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Stones in white love magic

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Precious and semiprecious stones have always been known to possess magic properties and are often used in love magic. Today I, spellcaster Maxim, want to tell you which stones can be used in white love magic, which magic properties they have, and how they may influence your relationship. Stones can be uncut, polished or part of stone-encrusted love talismans and amulets.

AVENTURINE. It’s a perfect stone for you if your love is pure and selfless. If you’re ready to make sacrifices for your beloved, if you’re ready to put up with the fact that he’ll chose someone else over you in search for happiness, an aventurine will

Stones in white love magicAGATE. Relieves the pain of a breakup, clears the memory of bonds, and removes lies. If you want your partner to stop cheating on you, carry an agate with you or give it to your beloved as a gift.

AMAZON-STONE. It’s perfect for moon rituals. It takes your relationship to the next level and protects your marriage from witchcraft. It helps turn your home into the center of the world. Buy two amazon-stones before your wedding to make your marriage very strong.

AMETHYST. It can help you resist temptations and be faithful. It doesn’t let little fights grow into hatred and aversion. It protects from light hexes and self-curses which people may put on their relationships. It can boost your sex appeal and attractiveness if worn for long periods of time.

WHITE CHALCEDONY (CARNELIAN). Helps people looking for casual sex and improves sex life. It turns into a love spell with regard to men and treats frigidity in women. A white chalcedony will help you choose the one who can make you truly happy if, for instance, you have to choose between your husband and lover.

BERYL. It can bring joy and fun into your relationship. If you’re bored with your partner or tired of your everyday life, buy a beryl. Also, it can give you optimism and confidence.

TURQUOISE. It will turn into a talisman only if any of the partners keeps it with him or her on the wedding day. That way, the talisman will ensure that the spouses will live a long happy life. In addition, it protects from envious people and helps stay healthy.

GARNET. Helps affection grow into strong, passionate love. It’s not recommended for people with low energy levels and people looking for financial benefits in a marriage.

PEARL. It can bring tenderness, patience and gentleness into your relationship and help you stop fighting with your partner.

EMERALD. Gives chastity, honesty and responsibility. It helps women who want their husbands or boyfriends to become real men and take responsibility for their women. It helps men overcome the fear of getting married.

LAZURITE. It can turn any girl into a beautiful princess! It can be used by homosexual couples who need to be more tolerant and patient to become happy.

MOONSTONE. Helps implement marriage and conception-related plans. It’s especially effective for women over 30 years old. It can be helpful for sensitive and romantic men.

MALACHITE. Draws the attention of the opposite sex to its owner. Brings inner beauty to light. Protects from false accusations and groundless jealousy. Can be useful for people suffering a lack of human communication.

NEPHRITE. Helps find a way out of any relationship problem. Helps forgive the partner after a serious fight or infidelity. Restores love, provided one of the partners still has feelings for the other.

OBSIDIAN. Helps avoid making the same relationship mistakes and may help avoid infidelity. Powerless against professional witchcraft and black magic spells.

OLIVINE. Makes the people around its owner like the owner.

Wihte magic candle ritual with stonesPINK QUARTZ. Gives people love and greatness and spouses patience. Removes misunderstanding. Helps forgive. Encourages people to be more careful with their feelings and helps them understand how fragile their relationships are and how easily they can be broken.

RUBY. Gives fidelity and loyalty. Helps get ex-spouses back. Has a favorable effect on people with explosive temper. Get a ruby to stop your husband’s excessive aggression. Also, a ruby can warn you about future problems and hardships.

SAPPHIRE. A symbol of fidelity and chastity, it helps people find happiness in love. It can help you make any love spell permanent. It protects against breakup spells. However, it will lose all its magic properties as soon as you start hurting your spouse’s feelings. As a matter of fact, this is true for the majority of the stones listed in this article.

SARDONYX. Protects against love magic and helps resist temptations. Helps women get their boyfriends to propose to them.

CARNELIAN. It can help you if you want your partner to stop looking at the opposite sex at all. Gives family happiness. It can be especially helpful for people looking for financial success and travelers who like to change the environment and don’t like to live in one place for too long.

TOPAZ. Suppresses dangerous passions. Gives serenity to a loving heart. Helps enjoy life and find happiness in the little things. Good for people with low ambition or Buddhist attitude towards life.

TOURMALINE. Frees from unpleasant memories and helps get rid of anxiety. The stone of new opportunities, it helps believe in love.

CHALCEDONY. It will attract love to you even if you think you don’t deserve it. Enhances natural beauty. This stone shouldn’t be used while you’re having your periods.

CRYSTAL. It can become your amulet that will make all your wishes related to love and romantic relationship come true. It shouldn’t be used by people who can’t overcome their envy or irritation.

ZIRCON. Helps you believe in yourself and your charm and overcome your fear of being in a serious relationship. Helps take the first step. Doesn’t like being touched by other people and loses its magic properties when it is.

CHROITE. A great stone for people who want a family. After it fulfills this wish, it turns into the family’s most powerful protection amulet.

AMBER. Place it under your bed and it will give you an amazing sexual experience. Helps women stay young and pretty. Protects against unrequited love.

JASPER. A powerful love amulet, it will make all your dates unforgettable. Allows to reignite the lost spark in your relationship.

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