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Buying magic charms and talisman for the first time

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Why magic charms and talisman do not work


“Dear spellcaster Maxim, I hope you’ll help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Here’s the thing, I’m buying my fourth lucky charm but nothing’s changed. I’m attaching the photos of my magic charms and talisman for you to take a look. Thank you.”

Spellcaster Maxim:

Magic charms and talismanWell, just one look at your pictures made it clear. What you call talisman charms and amulets are in fact not even replicas. Instead of lucky charms amulets talismans you bought useless souvenirs, and I am really sorry you expected those things to help you.

This kind of fraud has been very popular lately. Many Internet stores are selling fake magic products. Statistically, only one in thousands of magic products offered today by Internet stores is an authentic magic product. Fakes are useless whatever they are, such as fake magic charms and talisman, fake drugs, fake weight loss pills, fake foods, etc.


“I have a really nice amulet. I know you offer unique and very powerful talisman charms and amulets, but I like mine, even though I respect you and your work very much. I also know you set up magic products. Could you set up my amulet? I think something’s wrong with it and it doesn’t work.”

Spellcaster Maxim:

I am sorry but I cannot set up your amulet. The problem is your amulet is not real. You bought just a nice piece of jewelry which only looks like a talisman and even has some signs and inscriptions on it. Whoever made it, this person knows nothing about magic. Even if your talisman was real, its symbols would contradict one another making your talisman useless.

For this reason charging your talisman without modifying it is useless, too. But it does not make sense to modify your talisman to charge with magic energy something that is not a magic item, when you can buy one of my powerful lucky charms amulets talismans. Moreover, interfering with your talisman can turn it into an energy vampire sucking you dry without giving you anything in exchange.

Should you waste your time on ineffective talisman charms and amulets?


“As far as I know, magic charms and talisman are activated by the owner’s touch and through the owner’s energy. Does it mean any object one has frequent contact with can turn into real talisman charms and amulets?”

Spellcaster Maxim:

On one of my trips to India I met a fakir. Those who have been to India know how many weird people one can meet in this country. Unlike his colleagues, he was not standing on his head, eating fire or sleeping on nails. He would take a copper or silver coin from one of the tourists, rub it between his fingers and, to everyone’s surprise, turn the coin into gold. Anyone could buy that coin as a souvenir.

A friend of mine who was travelling with me bought one of such coins and scratched it slightly out of curiosity. It turned out the coin was made of copper but plated with a thin layer of gold. So it was not magic. Just hocus-pocus.

If you try to turn random objects into lucky charms amulets talismans or magic charms and talisman, you will not even be like that fakir. First and foremost, you will be fooling not tourists but yourself believing that a useless object can have some magic properties. Secondly, when you finally realize what is actually going on, it will be too late. You will regret wasting so much time waiting for a miracle instead of working with a real amulet or talisman made by a professional and experienced spellcaster.


“Are all effective talisman charms and amulets made by spellcasters and sorcerers?”

Spellcaster Maxim:

Lucky charms amulets talismans

There are many objects which are able to send out energy and change people’s lives (which is basically what talismans and amulets do) but which were not made by professional magic practitioners. Some of them are well-known, such as the Shroud of Turin or the Holy Lance, while others are not and only their owners are aware of their magic properties.

For an object to obtain the properties of lucky charms amulets talismans, it should go through certain events subjecting it to a release of large amounts of energy. The energy released should be strong enough to alter the object’s energy structure which is an extremely rare occurrence.

As a rule, objects obtain magic properties after some terrible tragedies, which is why they usually contain dark energies and are used for destruction. Light amulets are rare, so I would not expect to find one. Besides, they choose their owners by themselves.

You must be wondering what objects are those. Let me list some of the most frequently occurring natural magic charms and talisman categorizing them by their appearance and effects:

Beads, pieces of jewelry and gemstones – bring good luck, especially in love life;

Stones which used to be a part of some historic buildings – bring good luck in pursuing one’s goals, give wisdom;

Ancient magic accessories – their effects vary depending on their intended use;

Fragments of arms – help eliminate competition and deal with enemies;

Fragments of shields and armor – they make wonderful protective amulets;

Coins and bills – bring good luck in money matters;

Portraits and photographs – help make contact with the Higher Worlds if the person depicted is now there.

Who offers the most powerful lucky charms amulets talismans?


“I’ve been wondering… I have mostly Scandinavian blood running through my veins, as well as some English and Arab blood. Are the best magic charms and talisman for me the ones corresponding to the blood dominating in me? I’m talking about Druidic talisman charms and amulets.”

Spellcaster Maxim:

The best lucky charms amulets talismans for you would be those made by a professional magic practitioner. Asking what you did is the same as asking, “I live in Sweden and I like our Swedish Sun. But I’m going to visit China. Will I be fine in their Sun? It’s special, different from the one in Sweden.”

When magic charms and talisman are referred to as Arabic, Druidic, Slavic or Jewish, it is to specify the rituals performed to make them or to explain why a talisman has its specific shape or some specific symbols applied to it. Different talisman charms and amulets work in the same manner because they use energy from the same sources.

Therefore, when you are buying lucky charms amulets talismans, pay attention not to their appearance or the branch of magic they come from, but to the manufacturer. The more powerful and experienced the spellcaster who made the amulet, the stronger the amulet.

Please watch the following video and find out why all talismans are basically the same.

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