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Charms and amulets for your whole family

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How charms and amulets work for the whole family

Charms and amulets can indeed change the life of all your family members, provided you follow some rules while buying each of your charms and talismans. If you fail to follow even one of the rules, the magic product will not work. People having a keen interest in magic have been complaining lately of the growing number of counterfeit magic items offered by physical and online stores. As a result, buying protective amulets and charms is like a quest game today which can be won only by the most attentive and careful of the players.

But I, spellcaster Maxim, am pretty confident you can do that. Having read and understood my pieces of advice, you will be able to buy a truly unique magic product. If you use it properly, you will protect your whole family with it or fix the problems which do not let your family members be happy and enjoy life.

Protective amulets and charmsBelow are the rules for choosing authentic amulets talismans and charms:

1. Buy only handmade amulets;

2. Buy only one-of-a-kind amulets;

3. Your amulet should come with a detailed manual containing information about its properties as well as handling instructions;

4. The website where you want to buy your amulet should offer amulet customization and personal adjustment services;

5. The amulet should be new and have no previous owners;

6. The amulet should be free of symbols and inscriptions which you find scary;

7. The amulet should be designed for family protection and it is very important.

If you do not think it is enough to buy a good amulet, check out some of my previously posted articles about magic amulets and talismans and the guidelines for buying an authentic protection amulet spell. These articles are written by a professional magic practitioners and every tip presented in there is very useful.

Protective amulets and charms and your role in protecting your family

Having chosen your amulet or talisman, ask the spellcaster (I hope you choose a unique one produced by a professional spellcaster) to customize your magic product to fit the energies of all your family members before shipping it to you. Amulet customization is performed in different ways, but the most common one is customization through personal things or photographs of family members.

When you get your amulet, make sure your family members are fit for it. Are they wise and patient enough to work with your amulet? If you have any doubts about any member of your family and his or her ability to follow the rules, do as follows:

- Do not tell anyone about your amulet or talisman;

- Put and keep it in a place away from their reach;

- Work with your amulet to protect yourself and your family;

- Never accuse anyone of anything if you take on this role;

- Do not expect any gratitude or the amulet will stop working.

Protecting your family with spells charms talismans and amulets is not a very rewarding experience. By protecting your family members from diseases, foolishness, wrong decisions, bad choices, dangers, or poverty, you should not expect any gratitude from them. You should be driven by love and a desire to make your family happy and expect nothing in return. So think carefully if you are ready for this role before you buy an amulet.

But I believe it should be quite easy for parents to make up their mind and buy a family amulet to make their children happy, as well as for children to make their parents happy.

However, there is one great advantage in being your family protector. When you become one, your amulet rewards you with health, strength, happiness and money before it gives all that to your family members. Protecting you as their only master will become the top priority for your family protection spells and amulets, while protecting your family will come second. The more you care about your family, the more you will benefit. So this role of the family protector is not that bad, but I should repeat that you should go for it only if you are driven by the love of your family and have no mercenary motives.

How to work with family amulets talismans and charms

Protection amulet spellWork with charms and amulets is done in three stages. The first stage is introductory. When you get your amulet or talisman, you introduce yourself to it and your talisman gets to know your energies. For the next several years you will be its only friend, so you both need to study each other carefully. So take your time at this stage and do not force things to happen.

Every evening, when you are alone in the room (ask your family members to not disturb you if needed), take your amulet in your hand, relax, and let your energies and thoughts flow naturally. Maybe the same day or in a few days you will feel vibrations in you matching those in the amulet. This is how you will start feeling your amulet.

Keep working on it and one day you will realize it is time to move on to the second stage. At this stage, you should introduce each of your family members to your amulet. Take your time and introduce those of your family members first who need help more. Protective amulets and charms need to be shown who you care about most or who, in your opinion, needs their protection most.

Les us assume your family consists of six persons. Having thought about each family member, you decide to introduce your family members to your amulet in the following order:

The first person who gets to be introduced to the amulet is your baby boy. He gets sick a lot, is bullied at school, and has difficulty making friends.

Then you want to introduce your parents to the amulet. They are old people and get more and more helpless with each day.

Then you introduce your daughter to your amulets talismans and charms. She is married, her husband is a successful man who really loves her, and she seems to be okay. But she learned she was pregnant recently, so you want to introduce her to your amulet to protect her while she is pregnant.

The last person to see your amulet is your husband. He is a strong and confident man. He does not look like he needs protection. However, life is unpredictable so you think your amulet should get to know your husband as well to help him in case something bad happens.

