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Our physical and mental health depends on the cleanness of the space we (and our pets) live, spend time, study in.

So I offer you the following white magic spell for consecration of the above places. To perform the ritual, you will need the following:

  • Icons – Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary and Saint Nicholas the Miracle-Worker
  • Candles – church or regular ones (from a store).
  • Water – 1-3 liters or more (depending on the square footage of the space).
  • Millet – 1 glass (during the ritual, the millet moves crosswise in each room, so prepare a cross cut inside a sheet of cardboard so the millet don’t scatter).

White magic spell bookPut all the attributes in front of the icons and ask God and Goddess and all Saints to consecrate them.

You can start the ritual in about 30 minutes. All family members living in the house should be cleaned of negative energy (hexes, curses, charms) in a church or at home with the help of spells and charms presented at the Encyclopedia of Magic website.

It’s important to remain confident to be able to cope with sickness, chill, discomfort, anxiety, etc. which you may have while performing the ritual.

You can overcome the discomfort, just remember that your goal is to clean your home from all negative energy.


Consecration of any room starts with the entrance door, from left to right, clockwise. For better results, the ritual should be performed by 3-4 people. If you have nobody to help you, you can perform the ritual alone, step by step.

One person walks with a lit candle, saying his prayers (first of all a protective one to Michael the Archangel)

 - Michael the Archangel in front of me

 - Michael the Archangel behind me

 - Michael the Archangel to my right

 - Michael the Archangel to my left

 - Michael the Archangel above me

 - Michael the Archangel under me

 - Michael, Michael – everywhere I go and all present in the home sit, stand, lie and walk.

After that, Lord’s prayer, as well as prayers to Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Saint Nicholas the Miracle-Worker should be said.

Home consecration white magic candle spellThe sign of the cross should be made everywhere in the room, near cupboards, refrigerators, etc. without opening their doors. Pay special attention to all corners and places where pieces of furniture form ones.

The sign of the cross should be made in the corners of the room and window openings at least three times. If soot appears on the flame or the candle goes out, continue making the sign of the cross until the flame gets restored.

The second person walks with the icon, making the sign of the cross with it and saying his prayers.

The third person makes the sign of the cross with holy water and also says his prayers.

Safety measures for handling electrical appliances should be observed while consecrating the place with holy water.

While performing the ritual in a place where the family members spend a lot of time and making the sign of the cross (over the bed, chair, table), wish them well, light, peace, purity, wisdom, will, humbleness, patience, mercy and great belief in the Creator.

Upon completion of the ritual of consecration of all rooms, including utility rooms which have doorways, put the millet into the cardboard boxes crosswise and hide them in a secure place (cover them with something), out of reach of family members and pets.

In three days, take the millet and pour it out near any tree.

This is how all rooms should be consecrated one by one, clockwise.

Leaving the room after consecration, close the door and make the sign of the cross three times, saying, “In the name of the Father – Mother United, the Son and the Holy Spirit the Life-Giver. Amen.”

The ritual is performed with the help of all Saints, Raised Lords, Archangels, Angels, Seraphs and Cherubs.

Finishing the white magic spelll of home consecration, leave the consecrated place making the sign of the cross at the entrance door (3 times), saying, “In the name of the Father – Mother United, the Son and the Holy Spirit the Life-Giver. Amen.”

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