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12 signs of a poverty curse

As a spell caster, I assure you that very few people are fated to live in need. They are just fated to learn what poverty is in this very life and learn how to stay strong and happy.  However, in most cases, people are unable to earn enough because of a poverty curse cast on them. They have to live the life which is not destined for them.

Witch casting poverty curse removalYou could be rich and make a lot of money without even working hard. However, until you have your poverty curse removed, you will barely be able to make both ends meet, will have to borrow money from other people and will be lied to. All your attempts to improve your financial state are doomed to failure.

There are two ways for you to understand if you have been cast a poverty curse on:

1. Order magical diagnostics and I will find out the reason of your financial problems;

2. Answer the questions below.

1. You need to have a poverty curse removed from you if all the attempts to make money you’ve been making during the past 10 years failed. Your salary may have been raised and is twice or thrice as big, but you have to work 10 times as hard as any of your colleagues or friends to achieve it.

2. You’re neither lazy nor dumb. You’re creative and work hard. Nevertheless, you’re poor.

3. Your friends and family believe you are paid less than you deserve. They say you’re a talented person and deserve a better life. At the same time, the only thing they can do for you is giving advice.

4. You believe money can make your happy. That’s why your financial state upsets you.

5. You have no money not only to have fun or travel, but also to buy basic essentials and make necessary investments. For example, you not always have money to buy medications for your family and are unable to pay for your children’s college.

6. People cheat you often and don’t pay you the money you’ve earned.

7. The companies you worked for had financial problems or went bankrupt. It didn’t allow them to pay you your salary.

8. You’re smarter than many of your friends which is why you can’t understand why you earn less than they do.

9. You need money to make your dreams come true. However, you don’t have it and seem to be unable to earn any.

10. You realize that you will have to work all your life because your future pension is going to be too small and you will unlikely to have any savings by the time you retire. That’s why the thought of having a poverty curse removed from you has already crossed your mind. Magic is the only explanation for your poverty that comes to your mind.

11. You believe your poverty is humiliating, embarrassing and unjust.

12. You know that once you have money, you’ll have a completely different life.

What will change if you have a poverty curse removed

If you ask me to remove a poverty curse from you, your life will change dramatically. First of all, it will be much easier for you to earn money because nothing will stand in your way. Secondly, you will earn as much money as you expect. It’s like you say to the Universe, “I want to earn XXX!” and it will do everything to help you achieve it.

Poverty curse removal with moneyThirdly, don’t forget about the great justice of Higher Powers. When you have your poverty curse removed, they will give you the money you failed to receive because of the curse. Your life will be like a dream. Money will come to you from everywhere. A lot of money. You won’t believe it’s happening to you.

Poverty curse removal cleans your conscious mind. It will remove everything that prevented you from devising a business which is not only profitable but also allows you to fulfill yourself. All the obstacles standing in your way, as well as competitors and enemies, will be eliminated. You will attract only those people who will help you get rich.

Note that your poverty curse may also be a family curse. It means it was cast not on you but on your parents or grandparents. Naturally, it is rather difficult, and therefore expensive, to remove such a curse. However, this will allow you to protect all your family members, including your children, from its destructive influence. If you don’t have children yet and haven’t had your poverty curse removed from you, your future children will be cursed once they’re born.

Should you worry about a poverty curse?

If you’re considering fighting poverty on your own, without seeking help from a spell caster, while your poverty results from a poverty curse cast on you, you have very little chance of success. Take a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line in the middle. In the left column write down everything you did you get rich and in the right column everything you didn’t do to get rich (if you’re lazy, stupid and lack creativity, write it down, too).

Now look at it. If the list is longer in the left column than in the right one, you’ve been cast a poverty curse on. You will remain poor and your life will be boring and eventless until you have the curse removed from you.

If you’re ready to fight for your financial happiness and that of your family, contact me! I will remove a poverty curse from you in the shortest possible time and make you free of financial instability and poverty.

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