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Most Powerful Money Spell

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The most powerful money spell will help you clear your psychic of mortified layers of poverty and ill luck, opening up a new cycle of development and well-being. The ritual will help you get rid of the psychological chains preventing you from taking the right actions. Don’t forget that affluence is given to us by gods. They are affluence. So you uniting with the gods in their affluence will mean uniting with the same part inside you. Discovering the laws of nature, you will earn its goodwill.

Lunar phase: the 4th quarter, last night of the Dark Moon.

Purpose:  stop the ill luck cycle.

Most powerful money spell booksYou will need:

  • Dry herbs and resins: sandalwood powder, pine needles, rosemary and copal
  • Fresh pose petals
  • Saltpeter (if necessary)
  • White butter paper
  • A box of multi-colored chalk sticks, pens or markers
  • An incense-burner and a pot
  • Self-igniting coal
  • Tools to draw a magical circle 15

On the last Dark Moon night, take the herbs, put them in a crusher and powder them. You will need only one teaspoonful of the mix. Put the powder aside. Make a circle of the fresh rose petals and put in there everything you need for the ritual. With the same rose petals, make a circle of the Dark Moon which will protect the sacred place. When the circle is ready, sit down in the center, take out all the objects and meditate to make the most powerful money spell even more powerful.

Most Powerful Money Spell Meditation

There is a place inside you where poverty lives. Close your eyes and take a few deep relaxing breaths slowly. Imagine that you’re travelling inside your body to that place. Pay attention to where exactly your poverty lives in you, what it looks like, what color it is and what its shape is. What is it saying you? After that, pull yourself together, focus, and get back to the ritual.

Use the multi-colored pens or markers to draw the poverty you’ve seen on the white butter paper. Below write down everything you lack in this life. What is your poverty? The next step is to write down on the same paper everything that helps you help your poverty live in you. What part of you wants to be poor?

Put the herbal mix in the center of the paper (if you use saltpeter, put one teaspoonful of the mix). Make a ball of the butter paper (make sure it has the herbal mix inside). Light the coal in the incense-burner and throw the paper ball on top of it. It will start smoking shortly. Looking at the smoke, imagine the spirit of poverty leaving your body. Imagine that from that moment on, you will no longer support the poverty inside you and break the connection with it.

As soon as the herbs burn down, the magic will be completed. If there is some paper left, burn it in the same incense-burner, making sure only ashes are left. Destroy the circle and dig the ashes in a place you know you will rarely come to. The ritual is completed.

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