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Should you believe love spell reviews?

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Letters from readers who believed fake love spell reviews

From a letter:

I bought a love spell from a witch after reading several positive love spell reviews about her. In less than two weeks I noticed some deep painful cracks on my hands and feet, but the man I loved is still dating his girlfriend and they look pretty happy together.

Spellcaster Maxim’s comments:

Spellcaster's love spell reviewsUnfortunately, many of the user reviews are fake today. The problem is most websites require no user identity verification for posting reviews, such as, for example, a scanned copy of the driver’s license. As a result, unskilled magic practitioners take advantage of this loophole and post fake love spell reviews about themselves to lure users into their trap.

From a letter:

I spent over $3,000 but haven’t got my wife back. When I began to suspect something was wrong and that the sorcerer was lying to me, I wanted to discontinue our cooperation but changed my mind because he kept sending me those links to multiple positive reviews about his work which described similar cases. Those people said nothing worked at first but then one day their love came back to them. Now I know I’ve been scammed. Unfortunately, I can’t prove anything.

Spellcaster Maxim’s comments:

For your information, one can be sued for a fake love spell review. Posting fake reviews can be considered fraud or a violation of the consumer protection law. The key is to report the user who posted a fake review to the police. Over the past few years, hundreds of “sorcerers” were put to jail or fined for lying to their clients. It is not very difficult to prove that a love spell review is fake. Below are some examples of what can be considered sufficient evidence of a fake user review:

All reviews were posted from the same IP address;

All reviews were posted by the authors registered at the same content writing service;

The fact that two reviews were written by the same person can be proven by criminal experts;

If needed, they can access the content writing website’s database to find the specific offer to post user reviews for money;

They can verify the effectiveness of the sorcerer’s work by comparing his promises with the results you get;

Besides, the sorcerer’s correspondence may contain evidence of other episodes and other victims.

Therefore, if you want justice and are ready to fight for it, file a lawsuit against the author of the fake love spell review as it misleads readers, so the person responsible for it has to be punished  by law.

What to do if you see a fake love spell review

From a letter:

I’m not a writer, but I like writing stories and I also have a blog. When I was looking for a spellcaster to work with, I couldn’t help noticing that the majority of love spell reviews were written in the same manner. They’re not word-for-word copies, but it’s obvious that they were written to meet some specific requirements. Thus, it looks like all review writers are required to:

1. Make sure to mention it is their first review;

2. Say it their obligation to write it;

3. Tell about their problem;

4. Tell about working with some witch;

5. Tell how the witch helped them solve the problem.

As a result, such love spell review duplicates can be found on many websites misleading the readers who have no idea they are fake. As for me, I’ve learned my lesson. User reviews posted on online forums (for some reason, all fake reviews were posted specifically on forums) shouldn’t be trusted.

Spellcaster Maxim’s comments:

Love spell ritual reviews

For your information, fake reviews can be found not only on forums. There are websites which let users post fake love spell reviews and other deceiving ads. If the author is willing to pay, the review will be posted and may even be moved to the top of the list if the author is generous enough. In addition, there are moderators which may be paid to delete negative reviews or comments of the people who have worked with the spellcasters promoted with those false reviews.

A blogger can publish a fake love spell review as well. As they say, money does not stink. It creates certain problems for popular bloggers whom users usually trust. Thus, bloggers praise some magic practitioner without taking the trouble to find out if the sorcerer who asked them to write a positive review about him is a real one and if he deserves positive feedback at all.

From a letter:

I’m a little confused. There are a lot of sorcerers with hundreds of positive love spell reviews. As for you, it’s very difficult to find a love spell review about your work. What’s the matter?

Spellcaster Maxim’s comments:

There is nothing unusual about it. True magic practitioners ask their clients to keep all information about them and their work confidential. Hence the lack of positive reviews. Silence is one of the terms to be followed if you want to work with me.

I suggest that you pay attention to the fact that there are no negative reviews, either. I can ask my clients not to post positive reviews about me, but I cannot ask them not to post negative ones. I do not have a right to ask them for anything like that. Therefore, it is the absence of negative reviews rather than the presence of positive ones that confirms the spellcaster’s professionalism or unprofessionalism, respectively.

Another thing that proves that the spellcaster possesses some magical abilities is how many people try to pretend to be him. As far as I know, more than 50 frauds have been claiming to be me in the last three years. Impressive, is it not? But do not worry. It has been taken care of.

What to do if you still want to leave your feedback

From a letter:

I know that I shouldn’t write about the spellcaster I worked with, especially if he really helped me. But I feel so grateful to him! How come there’s not a single website where I could post a couple of short positive love spell reviews about that talented and highly skilled magic practitioner?

Spellcaster Maxim’s comments:

Your review will probably break the spell cast for you. Instead of posting love spell reviews on the Internet, thank your spellcaster in person. He is a human being and he will be pleased to hear it in person.

If you think it is not enough, give him some money to express your gratitude. Spellcasters spend a lot of money on magic books and rare and exotic magic ingredients and tools, so money will always be a good gift. Your financial support will be much appreciated, especially if it comes from your heart.

Alternatively, instead of writing a love spell review, tell your friends who are in trouble about that magic practitioner. Offer them to talk to him. Do not go into much detail and just say that the spellcaster has helped you a lot. If Higher Powers approve it, your friends will do the rest on their own.

From a letter:

I was not satisfied with the services provided to me by the shaman whom I hired, but I’m afraid to write an honest love spell review about him because he may put a curse on me or harm me in some other way. What can I do?

Spellcaster Maxim’s comments:

I do not understand what you are afraid of. If that shaman cannot cast love spells properly, trust me he will not be able to curse you, either. Moreover, if he is a liar, it is your duty to inform other people with not one but several honest love spell reviews. Your honesty will be rewarded by Higher Powers. After a while, they will either solve your love problem by themselves or lead you to a spellcaster who will.

From a letter:

Is there a proven and reliable way to spot fake reviews about spellcasters?

Spellcaster Maxim’s comments:

You will learn how to do it if you watch the following video where I listed 10 signs of fake reviews.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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