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Powerful white magic love rituals

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Casting white magic love spells using everyday food

These white magic love rituals are designed for people living with someone whose love they want to get back or who they want to get to fall in love with them. Do you love your partner but he treats you more like a friend or uses you for sex but does not love you? Did your spouse fall out of love with you after several years of marriage? Learn how to do white magic for love, and you will make your partner love you again and keep him in love for as long as you want.

White magic love ritualLet me remind you that we are talking about white love magic, meaning your feelings are critical. Without them, you will fail. A ritual is born not from words or movements, and it is not some magiс accessories that make it successful (the rituals I, spellcaster Maxim, am going to tell you about today will not need any accessories). It is your energy that fills your white magic love rituals with power. You radiate this energy and can use it in your rituals only if you love the one you want to put a spell on.

The energy of love, if set in the right direction, is like a sparkle that starts a big and beautiful fire. The rituals are needed only for one person to pass the spark of love to the other. The purer, stronger, more sincere and faithful your love is, the sooner your loved one will fall in love with you, if you know how to do white magic for love. That is the way it works in magic.

So, to perform this ritual, you need to cook every day. This ritual is not difficult to perform and can be performed every time you go to the kitchen. To prepare for this ritual, get a clean glass jar which can be closed with a lid tightly. Fill the jar with spring or lake water and bring it home. On a sunny day leave the jar in the sun for a couple of hours without removing the lid.

Remove the lid, bring the jar to your chest, close your eyes, and think how strong your feelings are for your loved one. Think about your loved one. Imagine that he loves you very much, too. Imagine how he tells you about it and what he does to prove it. Imagine how happy he is when he is with you. Perhaps, at this point you will feel excitement and warmth in your heart. People who can distinguish energies will see a bright shine. Fill the jar with this shine and warmth. To this end, take a deep breath and exhale, but not through your mouth or nose. Exhale through the center of your chest.

You will succeed even if you have never done energy practices before, and the energy of your love will pass into the water.

I forgot to tell you that the water you fill the jar with should be pure and drinkable, because from now on you should add three teaspoons on water into everything you cook. If possible, use a new teaspoon. This teaspoon should be used for nothing but this ritual. Silver teaspoons are considered the best for this ritual as silver is the best energy conductor.

Add the water into the food and watch. You will notice first results shortly. This powerful ritual can be performed as many times as you want, refilling the jar with water and charging it with the energy of your love.

Old school sorcerers believed one could get faster results if the water was not added into the food but poured into a glass and offered to the target to drink. In my experience, modern people are less susceptible to energy influences. When they encounter powerful magic, it fails to bring the desired result and can even be rejected. Besides, white magic love supplied to the human body in small portions is slow-acting, but gives more consistent results and is more effective in the long run.

If you cannot perform the ritual properly, do not hesitate to contact me and I will put this love spell on your loved one and make this person fall in love with you.

How to do white magic for love using a group picture

How to do white magic for loveThis white magic love ritual is considered an exception because one-man photos are usually used. Those familiar with how to do white magic for love know that group and couple photos are not used in love magic. But today you can break this rule and use a photo showing you and your loved one together. You need seven photos taken at different times. Examine the photos thoroughly to make sure there are no other people in the background, as well as someone else’s arm, hair or cloths did not get into the photo. Also make sure there are no reflections of other people or other people’s faces on city banners, etc. If the photos are okay, you may start learning how to do white magic for love.

Take your seven photos and seven new white candles. I, spellcaster Maxim, promised you this white magic love ritual would not require any magic accessories and I was not lying. You can use any candles, as long as they are white and made of natural wax.

Remember when you met your loved one. What day of the week was it? Start your ritual on the same day at 7 p.m. Light the first candle and let it burn for 12 minutes. Take the first photo and draw a circle on it with some wax, saying, “Earth and everything on it have helped us meet for us to love each other.” Drip some wax on the circle until the wax forms the ring. Put out the candle and put it on the photo, and hide the photo into a box with a cover.

The next day take the second candle and the second photo…

To save you some time, I can tell you that people learning how to do white magic for love should take a new photo and a new candle every evening during the whole magic week, and after each ritual place them into the same box over the previously used candle and photo.

On the second day, draw an ellipse around your torsos and heads. It applies to all figures drawn in the ritual. Now say, “Life itself has brought us together for us to be together.” Drip some wax along the line, too.

On the third day, draw a square and say, “Fate itself has made me strong enough to make you fall in love with me.”

Having drawn a triangle on the fourth day, say, “I am giving you a part of my love to make it grow in you into a strong feeling beyond the control of time, hurt, other people’s opinion and haters trying to break us up.”

On the fifth day, draw a five-pointed star and say, “I will make you mine with the power of my voice, with the fire of my thoughts, with the passion of my desires.”

On the sixth day draw a six-pointed star and say, “We met in the previous lives, we will meet in the future ones, we are destined for each other in this life.”

On the seventh day draw a circle again and say, “The sky and everything under it have helped us meet for us to love each other.”

Make sure to place the candles and the photos in the box in the correct order:

The first candle on top of the first photo;

The second candle on top of the second photo;

The third candle on top of the third photo;

The fourth candle on top of the fourth photo;

The fifth candle on top of the fifth photo;

The sixth candle on top of the sixth photo;

The seventh candle on top of the seventh photo.

If the candles and the photos get mixed up, the ritual will fail. When all seven photos and all seven candles are inside the box, close it with a cover tightly and tie it up with a white thread. At this moment your white magic love spell will start working making your loved one fall in love with you slowly. This love will be as strong as yours, so do not expect it to be super strong, unless you are not madly in love with the target. If that is the case, contact me and buy one of my white magic love spells because I know what to do.

Love white magic spells for those who do not want to use magic rituals

A lot of my readers want me to help them but do not want to buy my rituals or be taught how to do white magic for love. In that case I offer them to buy one of my white magic love amulets. It serves as a magnet attracting your loved one and bringing the two loving hearts together.

I, spellcaster Maxim, specialize in white magic love spells and I am considered one of the best professional love magic practitioners. I make very strong amulets which power can be resisted neither by the human will nor by black witchcraft. Reach out to me and see it for yourself.

If you were brought to my website wondering how to do white magic for love, then let me offer you my training video about another effective love ritual which I am sure you will find useful.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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