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Powerful Money Spell

Money spells are your way to success! Money magic is a branch of magic who allows people to improve their financial state, unleash their potential and energy. This is why, after putting a money spell, a person’s business starts growing, his financial state improves, he gets a promotion or wins the lottery.
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Powerful Money Spell Before casting a powerful money spell, you should fast for 13 days. On the 14th day, buy 1 yellow candle, 3 church candles, 1 lemon, peppercorns, incense (lemon, sandalwood, orange, vanilla), aventurine, golden purse, new head kerchief, candlestick, mint oil (10 ml), pink ribbon.

At midnight, spread the kerchief out on the table and put a candle in the candlestick in the center of it. Squeeze some lemon juice and heat it up.  Once it starts boiling, add some pepper and mint oil. When the mix cools, apply it to the yellow candle and the purse.

Put the church candles and incenses around the yellow candle. Light the candles in the following succession:

yellow candle,

lemon incense,

church candle,

sandalwood incense,

church candle,

orange incense,

church candle,

vanilla incense.

Crush the aventurine into dust. When the yellow candle burns down, put the aventurine powder into the purse (all sections) and tie it with the ribbon. Hide the purse and don’t take it out for three days. Before putting money into the purse for the first time, whisper to it seven times, “Money comes, money grows. Money flows into my purse like water. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

Carry the purse with you wherever you go, but don’t let other people touch it or take money from it. Magic will help you soon and money will flow into your purse “like water.”

Powerful money spells can be put once every three years at the most.

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