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Is it possible to cast a disease curse?

Today’s spell casters practising alternative medicine can be divided in three groups depending on the methods of treatment they use. Psychics and people with extrasensory perception from the first group enhance the patient’s energy making his chakras work more efficiently. The patient recovers more quickly due to the suppression of the negative energies generated. Healers representing the second group influence the patient’s diseased organs or systems by regenerating them. It’s also a great way to help people.

Casting a disease curse ritual with skullHowever, the most effective method of treatment is used by the healers from the third group. They treat the disease as an energy being with will and mind. It lives in the subtle bodies of the sick person and damages his physical body. This way of treatment is called “shaman.” Statistically, the number of the people cured by the healers of this group is much higher than the number of people cured by the healers from the first and the second group, as well as by traditional medicine specialists.

Why have I mentioned it? Because that’s how I can prove to you that a ritual called casting a disease curse can be used to make any person suffer from various diseases which he’s not supposed to have according to his karma or fate. So it’s a perfect way to revenge yourself upon your enemy or eliminate your rival.

However, casting a disease curse on your own is very dangerous. A single mistake and the curse will attack you or your family instead of your enemy, while it will be incredibly difficult to remove it. Besides, you have to remember that Higher Powers not always approve of those casting a disease curse and often punish them for it. Spell casters spend years studying the technique of casting a disease curse. Only when they are confident that it’s absolutely safe, they offer their clients their services of casting a disease curse.

The influence of a disease curse

As you understand, a disease curse makes the person it’s cast on fall ill. Besides, the disease develops normally and nothing indicates magic. That’s why only an experienced spell caster can say for sure if the person has been cast a disease curse on after carrying out magical diagnostics. Doctors will think they’re treating a regular disease. The problem is such diseases can’t be treated by traditional medicine. The patient will get a little better and sometimes even think that the disease’s gone, but after a while he’ll have a relapse. The patient will recover only when the disease curse is removed.

Вisease curse victimThe disease caused by a disease curse will haunt the victim forever. Firstly, the power and duration of the disease depend on the powers of the spell caster. Secondly, the rituals used play an important role too. Note, it has nothing to do with the spell caster’s powers or experience. It depends on the price you pay for the ritual performed. Casing a curse, especially a disease curse, requires a lot of expensive tools, many of which are used only once. That’s why remember that disease curses are never cheap.

Also remember, that the cursed person can go to a healer or a shaman to have the curse removed. That way, all your efforts will prove to be in vain. Still, why not take a chance? There’s no better way to punish someone or get rid of an annoying business rival or a coworker competing with you than casting a disease curse on him.

Think about what your life will be if the man who throws obstacles in your way and spoils your life falls ill. The disease curse will take away his strength. He’ll focus on his health and will spend time not at work but at hospitals. He’ll just be incapable of harming you anymore! Or you can cast a disease curse on his family. It will also affect him and make him revise his priorities and think not about fighting with you but about helping his family.

Order a disease curse

As a very powerful magical practitioner who uses only safe magic, I am always ready to help you with casting a disease curse. I can cast a disease curse on any person, his family or even the whole staff. However, a disease curse cast on a company staff is less effective. Still, wouldn’t it help your business if all employees of your competitor fall ill with a flue for 2-3 weeks?

I can cast a disease curse on any organ. Besides, I will also damage your enemy’s mental body which usually leads to insanity. Just imagine the thrill of knowing that your sworn enemy or your coworker who’s always been better than you has become insane!

Also I can cast a disease curse on the lover of your wife or husband or the people who fooled or betrayed you. Remember, the disease curse can be easily removed. It means that once you think your enemy’s suffered enough or feel sorry for him, I will remove the disease curse and this person will recover.

Casting a disease curse is totally safe. As I’ve said earlier, I practise only safe magic, which means that whatever ritual you order, you will have to pay for it with nothing but the money I charge for my services.

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