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Reconciliation Spell

Esoteric, astrologer, writer

Time: Tuesday (during the day); waning moon.

Candles: black, silver, indigo ritual candles.

Incense: lilac.

Crystals: transparent crystal of quartz, green calcite.

Oil: amber or lavender

Reconciliation Spells:

The flame of these magical candles will bring peace and remove disharmony from our relationship. Let it be quiet, like a lake in the morning, and full of joy, like a rainbow in the sky. Let the boat of our life float quietly and smoothly, swinging on the sea of love. Let gentle and faithful feelings accompany it.

Reconciliation Spell Casting:

Light an altar candle and some incense. Oil the black candle from the bottom to the wick and write the names of both partners on it. Put the black candle in the center of the altar. Oil the blue and silver candles from the wick to the bottom and put them on the right and on the left of the black candle.

Put the transparent crystal near the silver candle and the quartz between the black and blue candles. Light the black candle, then light the blue and silver ones. Say the spell. Let the candles burn down.

Why reconciliation spells cast by amateurish spellcasters often fail

Reconciliation SpellI am pretty sure that a lot of people who have studied the methods for casting the reconciliation spell want to try to cast one or are about to leave my website,, because they think they know everything they need for successful spell casting. If you are one of those who want to keep reading, I, spellcaster Maxim, want to congratulate you, because today I want to tell you why amateurish love spells often fail.

First and foremost, they fail because you do not know how your energies work and how the energies of your beloved work. Therefore you do not know how to redirect these energies to build a strong relationship.

I do not want to use complex professional terminology and tell you long stories about karma, chakras and subtle bodies. I want you to understand how love is created with the help of magic. So imagine that our soul is a flashlight emitting a ray of light in the darkness.

Every person is born for love. Without love, we go out and sometimes die. Gods made us perfect but incomplete. We cannot embrace our perfection alone. A man, no matter how successful, is not happy without a woman who loves him. The life of a woman, no matter how beautiful and confident she is, is empty without a strong and faithful man.

True love occurs when the flashlight helps us detect a partner ready to share with us the energies we lack. This is the principle the reconciliation spell is based on.

The key energies men need from the woman include:

  • Pure energy of life (men get it by making love to the woman);
  • The energy of respect and admiration (it gives men confidence and strength to fight hardships);
  • The energy of gratitude and care (it allows men to love themselves and evaluate their decisions).

These energies complete the man allowing him to achieve all goals and reach great success.

If you want to put a reconciliation spell on a woman, her energy needs need to be satisfied, too. Below is what a woman expects from a man:

  • The energy of strength (lets her feel secure and protected);
  • The energy of action (lets her be confident in the future);
  • The energy of stability and progress (this is how the woman climbs the social and financial ladder along with the man, as well as feels proud of and admires him).

As a result, there is an endless circle:


Sometimes it takes couples months or years to learn how to exchange their energies properly. The goal of the reconciliation spell is to facilitate energy exchange because this is how true love, fidelity, affection and gratitude are born.

Hence the question: If it is so easy, why does the reconciliation spell fail so often? Today 95% of spellcasters offering such spells do not guarantee success. To find out the answer, keep reading this article.

Why the reconciliation spell never fails if performed by a powerful spellcaster

To cast a reconciliation spell successfully, you need to have the energies the target, a man or a woman, needs. In other words, at the very beginning you need to be the perfect match for the target. The spell cannot make you one. Do you remember the story with the flashlight? Well, the key is to make the ray of light coming from the partner’s heart see you. In addition, it is critical to make the partner believe you are right for him or her. The rest will be taken care of by your energies, provided your partner needs them.

Otherwise, you will not be able to keep your partner interested in you. In the best case scenario, the partner will want to have sex with you and dump you as soon as you give it to him or her.

If you are not a professional magic practitioner, all you can is attract that light to yourself but unlike me, a professional spellcaster, you cannot keep it.

Before casting a reconciliation spell, I ask myself the main question: Does the client have the energies to keep the target interested? If yes, I draw the target’s attention to the client, make the target touch these energies through his or her chakras and want to make them a part of their own energies. In other words, I make the target fall in love with the client.

If the client does not have such energies, I begin with influencing the client’s chakras to make them generate the right kind of energies. This work is very complex and it cannot be done without the client’s participation. Despite my experience, I cannot change your chakras if you do not want to help me.

If you collaborate with me, the result will be phenomenal. I will make you a better person. Such improvements include:

  • Sometimes men cannot get rich because of their third chakra that is malfunctioning. So you will get rich as soon as I fix it.
  • Sometimes women cannot lose weight because they have too much energy which cannot be released through their second chakra. They get skinny and look like super models shortly after I fix this chakra.

I can give you back good luck, success, youth, and beauty. As a result, by the time I cast my reconciliation spell, you are already the perfect match for your beloved. For these reasons I always warn my clients against casting love spells and encourage them to reach out to me instead. WITH MY PROFESSIONAL HELP, YOU CAN GET THE BEST RESULTS, CHANGING YOUR LIFE AND BECOMING A BETTER PERSON.

Unfortunately, one article is not enough to cover such a complex subject as the reconciliation spell. So I shot a video to tell you why such spells should not be put on people who are currently in love with someone or are dating someone.

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