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A good luck talisman and how it impacts your life

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A good luck talisman – More than just a magical item

Stop falling for those ads like “Buy my good luck talisman and your life will change dramatically!” if the author is unable to explain to you how his talismans work, as well as for those amulet and talisman descriptions available on the Internet which use some general terms and phrases, such as “Your life will improve!”, “Our talismans will take care of your life for you!” or “You will be super lucky in everything you do!”

Good luck talismanThe same can be said about all authentic good luck amulets talismans and it will not be a lie. However, professional and experienced magic practitioners know and they are ready to tell you why your life will be improved and how their magical products will bring good luck and happiness into it. Unlike them, owners of countless online stores cannot do that. They believe their products are effective a priori, like pain killers are for a headache.

If it is written in the leaflet that your headache will be relived, it does not necessarily mean that is exactly what will happen. First of all, the pills can be a placebo with no pharmacological properties whatsoever. Secondly, they can have such serious side effects that your headache will seem like a minor problem in comparison.

Thus, it is actually a good thing that the majority of good luck talismans and amulets offered online belong to the first group – placebo and souvenirs and jewelry having less magical properties than the ring you are wearing on your finger or your keychain.

Such amulets and talismans are produced in the following way:

  • A manufacturing company makes a decision to expand their product range;
  • Its marketing experts find out what products are currently popular and learn about magical amulets;
  • The company’s product designer designs a product;
  • The manufacturing department produces a mold;
  • Mass production of amulets is launched;
  • “Magical” talismans are delivered to hundreds of stores located worldwide.

You buy one and look forward to seeing some magnificent changes in your life. You wait for a week, a month… but nothing happens. You realize you have been fooled and wasted your money on something totally useless. In this case the majority of people stop believing in magic and spellcasters, which is very sad because authentic amulets and talismans can change your life indeed.

However, they do it not by changing your fate but by changing your energies. This is the great secret of all of the world’s most powerful amulets which I am going to tell you about right now.

What makes people buy good luck amulets talismans

There are several groups of amulet and talisman buyers, but I do not think it is relevant. To me, everyone who wants to buy one of my super powerful amulets and talismans is, above all, a person suffering from chakra disorders. Why? There is only one answer. Sick chakras are unable to generate enough energy needed for you to make your dreams come true.

Good luck amulets talismansWhat is good luck? It is an opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into practice and reach your goal. In many countries teenage boys have one dream. They want to walk down the street one day and see a luxury car pull over with a sexy lady inside waving at them.

Another common dream is to win a lottery. A lot of people believe they need to go to a store and buy a lottery ticket to hit the jackpot. I can remember some other dreams which, unfortunately, never come true:

  • - A dream to inherit a fortune from a relative you have never known existed;
  • - A dream to wake up famous one day without doing anything special;
  • - A dream to get married to a prince;
  • - A dream to open a drawer and find a million dollars which you did not put in there.

How do I know none of those dreams will ever come true? There is one reason. No talisman of luck will ever do the whole work for you. If you want to be famous, work hard in your field, no matter what you do: sing, do sports, science, etc. If you want to date a beautiful girl, at least try to look your best to stand out. If you want to win a lottery, read my articles about gambling magic and magic artifacts needed to win a jackpot. You will learn that miracles can be attracted and success programmed, provided you work really hard feeding the amulet with your energies.

To win, we lack not good luck but strength. Our malfunctioning chakras take away our chance at winning, making us see a cause to fail and lose even in the happiest moments of our life. As soon as you buy an amulet, your energies get stronger and you finally start taking actions leading you to success because you understand how to benefit even from the most hopeless situations.

But again, everything happens for a reason and in this case the reason is the fact that your amulet cures your chakras which no longer keep you from achieving success.

Good luck talismans and amulets and your two lower chakras

To understand what causes your failures and, by the way, why you should not count on magical amulets made according to the procedures described in “How to Make a Talisman for Luck” guides available on the Internet, let us figure out how our sick chakras influence our life. Let us begin with the first two chakras. Let me warn you that I will try to explain it in simple terms for all readers to understand what I am talking about, so I want to ask my advanced readers not to try to accuse me of a lack of knowledge about the subject. Remember that this article is written by one of the most powerful spellcasters of the last decade, so hopefully you will understand that I know much more about chakras than any of you does.

THE FIRST CHAKRA. It feeds you with the energy of the earth and is responsible for your health and filling you with vital energy and the energy of growth. This chakra works differently in men and women. It not only accepts energy but also gives it out. When the first chakra accepts vital energy, it also removes energy waste from the man’s subtle bodies. However, it does not work that way in women. Energy waste is removed from women’s subtle bodies with the help of the man who is in charge of purifying both himself and his woman.

What should you do if you do not have a man around or not all energy waste is removed due to some chakra disorders which cause the contamination of all the other energies and subtle bodies? You should use a lucky talisman. You cannot make a milkshake using spoiled milk or quench your thirst with water containing visible rust or dirt particles, can you? Similarly, you cannot do anything if your energy is contaminated. Feeling your internal dirt, people will try to avoid you, while all your undertakings will end in failure or be left unfinished.

