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How to find out if you have been cast a beauty curse on

We all grow old and lose our beauty. However, aging doesn’t happen in the same way to all people and the reasons for it differ, too. Some people age slowly, barely notice it, and it causes no emotional or psychological traumas. Others wake up one morning, come up to the mirror and can’t understand who they’re looking at. Their beauty vanishes within one night. It seems that someone’s stolen 10 or even 25 years of their life!

Beauty curse skullDoes it mean that if something like this happens to you, you should order beauty curse removal? Not always. Your aging may be caused by a severe disease, stress, continuous depression or lack of exercise. If that’s the case, consult a dietitian or a psychotherapist.

Statistically, 7 out of 8 people who claim to age too fast are the victims of a beauty curse. People remain ugly until they have their beauty curse removed. Such ugliness affects both, their look and soul. The impressions people have after talking with you will be ugly, too. Besides, I’m not sure which is worse – when a person is ugly on the outside or the inside.

As for casting a beauty curse, we’ll talk about it later. Right now I want to teach you how you can diagnose a beauty curse on your own. This will allow you to start fighting it right away by ordering my beauty curse removal services.

1. You put on some ten years almost instantly, which makes you suspect a beauty curse.

2. There are no evident signs of aging on your face, such as wrinkles, red spots, acne. However, yesterday you considered yourself to be rather good-looking, but today you don’t find yourself attractive at all.

3. The people around you also notice the fact that you’ve aged. They may not tell you about it openly, but you understand it by the way they behave.

4. You feel inner discomfort. You’re less confident and strong and your luck’s run out.

5. A great way to find out about your beauty curse is to take a nap at 4-5 p.m. If you’re cursed, your guardian angel will let you know about it somehow.

6. Pay your attention to your morning dreams (which you see right before awakening). They may have some information about your beauty curse, too.

7. As a result of a beauty curse, you may stop wearing makeup and perfume, buying nice clothes and even taking a shower.

8. You may start overeating (or eating at night), abusing alcohol and giving up psychical exercise.

9. Sometimes, a beauty curse may lead to mental disorder (the victim pulls out his own hair, scratches badly his skin or cuts himself with a knife or a blade).

10. The victim may be afraid of being good-looking and want to spoil his appearance. Thus, he shaves his head, wears ugly clothes, applies too much makeup (or wears no makeup at all).

How to cast a beauty curse

Remove beauty curse on womanAs I’ve already told you, a beauty curse may be cast on either your psychical body or on one of your subtle bodies. A beauty curse put on your physical body affects your appearance. You age so badly that people who don’t know you well stop recognizing you.

If a beauty curse is cast on your subtle bodies, you fall ill and look unhealthy. Also, as a result of a beauty curse, you may pick up a bunch of repelling habits and people won’t want to be with you no matter how pretty you are. A beauty curse may change your energies. People will keep away from you and fear you (subconsciously they know that you pose danger to them in the form of depression or illnesses).

That’s why while diagnosing yourself, you should pay your attention to both your feelings and your friends’ attitude to you (and sometimes that of strangers). If yesterday all salesmen smiled at you, but today they despise or hate you (given your behavior hasn’t changed), maybe you’ve been cast a beauty curse on. In this case, only magic can save you.

What will happen if you order my beauty curse removal services

I assure you that if you order my curse removal services, I will remove your beauty curse as soon as possible, as well as its destructive influence on your appearance. Secondly, don’t hesitate to ask me for magical protection to make sure the curse won’t return to you again. If you want, I can use magic to punish the spell caster who’s cast a beauty curse on you or the person who’s ordered a beauty curse from that spell caster.

That’s not all! If you want, I can use magic to also make you even prettier than you’d been before a beauty curse was cast on you. I can boost your attractiveness and sex appeal, make you smarter and stronger energetically. You will attract men around you like a magnet. On top of that, I offer rejuvenation and aging protection rituals; I can improve your body, such as make you slimmer or more muscular, or even taller than you are.

Contacting me, remember that ordering my beauty curse removal services, you can not only have your beauty curse removed. I can also make you even prettier than ever!

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