To introduce your family to your amulet, take it in your hands. Relax and clear your mind of all worries and unnecessary thoughts. Then imagine the person you want to introduce to the amulet and tell the amulet about this person (to yourself). Do not forget to mention both, this person’s positive and negative character traits, as well as the threats you believe can be endangering this member of your family.

This should be enough for your protection amulet spell to know each of your loved ones. Next time you think your son is in danger, just take the amulet in your hands and say to yourself, “Please protect my son from XXX!”. You will not need to do that if your amulet is produced by an experienced magic practitioner because it will know about all threats endangering your family in advance. All you need to do is take your amulet in your hands every evening and thank it for helping you and your family, feeding the amulet with the energy of your gratitude to keep it strong.

Now it is time to answer some of your questions about family protection amulets and charms.

Protection amulet spell and energy exchange


“I’ve been using my amulet for a long time, but I think I shouldn’t have bought it. My family is fine so I don’t need it. Is it okay if I sell it?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

The fact that your family is fine means you were lucky to buy a very powerful amulet. It is working despite the fact that you never ask it for help, as well as despite the fact that, as far as I understand, you do not feed it with your energy by thanking it every evening. For your information, it is not a good thing that you do not. Without the energy of your gratitude, your amulet can break down. This is when you will realize how helpful it has been and how difficult your life can be without it.

As for selling your amulet, forget about it. First of all, it will be unable to help its new owners. Secondly, it can try to take revenge on you for betraying it and give you back the negative energies it has protected you from while being in your possession.


“I’ve been feeling unwell since I bought an amulet. I’m not complaining, I know it’s working. But I’ve been exhausted lately. I’m sleepy and tired all the time. I’m starting to think this price is too high for helping my family members…”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

This can happen to you for two reasons: you are too worried about your family or you are trying to help too many people at the same time. If you worry too much, your worries burn down your energy. Just calm down and you will feel better. If your family is too big, you should understand that magic talismans are not almighty and they cannot help all. So try to shorten the list of the people who need your talisman’s protection or buy a second talisman to feel better.

One or more spells charms talismans and amulets

Spells charms talismans and amuletsQuestion:

“Here’s what I want to know: will your family amulet protect my children after they go to college? Or do you think I should buy two amulets, one for each child?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You can buy individual spells charms talismans and amulets only if you teach each of your children how to work with their magic items. The thing is young people do not have enough life experience and they do not usually believe in magic. So chances are they will not show due respect to their amulets and will handle them carelessly. Even if you manage to persuade them to work with their amulets for at least a few minutes every night, they will probably forget about it the moment they walk into their dorm room.

So if you want to protect your children, buy a powerful family amulet and start working with it right away. By the time your children go to college, your amulet will have become very powerful, provided you work very hard to make it so. Authentic magic artifacts are very effective regardless of the distance separating them from the people they need to help. Thus, you will be able to protect your children without having to leave your house. The key is to interact with your amulet on a daily basis asking it to help one of your children at a time.

But don’t get overwhelmed. Remember that your interaction with the amulet should not exceed 2-3 minutes per day to keep your family members safe, provided there has been established a good connection and energy exchange between you and your amulet.

Spells and amulets for a young family

From a reader’s letter:

“I bought a marriage amulet from you a while ago. I never did well with women and I thought I’d die alone. But thanks to your amulet I met a wonderful woman who loves me as much as I love her. We’re going to get married at the end of the next month, for which I am very grateful to you. But that’s not the only reason why I’m writing to you. I have a question to ask. Should I get an amulet to protect my whole family including our future children? I want to have a big family and I want them to be safe!”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Yes, you should, as an amulet born together with your family will protect it better than anything else. It will protect you against black magic, infidelity, attempts to steal your wife from you. If adjusted properly, it will also protect you against disease and everyday life problems, for example, bad neighbors, thieves, and financial crises. Authentic amulets produced by me will protect your relationship from the inside preventing fights, suspicions, doubts, as well as preventing your feelings for each other from fading away.

Just remember that such amulets stay effective for as long as their owner is loyal to his family.


“Should I tell my wife about my amulet that’s protecting our family?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

It’s up to you. The thing is the power of such amulets is like the power of a love spell. The fewer people know about it, the better. Note that your amulet is able to prevent your wife from wanting to divorce you. As soon as she starts thinking about it, the amulet makes her stop. However, if she knows about the amulet and decides to divorce you, she may break the amulet or throw it out. That way, your divorce will be just a matter of time.


“Is there any difference between spells and amulets for men and women?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Yes, there is some difference between charms and amulets designed for men and for women, even though powerful spellcasters try to make it as little as possible. For more information about it, please watch the video below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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