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Comparing voodoo charms and talismans with Japanese talisman charms

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Authentic voodoo charms and talismans

Aside from esoteric specialists, general public found about the magic of voodoo not that long ago. It happened back in the 70s in the light of pop culture which preferred to represent voodoo as something terrible and dangerous. In fact, voodoo is pretty much like and can be as helpful as any other branch of magic, provided the voodoo services are rendered by a professional voodoo magic practitioner.

Talismans and amuletsVoodoo charms and talismans are proven magic tools which can also provide excellent protection to their owners. They should be used by strong, confident and unforgiving people. Their action can be best described by that expression from the Bible “eye for eye, tooth for tooth”. Voodoo talismans protection charms can protect you against evil by dissolving and neutralizing it. Unlike Japanese talismans charms, they do not forgive the enemies but always punish them.

Voodoo charms and talismans do not send an evil entity to punish the enemy. It is much simpler and fairer than that. Imagine someone performs a black magic ritual, curses you, or does something else to hurt you. Voodoo amulets work with the energies used while trying to harm you – rituals, thoughts and actions harm people with their energies – so they punish your enemy making them feel the pain they wanted you to feel. Voodoo talismans are like a mirror reflecting negative energies sent your way and redirecting them back at the enemy. However, the enemy usually feels more pain than they wanted to cause to you.

Voodoo talismans protective charms can protect you from the following attacks:

Black magic in all its forms;

Oral and mental curses and hexes;

Things placed into your house in order to put a curse on you;

Love potions, as well as foods and drinks to put a curse on you or to make you sick;

Love spells;

Thieves, robbers, rapists;

People trying to stain your reputation;

People trying to ruin your career or business.

Such talismans are multipurpose (just like authentic Japanese talisman charms), but they still need to be adjusted to fit your personal energies. Talisman personalization is performed in two ways:

The first one – you let your spellcaster know what you are afraid of and the spellcaster makes sure it does not happen to you.

The second one – your spellcaster sees into your future and present, finds out what can actually endanger you, and makes sure it does not happen to you.

Either way, talisman adjustment is essential. Without it, even the most powerful of talismans fail to work to the full extent of their power. I, spellcaster Maxim, offer talisman personalization services and I will be happy to discuss its details with you when we talk one-on-one.

Nameless talismans protective charms

Voodoo talismanWhat I would never believe is nameless talismans protective charms. If you want to choose a good talisman, pay attention to those manufactured under some specific branch of magic and possessing certain magic properties. You already know how voodoo charms and talismans work. A little bit later I will tell you about authentic Japanese talisman charms. In my previous articles you can find information about other talismans. However, all of them have a name connecting them to a specific branch of magic and indicating how they work.

Let us go to some online store offering magic products and read the product descriptions. Do not buy anything at that store if it offers just some nameless “powerful talismans protective charms” without specifying the branch of magic they belong to, which could help you understand what action they have.

First and foremost, magic talismans should be manufactured for each specific customer. Professional magic practitioners talk to their clients before they make their talismans, as this is critical for the talisman to be able to help the client in the future. Secondly, the talisman should be personalized to fit the customer’s energy fields. Without it, it is as useless as any other thing you can see around you if you stop reading this article. Take the spoon out of your coffee mug or a pen on your table – they are as “helpful” as those nameless talismans offered by many Internet stores.

If the description says “voodoo charms and talismans” or “Japanese talisman charms” but you can find the same talismans at any other website, do not buy them either. Imagine a conveyor belt transporting hundreds of such talismans per minute and think how many spellcasters should be engaged in the process if it takes me, a very powerful and experienced spellcaster, three to twelve days to charge a single talisman.

Thus, such products are just pretty accessories but not authentic magic talismans and amulets. They cannot protect you or attract money or good luck. There is one good word describing them. It is “placebo”. Yes, all mass-produced nameless talismans and amulets are just a useless placebo.

Authentic Japanese talisman charms

Let me remind you that voodoo charms and talismans reflect the evil sent your way. Authentic Japanese talisman charms work in a slightly different way. They carry the energies of Buddhism or Shintoism, so they are unable to respond to evil with evil. If you are familiar with Buddhism or Shintoism, you know that the key principles of these religions are forgiveness, not doing evil, and inner peace.

Therefore, when someone tries to hurt you, your Japanese talismans protective charms disperse the evil turning it into black energy dust which is completely harmless. As a result, you are safe… but so is your enemy. It makes the enemy feel he can do such things with impunity and after a while he tries to harm you again. The talisman repels all his subsequent attacks successfully, yet the enmity between you and him will not stop until he gives it up.

It is for you to decide which of the talismans suits you better. A good talisman should be made taking into consideration your personal ideas of what is good and bad, your karma, cause-and-effect relations, etc. Some people believe they should forgive their enemies, while others prefer to punish them, and every such choice should be sacred.

As a professional spellcaster, I cannot tell you which talisman to buy. All I am allowed to tell you is how Japanese and voodoo charms and talismans work. However, I can give a piece of advice to those of my readers who prefer the Japanese talisman charms. If you want to make your enemy stop trying to harm you, buy a talisman along with a peace-making ritual. This ritual will make your enemy forget about you. You will no longer be his red flag to the bull and he will never bother you again.

It does not mean you will not need talismans protective charms in the future. You can make new enemies any time, so it would be wise to have a reliable magic tool to ward off disasters the same second they happen to you. On my part, I will be happy to make a good talisman for you binding it to your energies. If you need a magic talisman or a spell, do not hesitate to contact me in any way convenient to you.

If you are going to buy one of the Japanese or voodoo charms and talismans manufactured by a different magic practitioner, let me teach you how to do it by presenting to you the following video with some buying guidelines for you to be sure to buy the right one.

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