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Effective Money Spell

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Below is one of the most effective money spells to attract money and prosperity. Matches should be used to light candles for spells. Lighters are not recommended as it reduces the effect.

To hold this ritual, you will need:

Effective money spell candleA dyed-through wax candle or a paraffin candle;

A long green 100% woolen thread;

Nine pink buds (spices);

Matches, a copper or silver candlestick (a saucer is okay if the candle stands firmly).

Take the thread and tie the buds to it one by one. Make sure the space between them is approximately the same. Take the thread with both hands and say,

Effective Money Spell:

“I have created a staircase of nine knots. Created it to get to wealth, well-being and money. I want to have a lot of money! This is my will, so be it! Amen!”

Wind the thread round the candle evenly. Light the candle every evening for nine days. The ritual should be held when the moon is waxing. Try to ensure the candle burns down exactly on the ninth day.

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