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Why children curses are cast

Any professional spell caster will tell you that half of his clients are children. Why? Who might wish ill to children, those little innocent creatures? Statistically, half of the rituals performed (including the rituals performed by me) are children curse removal.

Witch children curse removePeople cast children curses for different reasons:

- they envy their parents and want to make them worry, suffer and unhappy;

- to distract their parents from their business and career (usually ordered by competitors);

- to remove a disease curse from their children and send it to other children (for example, a neighbor’s or a friend’s child).

Don’t forget that children’s energy is weak and kids are poorly protected from negative energies, so it’s easier to curse a child than an adult. That’s why beginning black spell casters study black magic by casting curses on children. Often, when a curse is cast on one of the parents or the family, it sticks to the child as the most vulnerable victim and a better carrier (curses can live in a child longer than in his grandfather or grandmother).

Family or karmic curses also explain why spell casters have to remove children curses so often. When a curse is cast on a family, grown-up members of this family are able to resist it somehow, while the child can’t. The curse literally destroys the child’s energy. Speaking of karmic curses, the child carries it as an energy memory of his past reincarnations. Of course, the parents can wait for the child to grow up and get stronger to fight the curse on his own. However, only 14% of the children with a karmic curse on succeed in it.

Children curse signs

Often parents are not aware of the curse cast on their child. They attribute his strange behavior, bad temper and misbehavior to the so popular today hyperactivity and autism. Books on children’s psychology make parents believe they have an indigo child, while in fact the kid’s suffering from a very powerful curse affecting not only his mind but also his soul and fate.

Parents try to help their child by taking him to a psychologist or they simply frighten him to obedience, blackmail him or even beat him up. They don’t understand that the more psychological discomfort the kid feels and the more aggression he’s exposed to, the stronger the curse living in him becomes. It means that the more you punish your child, the more he will misbehave and the more difficult it will be for a spell caster to understand what is going on with the child and later remove the children curse from him.

Basic children curse signs:

Сhildren curse removal with candles - reserve and unfriendliness;

 - the child doesn’t have friends; playing with other children, he doesn’t seem to be part of the group;

 - he laughs rarely and when he does his laughter sounds scary;

 - he doesn’t sleep well because he has nightmares almost every night;

 - he avoids caress and body contact with his parents (subconsciously he’s afraid that they might feel the curse living in him);

 - he may be retarded with episodes of “enlightenment” when he says things which are too wise and too deep for his age;

 - a cursed child often talks about death; he’s not afraid of it but takes it as something natural and sometimes even desirable;

 - he’s not interested in playing games and having fun; most of the time, he’s deep in thought and it’s hard to bring him to his senses;

 - cursed children are usually heavier that they should be at their age;

 - a cursed child bites his nails, doesn’t like to wash his face and cries when he has to take a shower;

 - he does things to annoy you on purpose, even though he knows he’ll be punished for it.

You child needs to have a children curse removed if you feel scared and uncomfortable around him and you can’t explain why you feel that way.

How to remove a children curse safely

I want to warn you of the danger of ordering children curse removal from spell casters who can’t guarantee 100% safety. The point is non-professional help can lead to the curse merging with the subtle bodies of its victim. This will make it almost impossible to remove even for a specialist. On top of that, any curse fights back when someone tries to remove it, so it can seriously damage the child’s organs, body and brain (which may cause insanity), or even kill him.

That’s why I spent over 20 years studying the ritual of children curse removal. I can guarantee perfect safety to the child while removing a children curse from him. Thousands of parents can confirm my words, whose children have been freed by me of different kinds of karmic or family curses. All of them can tell you that none of the children I treated felt worse. Instead, they felt relief as their life and fate were no longer in danger. Their diseases, fears, misbehavior, tears, apathy and aggression were gone. Instead, they welcomed the joy of being loved by the parents, fun, the feelings of safety and happiness.

If you think something’s wrong with your child, let me diagnose him. If it turns out your child has been cast a curse on that prevents him from growing and developing normally, I will remove the curse so you and your child can enjoy every day of being together.

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