Good luck talismans and amuletsGood luck for you will be having your energies cleaned filling you with strength and enabling you to achieve all your goals.

THE SECOND CHAKRA. Putting aside the fact that this chakra is responsible for our sex life (this topic will be covered in another article), let us remember that the second chakra is in charge of our imagination and ability to create something new. “I’m not a creative person!” you may say. “Why would I need to treat my second chakra?” Well, success is impossible without the energy of creativity. For instance, you can achieve business success if you create new ideas and products the rest of the people are willing to pay for. You can achieve career success if your boss sees that you can offer new solutions. New is the result of creativity. You can hardly find love, unless you show yourself as an extraordinary person and find a way to stand out. To this end, you need the energy of creativity enabling you to attract the opposite sex and eventually find true love.

A talisman of luck and your third and fourth chakra

THE THIRD CHAKRA. This is where the energy of our courage, willpower, fearlessness and confidence are born. Let us imagine you do not have these energies in you. You have been working hard hoping to get a promotion. One day you and one of your coworkers are called into the boss’s office for an interview. The best candidate will be promoted to manager. Which of your qualities will be evaluated? Well, obviously, these will be your competence, confidence, determination, and strength.

The question is: Can an insecure person show his competence and skills? Will you be promoted to manager if you are not a strong person and prefer to avoid conflicts at all costs? After the interview, you will probably say you were just unlucky. It will be a lie. In reality, your energy levels were too low, so your competitor who had stronger energies won.

After a good luck talisman pumps your third chakra, people will start respecting and admiring your strength and courage. Your boss will notice you and you will be the only candidate for that managing position. With magic, you will always defeat whoever is competing with you.

Let me get back to what I said earlier, specifically why your talisman will not work without your help. If you just dream about a promotion without doing anything to get it, you will not be able to offer your boss anything but your confidence which will be taken for arrogance. To be promoted, you also need to have competence, experience, skills, and knowledge. These qualities are obtained through hard work which cannot be substituted by any magical amulets.

THE FOURTH CHAKRA. We are more likely to help someone we like and to refuse to help someone we dislike or are afraid of. We act like this because we like people with a healthy fourth chakra which is in charge of friendship, affection and love. For this reason we do not like people with a damaged fourth chakra. Such people become vampires against their will and try to steal our energy, so subconsciously we are trying to stay away from them.

The people around you evaluate you by the same criteria. They like you if your spiritual energy (the one generated by the fourth chakra) is flawless, and they prefer to stay away from you if your fourth chakra is sick. Good luck amulets talismans are designed to improve fourth chakra health to make you a super-likable person.

We come across people who can change our life or make it a little better on a daily basis. As a result, when your fourth chakra starts functioning normally, you can say,

“The taxi driver was super nice to me today!”

“My boss praised me today for my excellent work!”

“I got a bonus today which was a complete surprise!”

“I met a guy at the restaurant who wants to be an investor for my startup!”

“Today I was offered a job with a higher pay!”

Is it a miracle, good luck, or a well-deserved reward for letting an authentic magical talisman improve the operation of your fourth chakra? I believe you will be able to answer this question only after you buy one of my good luck talismans and amulets and see everything for yourself.

Why knowing how to make a talisman for luck is actually bad for you

It is a very bad idea to try to make a talisman of luck for yourself. The majority of amulet and talisman production guides do not allow one to make an authentic magical product. Moreover, many of them are quite dangerous. As a rule, amulets produced following one of the procedures describing how to make a talisman for luck which can be found on the Internet, work according to the following principle:

  • They attract a spirit to you;
  • The spirit helps you;
  • The spirit takes some of your energy in exchange for helping you;
  • The spirit gets stronger and one day tries to take control of you;
  • Most likely, the spirit will succeed, unless you are a professional spellcaster.

I am pretty sure that is not what most people want. Therefore, instead of putting yourself at risk by trying to make a lucky talisman, buy magical talismans from professional and experienced magic practitioners.

A lucky talisman and your upper chakras

THE UPPER CHAKRAS. They feed on your energy coming to us from space or invisible higher worlds. The problem is not all people are able to connect to it to make the best of their natural talents and abilities. To fulfill our everyday tasks, the energy of our lower chakras is normally enough. But if you want to achieve really great success in some field, to make a million dollars, to become a CEO of a large corporation, or to write a book, you have to have access to the upper energies.

However, the majority of people do not have access to these energies, so they find themselves thinking they are stuck and cannot progress any further no matter what they do.

Talismans and amulets designed to work with the upper chakras are the most complex and therefore quite rare. But if you really want to achieve success and attract good luck into your life to be given the opportunities others do not even dream of, then pay attention to these magical products. They appear at my online store from time to time and can be purchased by anyone.


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