent the man, the higher the wall. Sometimes I deal with walls made of iron and concrete which cannot be broken, unless professional and powerful magic is used.  

The light energies of the woman cannot pass through such walls.  By not wanting to get married, the man turns it into a lens distorting the woman’s energy. The man takes her good social skills for flirting, modesty for boredom, and care for attempts to lure him into marrying her. If she is a strong and independent woman, the man thinks she is arrogant and whimsy. It is easier for him not to see the real you as this is what gives him the right not to marry you. You are not perfect for him, so he thinks it is okay to waste years of your life on the relationship that will lead to nothing. 

Let me make love spells and I will eliminate all the obstacles in your relationship. The lens will be gone and the man will see who you really are, a wonderful woman he is lucky to have met. You will impress him so much that he will love you with all his heart and be afraid to lose you. 

Normally I do not tell my readers how I make love spell, but this time I am going to make an exception. The ritual I will perform is a mixture of love, ability to see the real you, passion, happiness, a drop of jealousy and insecurity. I will make a quality cocktail of magic energies to make your boyfriend, no matter how strong and independent, bent and ask you to become his wife.

Is fortune-telling needed before you buy a love spell?

Many people expect me, their spellcaster, to make love spell the next day after talking to them. They also expect to get a proposal in a few days, but that is now how magic works. To make love spells as effective as possible, I need to know you are ready to wait for as long as I need you to wait, which in this case may be up to several weeks. Let me assure you that your patience will be rewarded in full.

When I make love spells, I set the target’s mind to act in a certain way, something known as an information program. Besides, I eliminate all obstacles in the way of my energies, adjust your chakras and internal settings. Then I make sure the body does not reject the program, and the target has a natural desire to get married, have children, be faithful and loving and take care of his family.

It is not simple and requires a lot of time and energy. So I ask you to be patient and you will get exactly what you want.

As for the women who think they can make love spells without preliminary fortune-telling and future relationship diagnostics, they often get disappointed in the relationship, accusing their man of domestic abuse, alcohol addiction, pervertedness, etc. Unfortunately, it is usually too late when they find out about it.

I do not want you to make this mistake. So I ask you to trust me. If you want to be happy but not play the lottery with a ridiculously small chance of winning (one out of 100 women becomes truly happy), let me do my work the way I think I should do it. I promise you that way you will not get disappointed. Your happiness is close. You just need to reach out for it.

If you want, I can teach you how to tell your own fortune and find out what your future will be like, provided you ask a yes or no question. If you want to learn how to do it, please watch the below video.

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