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Who and why casts a wife curse

Usually, a wife curse is used when a woman wants to be with a man but she can’t because this man is married. This is when this woman consults a spell caster and orders a wife curse. She understands that if she changes the appearance and behavior of the man’s wife (the man she wants or is in love with), he may fall out of love with her. He won’t have any interest for her and will feel uncomfortable around her. This man will be free, at least psychologically, which will allow him to start a new relationship.

Wife curse

Often, a wife curse is cast to end miserable marriages. For example, the parents of a young man who got married too young may want to order a wife curse to be cast on their daughter-in-law. Once the wife curse is cast, the man will lose interest in his young wife, will begin to study, work and make his career. Or he’ll just divorce her and will start dating another girl, the one his parents approve of. As you know, young people are deaf to their parents’ advice. That’s why the only way to make them do the right thing is magic. 

Sometimes, a wife curse is used for revenge. It may concern both the husband and the wife. The cursed woman is forced to behave strangely and refuses to have sex with her husband. Naturally, the husband doesn’t like it and this may cause him to leave his wife. When a wife curse is cast to avenge on a man, the man’s life turns into a nightmare. He loses self-respect and psychical equilibrium. He just can’t be happy. At least, as long as he’s married to the cursed woman.

Lately, people have been ordering a wife curse to solve their business and career problems. Think about it: your coworker who’s about to be appointed to the position you’ve been wanting to have suddenly messes up his life. The problem is his wife’s begun drinking, cheating on him, arguing with him and wasting the money he’s been saving for a new car for so long. His work turns to be the last thing he cares about. He just has no energy to fight with you anymore.

A wife curse is often ordered by businessmen. They understand it can help them eliminate any rival (by turning his family life into a nightmare). With a wife curse, no competitor is dangerous to your business.

Types of a wife curse

Casting an effective ritual on wifeIf you understand how many opportunities a wife curse opens to you, you should also know that there are different types of magical influence against the wife.

You can turn the woman into a drunkard and medicine won’t help her

She’ll be obsessed with sex and will start cheating on her husband with any man she lays her eye on.

A wife curse can shut up the woman’s sex chakras. As a result, even thinking about sex will be disgusting to the woman. She won’t have sex at all, even with her husband.

A wife curse may take away the woman’s beauty, youth and slenderness. Yes! I can make any woman an old fat cow! Figuratively speaking, of course.

You can make a woman spend money on things she doesn’t need. Or cast a money curse on her and her husband will have financial problems, from losing his job, robbery and unpaid debts to impenetrable misery.

A disease curse can be cast as well. Also it’s possible to make your enemy’s wife infertile, or the woman can be turned into a horrible mother or a hysterical person (to make her argue with her husband several times a day).

It’s also possible to damage the woman’s brain (phobias, paranoia, schizophrenia). Any curse can be removed. However, it won’t improve the situation. When the woman comes to her senses, she’ll realize she’s spoiled her husband’s life and career which is why he left her, as well as lost her job and friends. In other words, her life’s ruined and she doesn’t know what to do.

So, as you see, the wife curse has many forms. That’s why you should think carefully before ordering it and decide which of the influences will work for you. My advice is to hit in the weak spots. For example, if your enemy cares about nothing but money, make him poor. If he’s proud of his appearance, make him ugly. If he’s always been lucky, make him a loser.

If you want to use one of these curses

Be careful while choosing a spell caster to work with. Today many spell casters and psychics offer a wife curse by placing their advertisements in newspapers and on the Internet. However, witchcraft always implies kickback and punishment, and if your spell caster lacks experience the curse will surely return to you. Only very powerful spell casters can practice safe magic with no negative consequences.

I have enough of powers for that. That’s why I guarantee my clients’ safety. Ordering a curse from me, you can be sure that it’ll work the way you expect and you won’t be punished for it afterwards. I always make sure my clients’ energy, fate and karma remain intact.

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