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Tips on how to cast an attract love spell on someone over 30 years of age

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Everything you need to know about casting an attract love spell on those who are 30 or older

Strange as it may seem, an attract love spell is cast differently depending on the age of the target. It has to do with the fact that our energies change over time. All people are subject to such changes. Some people change faster than others and they are usually described as looking older than their age. Those who manage to keep it slow are usually referred to as infantile or people who never grow up.

Attract love spellEvery person is programmed to grow up and age, and this program needs to be taken into consideration when attract love spells are cast. This program is an energy one in the first place, because our body and mind are just a visible imprint of those energy changes that we undergo. But it is not like that. Aging changes our appearance, manners, ability and desire to dream. First changes are observed as early as at the age of 16 to 18 years.

The changes become most noticeable when you turn 30, which is why you should use an attract love spell with great care at this time. People in their early thirties experience what can be described as feeling very old, but it is a temporary thing. They try on the roles they are going to play when they actually get old. Generally, this feeling passes within a few months. In some people it happens within a couple of days making them explain it by their fatigue or depression.  Others stay in this state forever.

When attract love spells are cast on people in their thirties, I study their aging program statuses. Without it, it is very difficult to make the required adjustments and cast an attract love spell successfully.

Do not be afraid of such changes. They are an integral part of your personal development and growth. In fact, it is not even aging. It is just your subtle bodies switching their roles. When you are under 30, you are controlled by the energy of physical activity, striving for adventure and sexual desire. When you turn 30, you move to a higher level, the level when your life gets under the control of your brain.

This is often the reason people age fast. Our brain is designed to minimize our physical activity to help us save our energy. So everyone, who wants to achieve true self-perfection, first has to fight with their mind to make it stop blocking the energies which start accumulating after you turn 30.  

But that is not always the case. Sometimes people lose touch with their lower chakras but never reach the higher levels. When this happens, they find themselves in a state of emotional and mental hibernation. They are not interested in anything. They have no dreams. They only eat, sleep, watch TV and go to the work they hate. They cannot and do not want to change anything. They want to love and be loved but they do not want to do anything for it. They can be helped with an attract love spell but it is not going to be easy. To begin with, they need to be helped up to the upper chakras and only then love can be attracted to them.

How to make attract love spells work

Casting attract love spells on people in their thirties is also difficult because this is when the third chakra becomes the strongest one. Let me remind you what it is in charge of:

Making plans;

Implementing plans;

Challenging the fate;

Willpower, courage and persistence;

Personal freedom;

Career and success;

This chakra is what gives men strength and makes women confident;

It is what helps us overcome our fears and insecurity.

Those who take each new day as a challenge and build their life like a castle to raise a flag of their gifts and talents over it, have such a strong third chakra that it is able to protect them against the attract love spell like a powerful charm. Look around. Who are the most active members of the society? Those aged 30 to 40. What they do determines their future in the long run. As they say, an artist, a businessman or a scientist who fails to make it before 40 does not succeed at all (only 3-7% of them do).

Candles for attract love spell

When I get a request to put one of my attract love spells on someone aged 30 to 40, I check the third chakra. If it is weak and underdeveloped, I get to work immediately. It is very easy to put a love spell on such people. As a rule, they fall in love with the client within a few weeks. But if the third chakra is strong, I have to get it under control first and tame it like a wild horse. In that case the ritual usually takes full effect within several months.  

In my articles about chakras which are available at my website “Spellcaster Maxim”, I wrote that chakras worked differently in men and women. To make a woman fall in love with a man, you need to let her be proud of the man and feel safe with him, both financially and psychologically. At the level of the third chakra, the man has to be strong enough to accept the woman the way she is with all her flaws and imperfections... to accept her and to love her.

Let me repeat it again. This chakra is weak in those younger than 30, so it is very easy to control. As for those older than 38, those who have already embarked on the path towards the higher levels, this chakra is already fading in them as they no longer need physical victories and strive for spiritual and intellectual ones. Thirty-year-olds are at their physical peak, so putting spells on them is always a struggle.

Things to avoid

If you want to put an attract love spell on a person of this specific age group, do not do it. Believe me, a professional spellcaster who considers it his duty to stop you from making this mistake. Putting a love spell on a thirty-year old person (especially a man) is like throwing a ball at the wall. The ball will bounce back hitting and hurting you. Speaking of magic, the spell will backfire at you after transforming into a curse or a hex. Thus, if you cast one of the attract love spells on a thirty-year old man, you get hurt without reaching your goal.

This is also true for thirty-year old women. Do not try to put an attract love spell on them. Even if the spell manages to enter her subtle bodies, she may ignore you because her third chakra makes her be attracted to strong and successful men which you are not. If the woman considers you not handsome or successful enough to be her man, she will just turn around and walk away from you. She will cut all energy connections which drew you together. As a result, friendly attitude will be replaced with indifference and even hostility.

Either way, attract love spells must be cast by me, a professional magic practitioner. In that case I am going to have to do twice the work, specifically:

If the target is a man, I will need to destroy the wall built by him after he pushed away your love spell;

If the target is a woman, I will have to build your relationship from ground up.

So not make it worse and come to me instead. With my spells, I will make the one you are in love with fall in love with you within the shortest possible time.

What you can is try to cast a spell to enhance the feelings your beloved has for you. To find out how to do it, please watch the following video.

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